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  1. I don't even play Scum but I want to run two fangs and a shadow caster now.
  2. Whereabouts do you play? 精靈寶鑽桌上遊戲專賣店?
  3. Personally i'd far rather see there be a bye than for someone to just not get to play at all. I agree. I'd hate to tell someone showing up to play, "Sorry, no Homers allowed." That'd kill a community real fast.
  4. Does her ability allow her to go beyond the limit of her regular movement? I know she can slow down to no less than 1 per her card, but I don't see a not about her not being able to increase her banks etc. beyond 3, for example.
  5. Thanks for this! I was just wondering how to store my stuff as I'm starting out. Really wanted to see an Imperial player's take on the problem and how they solved it. I'll be off to my nearest Walmart tomorrow for Plano and other things it seems.
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