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  1. Soulless

    D00M X Legion

    DOOMSLAYER, 1 model, 666pts (Leader) Ranged 1-4, 18 red dice, pierce 18. Melee 24 red dice, pierce 24
  2. Soulless

    D00M X Legion

    It is time...Rip and Tear, until it is done! Send in the slayer!
  3. Soulless

    Additional trooper upgrade, future?

    Yes and that is why I was hoping they would try and sway a little from that path with Legion. Yes, and they could have done this just as easily by simply adding two point values to the unit card, and a hard rule that says troopper units with double values can take one additional trooper for the value of the second number. No need for slots, no need for cards, that simple common option could have been build into the card itself. But, as been mentioned, if they plan on releasing options for this slot to take troopers that are NOT regular troopers but come with some effect or the other, then this makes sense. And no matter if we get it or not, I guess its a good way to future proof for the future if/when they do decide to do something with the slot. But I really wish they had tried keeping cards and tokens to a minimum, im not completely against them but the extent of them in Legion is too much for my taste and I have a hard time enjoying a table looking like a cluttered mess, as it will unless you have A LOT of extra space...Which I dont 😕
  4. Soulless

    Additional trooper upgrade, future?

    I never said it was an issue, but if a unit has a single option of adding an additional standard trooper, restricted to this very unit and the slot, it could have been handled more simple without the need for cards and slots. The leader slot thing was just a tangent. There is already a ton of tokens and cards to keep track off, and with the latest announcement we get even more. I dislike this for a number of reason though this is a personal preference.
  5. Do you think we will get new type of trooper upgrades for various units in the future? Im not talking about the heavy weapons or such, but the upgrades that simply adds another trooper of that type. I never understood why they needed a card and slot for this if every unit was only gonna have a single option for this, they could just as easily have stated two costs for the unit, one with X troopers and another with Y troopers. But if we get some kind of additional options for this slot down the line, it would make sense. A "veteran stormtrooper" that adds a black attack dice and sharpshooter 1 to the attack pool, just as a quick example. But this leads me to think that they should have made the leader trooper the one with a slot. Think we will get additional options for these upgrades down the line?
  6. Soulless

    Disney Empire

    Surely, you mean Bambo
  7. Soulless

    Tabletop Oddity terrain videos

    9tube is like 9ball but with tubes! 😎
  8. Soulless

    Snowtroopers, help me!!

    "Trench Troopers" 😎
  9. Soulless

    Basylle learns to paint

    Holy ****, if this is your results "learning to paint" im really looking forward to see what you can do when youve learned it These look great!
  10. Soulless

    40k terrain use in Legion- Heresy or okay?

    Use whatever terrain you think works well and look cool! The star wars galaxy is huge and you can definitely find someplace where there is blown out gothic cathedrals
  11. Soulless

    Adding detail later

    I dont think you will run into any issues by varnishing, there are techniques that require a coat of varnish midpainting. But I like to add that you need to abuse the models pretty heavily to chip and damage the paintjob on them, especially when its just the basecoats. Vanishing is probably not needed at that point as you will cover most edges (the vulnerable points) with highlights when you do go about the details. But if you think you will wait a long time before going into details, or if you think your models will be handled roughly for some or the other reason, or just want to feel safe in that youve done all you can to protect them (im this kind of guy) then by all means apply a coat of varnish, but make sure its thin since you will be applying another coat after youve finished the details as well!
  12. Soulless

    BigBadAndy’s WIP thread

    Mate, your collection is looking great! And what a great way to store it, this has me thinking I might need to do the same
  13. Soulless

    Same Faction Infighting?

    Imagine THAT thumb battle D:
  14. Soulless

    Another random paintlog

    That kind of you and makes me happy
  15. Soulless

    Another random paintlog

    Finally got my stormtroopers finished but I just cant paint white...Two attempts, with paint stripped inbetween, and I just dont have the skill or patience for getting a clean and tidy finish. White....Of all the colors in all of the world they had to be white... But ya know what, at "table distance" they look good Ive still not decided what to do with my bases so for now they are just brown mud.