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  1. How they fired him, without warning or reason, didnt even offer him to follow on to AMG to continue working on the games hes been involved with for so long...
  2. In liu of Asmodee dismantling and erasing FFG from the world, I just learned about Alex Davy and the digusting way Asmodee treated him. I just cant put into words how much I hate Asmodee...There just isnt a single redeeming thing about them and what they do. Im pretty much done with all of this, will be selling everything I have for the various games and try my best to never look back. And I cant even blame this on Corona, there is only that disgusting company to blame.
  3. After they have ruined most of the brands that made me fall in love with them, FFG are now taking away the last thing I have from them. Their forums have been a way for me to feel like im part of the community, armada and legion has both been big for me as well as xwing previously. Ive not been very active but ive always lurked, read, laughed and cried on these forums. But now FFG is truly dead, be it their own fault or asmodee I see this as the final sigh before the name perishes completely. I feel so sad that things went this way, FFG was once the undisputed grand masters of boardgames and with XW they moved into and took firm hold of miniature gaming as well. Man I wanna cry...Think I am tbh... Thanks everyone for making this such a great community, despite the soulless corporate overlords not giving two damns worth about it. I love you all. That is that.
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