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  1. There is a meme about this
  2. No... Which translates to yes in regular english.
  3. Brilliant piece of terrain right there! A few more pieces like this and you have a wonderful gaming table that people drool over (so make sure to coat the pieces!)!
  4. I see your point here and agree that it would be neat if it somehow offered the same level of protection for each trooper no matter if its one or six of them. I really like the idea of "cover" symbols on the dice. But the current system definitely makes cover important and very powerful and is simple to apply.
  5. None of this does in any way justify them illwillingly including less dice in the core box then actually needed for the core box (with needed we all agree at least the minimum anything in the core box rolls).
  6. I dont mind storing all the cards and what not. I just dont want to have 10-20 extra cards on the table to keep track of upgrades and abilities, cluttering the table and bloating the gameplay. I really hope they keep upgrades (ingame) to a minimum. I like the idea that some simply add another miniature to a unit, perfect use of upgrades!.
  7. Paint them anyway you want, its your miniatures and this is only a game! Anyone refusing to play you because your miniatures arent accurately painted is not worth playing against anyway so good riddance. That said, I dont think I could do with anything other then white for regular stormtroopers. Its the most iconic uniform/armor in sci-fi, lets not mess with it
  8. Of course it would require excessively more work to have Legion minis prepainted. Not only do they require more detail work then the ships of xwing/armada, the number of minis involved will also be extensive. Having them all prepainted is not resonable. x-wing core comes with 3 minis. armada core comes with 3 minis. Legion comes with what, 30+ minis. Thats painting ONE Legion coreset with the same amount of work as TEN of the others, even more since every single Legion mini requires more work then any of the x-wing/armada models. There is a reason the fighters in Armada isnt prepainted.
  9. Well thats the issue, im referring to the "matched play" scenarios in the core rulebook which is the standard for playing the game and the scenarios that should be used for comparing the game to Legion. "Only War" is pretty much a learn to play scenario. The "real" missions is very different. To be completely fair, the 12 missions offered for matched play is varied and very interesting. The first 6 is mostely variants of standard "capture and/or control" objectives but the other 6 feature dynamic objectives that change during the course of the game, promoting a well rounded and adaptable army able to meet a wide range of requirements.
  10. Yes? The player that "determines deployment zones" rolls a die and then picks one of the two deployment zones.
  11. If by "actual unrelated decision" you mean choosing deployment zone that is a choice done by the same player that made the roll, not the one who didnt roll.
  12. Oh, they mustve changed it then because Im pretty sure it said youd have the opportunity for it. As otaking above writes, the retailers themselves seem pretty uncertain about the premium stuff.
  13. I dont know anything about IA so cant compare it to Legion. But Armada and x-wing play nothing alike!
  14. If you got the space for it, AND feel dedicated enough to build a table featuring only one kind of terrain (desert, winter, mud etc) then I would absolutely recommend a full table. Its an amazing sight when terrain and table mix together so well! Really enhances the experience. Roll out mats are very practical, gives a nice surface to roll dice on and can double as a mat for cardgames, boardgames and so on but even in all their glory they cannot compete with a real textured terrain table.
  15. Technically they arent lying if this is all true since the announcement only said we had "an opportunity" to get the extra stuff. But its a really bad deceitful way of doing business if it turns out only half of the preorders are getting the extra stuff. I hope FFG comes out with something official on this.