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  1. Attackmack

    Best Group Ever

    Platonically? I would love them ALL the ways!
  2. Attackmack

    Themed dice sets?

    You can custom order dice from various places arount the internet! Its a bit pricey but if your dedicated enough you can do it
  3. Attackmack

    Feeling demoralized about my skill

    Mate, first of all your minis look really good! Clean and effective paintjob and I can just imagine how fantastic an army of them would look at the table! Well maybe not the elves and stormtroopers together, but each on their own Secondly, ive been painting various minis for various games on and off for 5 years now and I cant put together anything as good as your stormies, trust me I tried and it looked like a lump of molten crayons 😧 Ive become fairly decent using airbrush and painting larger vehicles, but smaller models and details I simply dont have the skill nor the patience for it. You shouldnt really compare yourself to Sorastro (he is doing official painting guides for the game, he is better then most people will ever be) or anyone else of equal skill. And remember that what you can see on the internet is not the average of the skill going around, your watching what should be considered above average skill levels, most people who arent happy with their results usually doesnt post them online either. Ive come to a point where I realised I will never reach the level of painting that I see in all the guides I follow. I can still improve, and I always try to do better, but in the end I want it to be a fun and rewarding hobby, not a stressful chore of disappointment. It has allowed me to appreciate finished models, units, armies, terrain pieces even if they arent nearly as fine as many post online, but they are still finished and they are mine! So relax about it and realise that your doing this in your spare time, you are choosing to spend your time painting these models...If you arent enjoying it your not doing it right! It can be difficult to change or adapt a different mindset about something but if you feel the way you are about it, you gonna have to sooner rather then later or it might ruin the entire hobby for you 😕 Again though, your minis look great, much better then anything I have painted and I would bet above average wherever you take them! And even if they dont, if you bring them to a table facing golden demon winners, who cares! Make sure you beat them in the game And a final little comment; Even a badly painted army will look fantastic when deployed together on a table!
  4. Attackmack

    Marie Lambeau "Smoky Velvet" ability

    Yupp, seems correct. 402.3 explains that additional actions granted from game effects does not count towards the 2 actions an investigator can perform during their activation. But the limit of each individual action only being allowed once per game round still applies.
  5. Attackmack

    Patrol monster movement

    Thats some horrible attempts att breaking the game...Why would monsters even have "destinations" is the players can move them about freely? Nitpicking words to try and break the game, clearly against what is intended or even logical, is just something I cant understand. I can somewhat understand it if playing a competitive game in tournaments and the likes but this is a cooperative game against the game itself, why try and cheat it?
  6. Thanks for the video but as a followup question i wonder if there is anywhere to find deck/tuckboxes for the american boardgame size?
  7. So far, storage is all over the table I have no idea how ill end up doing it but deckboxes of some sort for the various decks is likely, and a big old tackle box for the tokens.
  8. Attackmack

    what are the features that make me buy this ?

    There is A LOT going on in any single turn of TI though But I agree, I dont think beginner players is the only or even biggest problem for time, but experienced players that overthink everything they do. And in a game as wide as TI, there is so much you can do at every single moment that I would argue beginners probably are the fastest players at the table
  9. Attackmack

    Monster cards

    Unpredictability is one of the things I enjoy most with games, and you would still know what investigator is best suited for monster hunting or not. Seems as though AH3 might have a compromise as you do know what monster is present but possibly the duplicates have different effects/stats on their flipside at least offering some variety,
  10. Attackmack

    Monster cards

    Yeah that might be something to try out, like we sometimes do with gates keeping them facedown until someone goes through them
  11. Attackmack

    Monster cards

    In one of the articles it says that once a monster and investigator is engaged the monster card is flipped to "unveil its true horror" or something like that. This sounds very interesting but one thing that would be awesome is if the monster in completely unknown until its been engaged, youll never know what you will be facing (aside from conclusions based on the monster deck build). I really hope this is the case!
  12. Attackmack

    what are the features that make me buy this ?

    As long as the game isnt turned into a 1hour "quickfix".
  13. From what Ive heard, any retailer that is taking pre-orders should also be able to supply the promo book with it. Best you can do is ask your local store(s) about it and make sure. Or you could order it directly from FFGs website. Will probably end up slightly more expensive but at least youll be sure to get the book
  14. Attackmack

    Modular gameboard?

    Yeah its not something that will stop me enjoying the game I just found it to be a weird decision for a game set in a fixed location. But all is well now, FFG has seldom let me down over the years and considering how important AH has been to them I have a lot of trust in them that they will treat it right. But what would a game announcement be without some complaints
  15. Attackmack

    Modular gameboard?

    The scenarios will probably detail exactly how to arrange the board for the scenario chosen which means only parts of arkham will be available for each mission, and im also guessing we will find the same part of arkham neighbouring different parts depending on the scenario. Which is the reason im not overly excited about this tile setup.