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  1. I think the point. Even though many painters are very skilled and have aquired that skill through many painful years of learning (and/or some are just born with a knack for it) most of us that paint are NOT that skilled nor have that talent. Sure, having painted a fair amount of various miniatures over a few years now Ive picked up a few techniques that a beginner lacks but the point here is that there are ways to paint miniatures that is so simple that yes ANYONE can do it, assuming you have two functional hands. The stormtrooper is a perfect example. You simply slab white and black on it, doesnt have to be detailed just the overall areas, then dip the entire miniature in a "wash" and it fills in the cracks and recesses to give the miniature details. THere is no secret to it, someone doing this for the very first time will still get a far better result then the prepainted mini shown above. Most of even us mediocre painters wouldnt paint our minis like that because we are willing to dedicate more time to get a better result, but if all you want is a painted miniature with at least some details then anyone can do it, and I do mean anyone.
  2. The card is played from your hand, not drawn from a deck. Defense dice...basically saving throws so pretty much standard. Imprecise movement. I think its pretty precise. I love that vehicles are treated differently and the fact that you only measure to squadleader and then follow up with the others into cohesion is brilliant! Its still precise, just offers a bit of variety within a unit and helps speed a game up a lot! AND eliminates people accusing othjers of imprecise measuring of movement Random activation is not so random if you think about it. Btw it always alternates between players. Im a bit weary of how expansions/waves will come for this but I find the ruleset to be very neat! Refreshing and well thought out and without having played it I must say it looks to play very smooth and intuitive!
  3. Mine already broke...
  4. Hey, anything goes! Whatever your happy with will do fine as terrain and the more variety you have the better! And LEGO certainly offers that! Though most people will probably want something that looks more realistic and in scale with the minis so maybe you can do this for your homegames and such. A tip though is to look around the net and youtube, there is an endless source of tutorials and tips/guides to how to make terrain, both timeconsuming expensive pieces as well as dirt cheap and very quick ones!
  5. *Says he is posting pictures of his gameroom. *Posts pictures of a gaming mansion from the deepest dreams of lord Gygax himself. Lord Ashram, can I come live with you!
  6. Yikes, I dont wanna insult anyone but if those are prepainted I would have prefered unpainted anytime! For anyone that feel painting is daunting, or that have tried it but simply didnt enjoy it, I just want to point out that there are VERY quick ways to produce at least something better then the above and it wont take much time at all. You basically slab on 2-3 different colors as base (white and black for stormtroopers) then dip the miniature in a "wash" and let it dry. From distance your table will look awesome midgame and I bet you can do an entire army in an evening or two. The big risk with this though is that you will start to "just tidy up this area a bit" and then "maybe add a little red to this area" and before you know it you aint got time to play since your painting But seriously, you can quickly paint up an army if youre happy with just getting some color on them.
  7. lol, oh come on now...
  8. I guess we will see the typical three factions for this game as well. But FFG could have had the opportunity to make several factions here. So many different races that all have homes and armies it could have been an opportunity to get out of the typical three factions were used to. Oh and yeah, im interested but still undecided if I can afford the money and time to jump on yet another game. Already have Twilight Imperium on preorder as well so :/
  9. To be fair, I doubt you look the same either
  10. Yeah I've just started with 40k. But Legion ruleset seem to blow 8th completely out of the water :/ Im no fan of starwars, pretty fed up with it by now, but **** this looks to play sooo well!
  11. I wasn't going to buy any, so in real words that means at least one.
  12. I prefer D8s since they stop and don't roll off the table, D12s would be horrible Seriously though, they use various kind of dice to help balancing and statistics and Im sure they put extensive work into getting the math behind it right. D6s are limited in their application, the more faces of a die the more options you get. Mixing them all together and you can do a whole lot of things.
  13. Oh nice, the less upgrades cluttering the units the better so I'm glad if there are no generic upgrades!
  14. Yeah, there are plenty of ways to make them fill their role without doing complex things. Ignoring cover and/or unlimited range would do nicely.
  15. Thank you for the support