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  1. A follow up question would be, how do you incorporate that in roleplaying terms? Most of my friends are used to D&D, where there's not really any restrictions on healing. So do you have an in game reason you give your players for why they can't just spam heal?
  2. Thanks for all the feedback so far. Here's a couple more questions. Why are wizards restricted to humans? Didn't elves teach humans how to use magic? Pg. 88 of the Players Guide: "A good rule of thumb is that each time your character is injured, a single First Aid check can be made to attempt to fix it." Pg 89: "Each character may benefit from each specific source of healing once per day." Don't those two statements contradict the other, or am I not understanding something? The first statement makes it sound like a character can use First Aid every time they take damage.
  3. Hello. I'm not new to gaming, but I'm new to being a GM. I'm hoping to get a campaign up and running some time in February. All I have right now is the Players Guide (the core and many other books are on the way), and I've been taking in all the information it contains. The group I'll be playing with consists of D&D veterans, and one total newbie, none of which are familiar with the Warhammer universe. The one specific question I have is, what do you think is the best way to introduce players to the custom dice? Do you try to explain them and all of the various symbols before starting a game, or do you just go over them as they come up during the course of play? And then just a general question of, any advice for running a game? One thing I've picked up on from reading the forums is that a lot of you like to make the Ironbreaker and Swordmaster advanced careers. Their starting equipment does seem pretty powerful for a basic career. Any other useful tips? I became interested in 3E Warhammer last year and I recently decided to splurge and purchase 14 of the WFRP products available. So, I have a good amount of the material to work with when it all arrives in the mail! I really hope my friends like this game.
  4. When an item like this is reprinted, is it an exact copy or do they fix any errata there might be?
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