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  1. It also ensure a good spread of Role around the meta. If everyone could pick Keeper of Earth for exemple, then you might see more than half of the roles (or more) not used at all. Plus it helps the dev controling the power creep. While not only know that card A can't be used with card B, they know that CLAN X can't use card A, or at least that not ALL THE CLAN are going to use card A etc... Finaly, is pretty acurate and true. Mentioned by the OP himself before moving to intangible arguments about the system being "bad" to the feeling of the community (which isn't proved, or even proved wrong with pools on FB and stuff like that). My 2 cents
  2. I disagree. I like the actual Role system. It helps the meta to change periodically and forces players to find new strategies. But geez. ANOTHER post avec Role really ?!?
  3. Would the same logic applies to a Doji Gift Givers doing it's ability as the attacker in a conflict where only the BD is defending ? It's says that my opponent needs to choose a participating character and bows it.
  4. Let's think further about our options here. While winning by honor is still very difficult, maybe we can use our Bansai Garden and stuff in order to... NOT loosing by dishonor ? So we could make a deck that supports something like 2-3 x Assassinations, Spread the Darkness etc.... We bid high while unexpected and go for provinces destruction ?
  5. Well you have a point but it's not THAT bad either. Here's a very typical Crane deck from before elemental cycle. It's a copy of a crane Hatamoto's deck and I've seen a lot of good crane players using this deck with small modifications. https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/546c5579-6a73-11e8-9ce5-8e1ccf16fca4/view Conflict deck has a total of 21 Fate cost for 40 cards. My new deck is 28. It is definitly something to be aware of. Could maybe work on it to dowgrade the cost but I want to try the Mirror at the same time (i'm really not convinced).
  6. So here's my two final version of the deck. Support of the Phoenix Role: https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/76c1276d-8066-11e8-9ce5-8e1ccf16fca4/view Seeker of Air Role: https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/00762230-811e-11e8-9ce5-8e1ccf16fca4/view I think both are somehow similar. The Seeker of Air has two "Winds of Change" to further allow more Air Ring tricks with Kudaka, Doji Hotaru etc etc.... BUT dosen't have the Clatiry of Purpose set :_(. Managed to put a Display of Power and Kaito Kosori who can be a great character here to. Also has slightly better provinces and the extra 2 fate from role is huge. On the other hand, The Support of the Phoenix's one had a full set of Clarity of Purpose and two Display of Power at the cost of those two fate from Seeker of Air. Hard to tell right now if 3-4 Better Cards > 2 Fate + Better Province. What's your call ?
  7. I don't think it's that srong because you're opponent will figure out quite quickly that he needs to pretty much bid 1 on everything. I don't want to make a gotcha deck but a viable deck even if they know I'm going strong on Honor. I'll try using 1 and see if there's much situation where I'd like to have it in hand.
  8. Conflict Deck (40) Event (22) 1x Admit Defeat 2x Banzai! 3x Clarity of Purpose ///////// 3x Court Games 2x Display of Power ///// / 3x For Shame! 1x Noble Sacrifice 3x Policy Debate 1x Way of the Chrysanthemum 3x Way of the Crane Attachment (10) 3x Cloud the Mind 3x Fine Katana 3x Ornate Fan 1x The Mirror's Gaze Character (8) 2x Political Rival 3x Seeker of Knowledge /// 3x Steward of Law
  9. I don't like much Shigeru. With Takako I fear there's too much "-" MIL characters and he usualy gets played around. So I dropped him and bumb Asami to a 3 of and added an Academy but it's pretty much copy-paste beside that.
  10. I like your spread. Kakita Asami is a living beast, I'd play her three times. Beside that you pretty much nailed it I think.
  11. I was planning on 3 x Clarity of Purpose, 3 x Seeker of Knowledge and 2 x Display of power. I see your point and it's a good point, but claiming the Air also combo with Kudaka and Fû Sui Disciple not counting on the fact that my opponent would steal me 1 more honor so instead of loosing 2 honor I'd gain 1 from it (3 honor difference is huge). So maybe a 1 x Display is still interesting, and I could play something like Magnificent Kimono or Kataro
  12. Seeker Role only. I'm using Support of the Phoenix. It's probably honest to try to make it as a Seeker of Air to and check which one is the best one.
  13. Yeah I just realized that it's still not a Shugenja deck but an Honor Deck. So I might play enough Shugy to use Cloud the Mind and maybe I'm gonna try the new Mirror as a one-off because I'm not convinced. I'll also play the usuall Crane's Courtier bundle. Kudaka x3 for sure. Fû Su Disciple most probably. Seeker of Knowledge brings me to 9 shugenja which is already probably enough. Might play a Storyteller or two because he his a courtier and a shugenja even if his text box sucks.
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