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  1. Wow, the end of that article makes it sound as if there is more then just another wave coming...New core set perhaps even 2nd edition. "And how will the new materials impact the game's activations, squadron battles, and punishing ship-to-ship combat?"
  2. Was it really necessary to separate ARMOR and ARMOR-X as two different keywords, couldnt they have just added a row to the regula ARMOR entry about the X...
  3. I really like the way Objectives is treated in Armada, truly innovative and something different that even ties into listbuilding. For those who dont know, as part of building a list you also select one each of three types of objectives that you bring to the table. Before a game, initiative is determined based on points (or randomly) and a first and second player is decided. The second player chooses one objective from the FIRST players cards. Simply brilliant! But i dont think a direct translation works into Legion as we have not only objectives but also deployment and condition. Having each player supply 2 cards of each category before selection begins sounds interesting!
  4. Well the errata itself would of course be free to download as PDF, and the "old" cards would still be allowed in play so no one would feel "cheated" out of the stuff they already purchased. But for those who want the components to be correct the optional purchase of the erratad cards would be available. Personally I really despise when my cards and components show incorrect information, id rather have they show no information. Thats why I applaude FFG for the way they went about XW2.0 even though I wish they would have spent a little more then a coffee break on the app...Like seriously, one of the biggest companies in gaming and they offer an app that looks and feels little more then a highschool hobby project. For Legion, seeing how badly FFG is treating the XW app, I wouldnt want an app and am perfectly happy with the cards but when they do eventually change the information on them I do want an option to get the new and correct cards.
  5. There is a very simple solution that they could release a small, cheap cardpack once a year with all the cards that have been erratad/changed. I would prefer it over an app or PDF erratas.
  6. In all honesty, in pure selfpreservation I wouldnt oppose Vader even if he offered a glass of warm fish liver oil 😧
  7. I took the easy way out and went with black a dark brown could have worked but in feeling conservative about it
  8. It seems more likely that three of the cards are for "act 1" and the other three are for "act 2". I was really hoping for at least SOME generic content, this one will have to wait for me. Especially since I got an extra unassembled ATST just waiting to be chopped to pieces and made into scenery 😮 Also, the instant I saw the news I first read "downed ATAT expansion" and my heart skipped beats right up until I reread the headline
  9. White stormtroopers, red/brownish sand/desert themed bases with a strong zenithal lighting effect. Do I go ahead and just paint the rims black as I always do, a good neutral color that always "work" but feels somewhat dull. Or is there a better color for the matter?
  10. Loving it so far, but the green text that pops up during engagements is kind of intrusive as it blocks the "ok" button 😕
  11. You know nothing about mistakes...
  12. What is this ”Alderaan” you speak of? Anyone else ever seen this ”Alderaan”? All i see is an uncharted asteroid field orbiting a moon, nothing peculiar at all, just move along
  13. So...What do you do if you are playing yourself 😧
  14. A weapon with a keyword adds that keyword to the entire attackpool, not just the dice thrown by the weapon itself! Every mini in a unit may throw a grenade, multiplying both its dice and keywords. Those two I think was my first "wtf" moments
  15. I cant even save squads... Couldnt ffg have invested at least a little money in the app, this feels like a weekend rushjob...
  16. "Concentrate Fire" dial could allow one shot after movement instead of adding a die. You can do it but youll trade your second shot for it. Demo would retain its second shot. Im too lightly into Armada that ive experienced any problems with the rules as is so im not advocating one way or another, just throwing two cents out there.
  17. This is a common Swedish hardware store that sells their "own" brand of products and this is one of them. Its gives a transparent rubber coating that can be rubbed/peeled off and is intended for protecting various surfaces.
  18. + $137 for shipping and import 🤣 It was worth a look
  19. @Karneck Mate, your a hero! Vassal feel intimidating to begin with but I always wanted to get started since its my only shot at getting to play Armada (and other games)! Im following your tutorials right now learning every second Thank you!
  20. Dammit, now I want a "TrooperBowl" game... Darth Ball will be my goto thrower!
  21. My experience only comes from the first edition of the l5r roleplaying game in the 90s so much may have changed. But its absolutely a fully fledged fantasy setting, with monsters and demons and magic. But based on japanease culture and history i presume. But each of the Clans are widely different, and in typical fantasy style to very exaggarated proportions. This is a perfect setting for a fantasy wargame game since each clan has its own units, culture, fighting style, magic and can be given very different statlines and game mechanics. Imagine Space Marine chapters in 40k but with even more variety and difference. come to think of it, i really wanted to get into Clan Wars back in the day but never did. If FFG adapts the Runewars ruleset and makes a L5R game...i dont think i could resist!
  22. Since the rule says ”may” use, if you have two commanders within range you can choose which one to use. There is no reason to ever use the one with lower value of course
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