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  1. Loved the new Trailer and seeing one of my favorite EU characters (Thrawn) coming back from the non-canon discard pile. Seeing Wedge and the 181st in action was pretty cool too. I am hoping with the addition of Wedge and Tycho (if that is who the blonde pilot is), that it opens the gate for more pilots and characters from the X-Wing book series to be in Rebels, especially Corran Horn. How cool would it be if the Rebels cast ended up in Corellia and ran into CorSec-era Corran and his then-partner Iella Wessiri?
  2. I play Draft Mode, 3-Player, Free-For-All Deathmatch 125 points, draft your pilots, then draft your upgrades. Roll for initiative on the draft using two D6s after each round of selecting. It takes forever to select all the ships and upgrades, but it forces me and my buddies to change up what ships we use each and every game, since you are rarely going to get to put together the list that you want to put together, since we often steal ships from one another. Full score only no partials. Kill Stealing Allowed. Two hour time limit, whatever ships/u[grades that you have still left get added to your score, as well as whatever ships you managed to shoot down A couple notes, we don't care about limiting the ship choices to just one faction when it comes to three players, so it is a regular sight during our games to field both Rebels and Imps on the same side, and Scum too. I think it makes for much more varied games than just going one faction per player. Last game we played, I had Wedge/Fel/Jake on my team vs Vader/Corran/Kavil and Han/Whisper/Tycho. I even got to roleplay a bit, saying that Wedge and Fel, brothers-in-law in the old EU, got to team up for once. Wedge got killed mid-game, and I roleplayed Fel being all pissed about it, going on a rampage. He managed to shoot down 4 ships after that, winning me the game, all while he had just one hull left. It was good times.
  3. Hello, I am having a bit of trouble figuring out what large Scum ship to add to my next large online purchase, and I was hoping you guys could help me. The two goals that I want to achieve with this purchase are: Increase the variety and strength of my Scum Faction collection and Widen my current pool of upgrade cards for all three of my factions. I am the only supplier of X-Wing with my two gaming groups, so basically what is in my signature is what I currently have to play with, in case you guys wanted to know what I owned and how this purchase would fit into the rest of my collection. Anyways, here are the options below: -Punishing One -Hound's Tooth -Slave I
  4. Exactly what he said. I don't know why people keep saying we will get ships to match Rogue One, which will have little-to-no space combat in it. The movie has been said to be a "heist" movie, with ground-based combat and infiltration being the main thing in the movie, not space combat. If any game is getting Rogue One stuff, it would be Imperial Assault, not X-Wing. None of these guys really looks like a fighter pilot to me, but I think they would be perfect for Imperial Assault.
  5. Hello, So I was wondering what everyone thought would be FFG's choices for the color schemes and pilots for the Rebel Veterans pack, since they have used alternative paint schemes in their previous ace/veterans packs and I would hope that they did the same for this one. I am going under the assumption that it is going to contain an E-Wing and a T-65 X-Wing, since that is what I see most of the community is guessing it is going to be, as well as the two Rebel ships most in need of some strengthening. Personally I got no idea what color scheme they can paint the E-Wing, since the only canon alt-color scheme that I could find is one seen on the cover of the book X-Wing: Mercy Kill, and even then it was of a "rogue" faction that turned traitor to the New Republic, so they can't really use it. I can't really think of any "named" pilots that use the E-Wing either. (I got a side remark/question relating to that, which is if Corran Horn ever used an E-Wing in any Star Wars media, because I don't remember him ever doing so). As for the new X-Wing pilots and new color scheme of the ship, here are my two wishes. (I should note that I don't want both, just one or the other) -CorSec-colored X-Wing (Green, Black, White) with Corran Horn (PS Level 8-9) as one of the two named pilots and his trusty R2 droid "Whistler" as an astromech upgrade card. When