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  1. Jesus why unpainted?!

    Yeah probably, I said nothing indicating anything else.
  2. Jesus why unpainted?!

    Just a thought...If you are willing to pay a huge amount of money to have the game painted, hire a painter to paint it for you! It will look better then anything FFg would supply you with AND you get to decide the paintscheme if you want!
  3. AT-ST compared to an Imperial Knight

    Holy emperor, thats a huge little thing! The Imperial Knight is one of my favourite models of all time, and the amount of details on it is amazing...But its more then twice the price...
  4. Dice Tower Playthrough

    I enjoy BeastOfWar but their "lets plays" tend to be a bit longwinded and full of mistakes. I can live with that when its something entirely new but since weve seen a fair bit of Legion already, I want to see more of the actual gameplay and less of the players opinions and thoughts. The Dice Tower playthrough I found to be pretty good, they made a few mistakes it seems (i assume from what weve been told in the acticles and demo games) but overall showed the game pretty decently. But having to reroll dice all the time and keep track of hits made it really confusing to follow. Dice Tower is mainly boardgames and their reviews of these are great, every now and then they stretch out to other kind of games and I for one think they did a good job on Legion. Im really looking forward to playing Legion, even more so now!
  5. A PSA to dice roller ocd's

    My locals stores sell the typica polyhedrall RPG dice sets for about $5, that would make 21 dice for $15 and these of more then the two variations Legions dice come in. Not to mention these "custom" dice have several that are mostly blank. Compared to what im gonna be spending on this game, the cost for dice is minimal but this its an atrocious way to have us pay, highly, for something that really should already be included.
  6. A PSA to dice roller ocd's

    The dice packs are insanely overpriced, even compared to miniature wargaming in general those dice packs are horrible. Three packs is $45 for something that should cost maybe $10...This is bad and I hope FFG catches some flak about it. Ill hold off on the dice packs i think, someone will inevitably release third party packs much cheaper.
  7. How many 40K players will defect?

    Ive just begun the finishing parts of my IG army so if they start releasing new models for it now im gonna blow a vein I really wanted to do DKOK but even using cheap-ish alternative models for kitbashing the costs went through the roof...So mobile infan...errh... cadians it is. Would be just my luck to see GW start releasing DKOK now...Man now im getting nervous.....
  8. FFG has a lot of catching up to do...

    lol, like a Star Wars miniature wargame released by FFG would have any problems "surviving" Star Wars attracts fans as flies to s.... And the ruleset, from what we know, seems far more fun and exciting then 40k will ever be until perhaps its next edition. So preaching doom here is probably not a meaningful way to spend your time.
  9. New insights from the Las Vegas open demo

    Its a big difference checking what models can see any models in the target unit, and drawing LOS from all models to all models to check which models can see 50% or less or the target models. Exactly the kind of stuff that bogs down a game amd from how it seems so far, the kind of stuff FFG want to get rid off.
  10. New insights from the Las Vegas open demo

    No its a streamlining of how its usually done. When I say "LOS" im actually meaning that you check to see if the target has cover or not. My fault, not wording it correctly, but what I mean is you check that the target is within range from the SL, then check if it has any cover also from SL. THen all units that can actually see the target unit contributes its dice. Its an easy and quick compromise between only checking from SL, and checking range/los/cover from every model, requiring potentially each die to be rolled separately.
  11. New insights from the Las Vegas open demo

    Im not sure what your getting at. But if you mean that all models can shoot if the SL, and only the SL, has LOS/range I would think its safe to assume that any model who cant see the target unit wont contribute its dice to the roll. Anything else would completely destroy the game to me.
  12. New insights from the Las Vegas open demo

    From leader to ALL models, including target leader. And if at least 50% of the models is in cover, the entire unit is considered in cover. Thats easy enough to check that it wont bog down the game and still give movement and positions a meaning and ive been pretty much assuming this is how it will work.
  13. New insights from the Las Vegas open demo

    I assume its measured from leader to closest model in target unit, and los should be leader to all models.
  14. Table setup thread. Pics / Inspiration.

    Sooner or (more probably) later my stormtroopers will fight off the rebels in the 41th millennium!
  15. Dear FFG

    Give me red and black dice symbols that doesnt look the same in my eyes