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  1. Attackmack

    Terra Tiles?

    This is a common Swedish hardware store that sells their "own" brand of products and this is one of them. Its gives a transparent rubber coating that can be rubbed/peeled off and is intended for protecting various surfaces.
  2. Attackmack

    Interdictor on Sale!

    + $137 for shipping and import 🤣 It was worth a look
  3. @Karneck Mate, your a hero! Vassal feel intimidating to begin with but I always wanted to get started since its my only shot at getting to play Armada (and other games)! Im following your tutorials right now learning every second Thank you!
  4. Attackmack

    Smaller than a Football Field

    Dammit, now I want a "TrooperBowl" game... Darth Ball will be my goto thrower!
  5. Attackmack

    Trying to choose a faction!

    What is this heresy... 😶
  6. Attackmack

    The Land Endures

    My experience only comes from the first edition of the l5r roleplaying game in the 90s so much may have changed. But its absolutely a fully fledged fantasy setting, with monsters and demons and magic. But based on japanease culture and history i presume. But each of the Clans are widely different, and in typical fantasy style to very exaggarated proportions. This is a perfect setting for a fantasy wargame game since each clan has its own units, culture, fighting style, magic and can be given very different statlines and game mechanics. Imagine Space Marine chapters in 40k but with even more variety and difference. come to think of it, i really wanted to get into Clan Wars back in the day but never did. If FFG adapts the Runewars ruleset and makes a L5R game...i dont think i could resist!
  7. Attackmack

    courage value

    Since the rule says ”may” use, if you have two commanders within range you can choose which one to use. There is no reason to ever use the one with lower value of course
  8. The official Vassal page has some guides (click on "Docs" in the overhead menu) that should help you at least download and install. Just play around with the module and see what you can figure out on your own until someone with experience comes around here and offers help I would help you if I could but I only delved into Vassal briefly and hardly know my way around! But I did manage to get it installed properly (I think!).
  9. Attackmack

    The Land Endures

    I hope you succeed! Youll probably be in for a good run since this should precipitate sales and bargains that should be perfect for anyone wanting to start out! For casual gamers a game never really dies!
  10. Attackmack

    Thanks FFG - no really

    multipost mayhem
  11. Attackmack

    Thanks FFG - no really

    multipost mayhem
  12. Attackmack

    Thanks FFG - no really

    multipost mayhem
  13. Attackmack

    Thanks FFG - no really

    multipost mayhem
  14. Attackmack

    Thanks FFG - no really

    multipost mayhem
  15. Attackmack

    Thanks FFG - no really

    multipost mayhem