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  1. It probably attracts some attention but Im unsure if the funky rules and dice might scare people off? But how sweet wouldnt it have been to see FFG take on WFB! True, GoT is a more realistic setting but they both share the gritty and filthy brutality.
  2. With that universe and setting behind it I can see this becoming a huge success. And with the demise of WFB there are probably a lot of people out there looking for a game to replace it.
  3. What? As an Imp player you should know that troopers are for target practice
  4. Its a fun little game for sure! Perfect to fill the empty space between big games during gameday/night !
  5. As emmjay wrote, the AT-ST and Starship Graveyard will offer this opportunity but there are plenty of if's and but's to it, takes time and costs a lot. Im sure there are other much faster/cheaper ways to cycle it. But since the card does not say to discard I get the feeling one of its intentions is to be used for a "greater purpose" somehow
  6. So? People can have different opinions on the value and cost of a card, wouldnt you agree?
  7. Pictures or it didn't happen. *picture* Not a great pic but you should get the idea. And as i said i am an amateur so it is probably not the best paintjob OMFG....I would absolutely concede to you, good sir! That is a sight to remember
  8. Bought 4 booster packs while I was passing by my local store in other business. Just for the heck of it, yaknow! Pulled Kylo Rens Lightsaber in the first and Darth Vader in the second
  9. Without having a clue how to do it without removing the flavour and depth of the game (ive not given it much tought) id still be all for anything that could streamline and reduce the amount of card and token management needed to play the game. Runewars had, imo, a brilliant way of handling resources with its moving dials on the racial sheet. Id love to see something similar if TI ever gets a new edition.
  10. Added, will listen when I get home!
  11. I actually went and bought 2 copies of each starter set and 12 boosters to go with that. Luckily pulled 4 legendaries from those boosters though mostely useful for Hero decks which is disappointing since im aiming mainly for Villain Im gonna try make do with what I got right now, hopefully get a good number of games in and a booster or two every now and then and Ill see where this goes. If I get to play enough ill drop the cash for a booster box and hopefully get enough to build a solid deck from, at least if I can trade.
  12. Same here, i love the bespin mat and the colors on it is so beautiful and doesnt make the table look cluttered. Scal issue or not, its nothing that ever disturbed me. And with a regular starfield it looks equally amazing for Armada The Hoth one above though, looks horrible. And makes the table feel cluttered and messy. I own a "frozen wastes" orbital playmat from deepcutstudios for use with Dropfleet Commander and its a completely topdown view from low orbit. Looks amazing! Still a bit messy as a playarea but better then the above Hoth. Starkiller looks cool but with all the mats i already have i wont be getting another one...well perhaps one for Destiny but thats the last one, for sure!!
  13. Empire, as a complete movie. But the emperors throne room in Return is amazing. When Luke finally gives in to his anger and strikes his father down...The glow in his eyes in that very scene as he is towering over a crippled Vader...Man it gives me goosebumps every time I see it.
  14. "• The Redeploy keyword ignores play restrictions when attaching to a new character." Interesting, ive missed this one. So any character can use any redeployed card no matter type or color.
  15. Great way to chase away beginners, if you cant respond without being smug and degrading then dont respond at all...