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  1. I can always dream of a world where FFG writes the ruleset for 40k. Legions looks very fun to play but im suffering heavily from starwars fatigue and cant really enjoy the setting anymore. 40k is such a fantastic setting but its rules are so boring and dull. It would be a match made to kill for!
  2. Yeah im rethinking the idea. Im not interested in competitive and/or meta since ill only be playing casually with different friends so I want to build two fun and balanced decks and maybe, MAYBE keep building a complete collection. And ive just watched a little about the upcoming Legacies and it really attracts me with the OT characters! So Im thinking that if I want to start a collection then why not do it with the newest set
  3. Bought into Destiny a little at release a year ago and enjoyed it a lot but quickly realised I wouldnt keep up with any competitive scene. Some time later, having not had the game to table much at all I sold off what I had collected. Now I have the chance of buying 2x each of rey/kylo awakening starter sets as well as a box of awakenings boosters. Im getting a really good deal and im thinking perhaps to buy it and get myself a decent two-player setup. As a casual player, is there any reason I shouldnt do this? Im getting more then enough for two players to casually enjoy the game for half the cost of doing the same with any of the new starters/boosters. Thoughts?
  4. Im a sucker for buying accessories, especially "official" ones. But I do wonder if this will simply be the same mousmat material that FFG use for their xwing (and other) playmats? Those mats might stay put on the table, but anything on the mat itself will slip and slide around like crazy. The top should also be of some anti-slip material to make sure the tiles, when placed, stay put.
  5. Most of the complaints completely justified and EA deserves whatever consequences this hopefully brings down on them. What it also taught us is that voicing your complaints actually CAN make a difference, which is a good moral boost this day and age.
  6. Mine isnt signed either. Unless im mistaken, only preorders directly from FFG will come with a signed copy, I guess its even only the first 1600 preorders? Whatever the case though, I was also like a child on christmas as I strutted into the store collecting my copy Amazing production and the hardcover book had me giggling the entire evening...Does one really ever grow up!! Im very happy with TI4 and I have a godd (and hopeful) feeling that Ill have a much easier time getting this one to the table then the previous edition.
  7. For painting, try to accept your results and the fact that they will improve! Depending on who you are, this can be way more difficult then it sounds with so many great painters out there showing off their works! But unless your one in a billion, you cannot get around the fact that it takes time to get even a decent paintjob consistently. Find tutorials and guides that focus on simple and clean paintjobs, not overly complex and detailed works. The less steps, colors and "special techniques" the better, it will get you going on the basics and incent you to continue as you will see progress in your work! Dont go for too much details, it takes a lot of time and can really demoralize and make the painting feel like a chore instead of a joyful hobby. You can always go back and add details to your miniatures at a later time when you feel like it. Ive done this mistake time and time again, expecting my skill to be above where it really is, ending with excessive time spent on results that turned out much worse then they would had I gone with a more moderate approach. And as a final little advice, do spent some time deciding on how youre going to base your models! An army is really brought together by consistent good looking basing that isnt "too much" or "too little". A simple green flocking with some rubble workse wonders, but dont shy away from desert, snow and even burned/scorched earth. Especially Stormtroopers with their overall white armor will look great on darker bases! But again, accept and be happy with whatever results you can consistently bring out without making it a tedious affair, if your not enjoying it your not doing it right
  8. They might produce terrain but it will be crazy expensive, as it always is when miniature companies do it. Its an even smaller market then the miniatures for their games so its probably not very cost effective for them either. Aside from those terrain pieces for x-wing featuring star wars ships, ive never heard of any company chasing after anyone selling terrain. If you dont want to make your own (which can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be) there are countless third-party options for all kind of scenery and scales, some at pretty decent prices. Terrain availablility have never been an issue in wargaming, now less so then ever. A tip for anyone new, google for 28mm MDF terrain!
  9. Will there be some kind of cardpack released with updated cards or do people have to remember all these changes/print them outselves?
  10. If my memeory serves me right... Its on the boat!
  11. There is a meme about this
  12. No... Which translates to yes in regular english.
  13. Brilliant piece of terrain right there! A few more pieces like this and you have a wonderful gaming table that people drool over (so make sure to coat the pieces!)!
  14. I see your point here and agree that it would be neat if it somehow offered the same level of protection for each trooper no matter if its one or six of them. I really like the idea of "cover" symbols on the dice. But the current system definitely makes cover important and very powerful and is simple to apply.
  15. None of this does in any way justify them illwillingly including less dice in the core box then actually needed for the core box (with needed we all agree at least the minimum anything in the core box rolls).