I first got into this game, I was slightly ticked-off that I could not play as one of my favorite SW characters of all-time, Corran, in the ship that I traditionally think of him flying in, the X-Wing. Since FFG seemed to be limiting pilots to one ship, I lost hope that I would ever see Corran in a X-Wing until I saw that FFG was going to re-use Maarek Stele as one of the new TIE Defender pilots in the Imperial Veterans pack. Since then I have hoped that FFG would re-use Corran in a similar fashion, giving him his X-Wing and maybe paving the road for his droid buddy Whistler to join him as an upgrade. -Stealth X-Wing (muted Dark-Grey/Black) with Jaina and Jacen Solo (PS 8-9 for Jaina, and PS 7-8 for Jacen) as the named pilots Now as part of the "fix" or upgrade that I would be giving the X-Wing via this expansion, I would be giving the players two "Stealth X" titles in the box. These titles would give the X-Wing whatever fixes that the FFG developers feel that they need to be playable once more (being a mostly Imperial player and only having one T-65 in my collection, I don't know its drawbacks well enough to say what the titles need to include). I would love to get the Solo Twins as pilots, but if that is not doable, then we can always use like Kyp Durron or Lowbacca or Corran (get him his darn X-Wing FFG!) or some other Jedi pilot. Here are the two X-Wing color schemes, for those of you that aren't familiar with them. Corran's CorSec X-Wing
  6. Hello there, I have recently started to play Scum ships and that led me to start wondering what could make for a good Epic ship for that faction. I came up with what I think would be a good idea for a GR-75/Gozanti-type Epic ship, as well as a way to introduce two "new ships" into the Scum faction. For those of you that are familiar with the X-Wing novels (I am assuming most people here), Wrath Squadron of the Rebel Alliance did a lengthy undercover mission posing as a band of space pirates/mercs known as the Hawk-Bats. They flew captured TIE Fighters and Interceptors, and used a Xiytiar-class transport as a carrier/support craft. So basically use these three ships as the Epic box, with the Transport being the Epic ship and one of each of the TIEs as its escort. Currently the Scum faction shares 3 ships (Y-Wing, HWK, Z-95) with the Rebels, while sharing only 1 ship with the Empire (Firespray), so this would even it out to 3 ships a piece. Players would get to use TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors, two of the most popular ships, in two different factions, increasing the size and diversity of their Scum collection without having to pay much extra since I would want to put 2 dials for each of the TIEs in the Epic box. I find the idea of this expansion also hilarious in a "inside joke" type of way, since the pilots are undercover Rebels, flying Imperial ships, in the Scum faction. Also the idea of "Kettch" (aka Wedge Antilles posing as an Ewok pilot) potentially facing off Rebel Wedge to be funny as well.
  7. Oh, how necessary are the official playmats and do they offer anything I couldnt get if I just make my own 3 x 3 play area out of like black cloth? I dont like the prospect of paying $40 for a mere playmat. Do they ever sell for cheaper?
  8. My favorite ships that have a game version are the TIE Interceptor and the Y-Wing, so I guess I will pick them up next. The Standard TIE Interceptor pack I mean. Thanks for all the advice everyone, very helpful.
  9. Hello there, I am a new player to X-Wing. I recently purchased the Force Awakens Core Set, the Rebel Aces pack, the Imperial Aces pack, a TIE Phantom, and an E-Wing. I was looking into purchasing either the Rebel Transport or Tantive IV sets next, but I was wondering if adding a huge ship so early into my playing of this game would be bad. Like would it hinder me developing my skills with the smaller ships? If not, which one should I get first? I am mostly interested in playing this game for casual fun with my gaming group. I am not really big on tournament play when it comes to tabletop games, nor using metagame strategies.
  10. Hello, I am a newbie to X-Wing. Just got a Core Set and the Rebel/Imperial Aces packs, and I am looking to add to my growing collection. Wants -Basically everything but the Core Set and Rebel/Imperial Aces packs. Have -A lot of Heroscape figures and pieces, too many to list here. Message me for a detailed list.
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