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  1. The Malastarian Outpost playmat was announced 3 months ago, and now the Gray Cap Cantina playmat is apparently coming... But did the Malastarian Outpost playmat ever get released? I can't find it anywhere, not for sale by FFG, not for sale at my FLGS or any of the usual online retailers. What's the story?
  2. interesting, I hadn't really considered how the color might be generated from the houses man idk - I am really leaning towards Brobnar re: Eriksson... but I don't know how to get Dis or Sanctum out of the rest of the name (unless you're not supposed to)
  3. ah right - from the description of the clans in the rulebook -> Brobnar, "Vanhalla", etc. - cool I can see Brobnar as the 3rd house but what about the name of the deck tells us that the other 2 houses are Dis and Sanctum? maybe "Raider" -> Sanctum's "Raiding Knight"... but Dis? or maybe that's not how it works, maybe all 3 houses aren't represented in the generated name?
  4. This one has stumped me so far... any ideas?
  5. I was excited when FFG publicized the whole "rules questions submission" process, I figured we'd get some high-quality questions submitted and responded to (I've sent over a couple myself). However we're a week-and-a-half in, and the only 2 questions up there are the ones that were originally posted when the forum topic was born - and they're, like, not even really that enlightening... ? Anybody else been submitting rules questions? It's a resource we should definitely be taking advantage of, if we don't use it who knows how long they'll bother keeping it around (or even reviewing submissions).
  6. ah, I think this was the info I was looking for - cool, thank you guys for the replies! more than simply the next franchise game for me, this is also my first proper miniatures game, excited to keep up with its evolution!
  7. I wasn't able to make it to a Launch Weekend event, and I am not able to find any information about what the "participation prizes" were - does anybody know? we have: Step-by-Step Build & Play: Each player participating in the Build & Play portion of the Star Wars: Legion Launch Weekend claims a handy quick-reference rules sheet (this quick-reference I've managed to pick up from a friend :)) Challenge Duels: Every participant receives a participation prize, and the most successful player with each of the four armies will win a commemorative art print. ^ this "participation prize" is what I haven't been able to find any details for... thx!
  8. whoa - what city? haven't seen it show up here in Seattle yet
  9. I haven't seen any word of it since it was announced, and I don't find it on the 'upcoming products' page... is this map still going to be printed and released?
  10. so actually in preparation for Worlds... do we know if rulings given to us by Lukas outside of the published rules will be considered legal interpretations?
  11. I'm glad I stumbled across this thread, thank you everybody for the discussion! I was actively building a deck that was meant to take advantage of this sort of ambush / action / queue interplay, and having this clarified is invaluable
  12. well ****, Lukas's ruling explains it! 1. additional actions granted by abilities do indeed seem as though they are meant to be "gained" / "generated" 2. generated actions exist "outside the queue" (of the current action), and are presumably meant to be taken in the order they were generated sound right?
  13. ah I hadn't checked the link yet will do that now, thank you!
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