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  1. Ok… -Read all before attempting.- And no, I don’t take any responsibility for what you guys/girls do with your ships. All though described as an instruction/guide one should interpret it more as a proposal. The two hull sides, at least with the lot this ship came from, had a very soft (glass/window) silicone like glue, like transparent rubber and not the plastic cement one that “melts” pieces together. Hence much of the friction comes only from separating the “fastening pins/pegs” that keeps the parts together. So being sturdy on hand and with resolute moves you separate the halves with screwdriver twisting movement (at first). Start doing all this from the rear of the ship somewhere. I did it from the out most auxiliary engines Marked A (that is grey on the miniature but should have be painted in black metal, its missed out by the manufacturer). On my miniature there was a small gap. Work your self forward along the wings and hull around the nose until you reach the other side. You have to twist the screwdriver around the ship maybe two times or more, little by little, to make sure that the pegs is separated evenly inside the ship so you don’t break anything. Remember that the fit is really tight so you'll have to use some controlled strength. When the spring is big enough to get a coin through (metaphor) you can opt to start slowly to bend “open” the front 3/4ths of the ship. Now STOP here. Don’t break the ship apart yet as the engine cluster is holding the ship halves together in the rear with a bulkhead Marked B (bottom) and an “engine roof” Marked C (top). If one force it open now the entire tail of the ship might break apart. Thing is that the Bulkhead (B) must first be separated from the top shell. It’s tricky and the plastic will give away some chilling noises so be careful. I attacked it from the front of the ship with the screwdriver, and from the sides. Once loosened the second barrier (C) should be easier. The engine roof (C) is "railed in" on to the lower hull next to the auxiliary engines so technically, pending on which parts that gives away first one have to slide the lower hull forward to “un-rail” the engine roof from the bottom hull, thus separating the pieces. As said, be very careful with the screwdriver and use small moves. "Listen" and "feel" the miniature. The plastic is hard as **** but do not take chances. This worked for me but I cant guarantee it will work for you. Why did I do it? Am I sick? Well I’m working on an original wingless MC80 after some prolonged studies (it has to be screen accurate and not based on web fan material) and either I’m killing my Liberator or make a resin cast of it to modify parts needed. Either way I needed an autopsy. Good Luck! /Gold-6 (PS. Well next post should have shown the main components of the miniature but... I just exceeded the attachment limit . Well maybe later then...)
  2. Do you still need some assistance or have you already dragged the pig to the table? I opened a MC80 Liberty a while ago and took some pictures. /Gold-6
  3. There probably was a reason for Joe Johnson trying to prevent the original reaching the screen in ROTJ but apparently Bill squeezed it in anyway. I like to see it as the old concept story behind the MC80’s that when the they were donated by the Moncal to the rebel cause they were converted for human crews and equipment. The Dornean in Rotj is in original “alien” shape, some kind of fleet torpedo/jammer/cloaker/shield picket ship, while the ones we see in R1 is clearly converted, conventionally armed and re-painted for (human) Rebel use. /6
  4. I know. In the movie there seems to be no distinction of what ever. They have roughly the same sounds and size of blasts as the ones carried by the Corellian Corvettes and all other Capital blaster fire. The one on the left tracks multiple targets (presumably fighters) the smaller one on the right that spews fire, seems to be focus its fire directly ahead towards the Star Destroyers. Doubt he will hurt it though... Movie wise it seems that most warship fire is multi-purpose. Only the fighters has more rapid firing lasers. I want it anyway! /6
  5. Yes, I want one in my fleet!!! (Actually I want two!!) The Dornean Gunship looked just ghostly and mysterious in ROTJ and being a background ship it didn’t have any direct details that reveal anything about weapon systems etc. It was a dark brownish/copper colour steel fish in escort formations together with Corellians. Apparently it showed up in Star wars Rebels from where the model was borrowed by ILM to be “upgraded” and used in Rouge One and yes, was it upgraded!!! I was so curious awaiting the release on DVD/Blueray after 2 times at the cinema to see this awesome ship in action in more detail. As far as I see it has really entered the rebel fleet now and I’m happy as a pig. In Rouge One it is cooler then ever. I put together some cheap screen pics (you can most likely get better) showing all its the weapons systems in action. Carrying 6 dual turbo laser turrets is can really pour fire and engage most of its combat arcs with 4-5 turrets and full in frontage. In ROTJ In R1 Happy Post Easter. / Gold-6
  6. Can only say this… Saw it first time (3D). Didn’t know anything about it. Tend to avoid trailers. It got some luke warm attention from friends who were bothered about lame characters etc. Now Im not in the “age group” any longer so I was mentally prepared to just relax and have a fun time with what ever they throw at me. I just saw ANH some two weeks before by fluke and when I saw R1 I realised that there was sooo much “Starwars” I almost became a kid again. They pretty much nailed everything (down to the smallest details). It was like a tribute to ANH. I was in FFG Armada over my head. Even my girlfriend pointed at the screen at a Nebulon-B saying loudly “There’s my ship!!” (well you know which side she’s playing). Hilarious. So as I didn’t see ANH back in the 70’s I decided to see R1 one more time just for the feeling. This time like row 6 of 24 in the theatre. OM*G!!! Even the cheesy moments became acceptable here. I just realised that when you sit further back in the theatre the actors performances disappear over the distance, you cant see all the facial expressions and gets distracted by everything happening around them (as action and audience). This close to the screen it was you and the actors, and roller-coaster in space. It was great to see the first real Starwars movie since 1983. Never thought I would get to experience some thing like that. Also when people is having doubts about weak characters I realized the second time I saw it that it’s not an general action adventure movie in the traditional sense, its more of an mission movie. The main characters are actually only supporting cast, just as all the other heroes like the pilots in their X, Y and U-wings. The main focus is the “battle plans” and its story, like a sort of documentary. The real stuff begins in the sequel ANH. And yes. Bring me more MC75 cruisers, hammer heads and the Brahatok gunship pls so I can buy more Armada stuff /Gold-6
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