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  1. I dont find the interest for AH3 to be very big at all and ive seen a good number of people comment how they/their groups have gone back to AH2 and not caring for AH3 anymore. My local store didnt even bother to stock the first expansion, there wasnt any interest for it. My group still play it, occasionally, and is mildly excited for the upcoming "big" expansion but I dunno, they changed the core game way too much. It was an amazing solid system that needed a cleanup, not a complete redo.
  2. Hopefully they can rearrange the game into a living card game now, I would be all over that! Aint touching a collectible game though, no matter how great it is. And Destiny IS a great fun game.
  3. A little nervous. But hopefully Asmode is smart enough to know that Armada cant be yield profit unless they give us stuff to buy, both new and old.
  4. Subbed and will start listening at work tomorrow!
  5. Yes this is a good solution but a bit fiddly to make it look good But either making labels with better color tones for me or as you suggest with letters nominating the various colors. Ive not come around to doing this though as atm im not playing much but its definitely a doable solution! This is a brilliant idea and I actually tried it immediately wondering why I hadnt thought about it earlier! Sadly I see no difference in light reflecting rom my red line laser 😕 But still a great idea!
  6. I havent. The dice, while I on occasion grab the wrong one, is usually the smaller problem, its the printing on the cards and ship tokens that is the big problem for me. I could have a set of dice custom made, perhaps the red ones, and that would solve this issue. But since I still only play every now and then, I dont remember the ships dice from memory and refer to the cards and ship tokens often. And find I must lift them up straight under a lamp to see the difference between the red and black icons. I only need moderate lighting to distinguish the physical dice from each other. On a sidenote, the legion ones are much worse as even when I hold the card straight under a daylight lamp I have issues distinguishing the red dice icons from the black ones 😕 Ive known all my life I have some form of "color blindness" but for most colors and nuanses its never this bad. The dark red and black is just the worst for me it seems.
  7. That is an option but ive tried painting dice for other reasons and the result is always a mess But I could have a set of custom dice made, not the cheapest solution perhaps but doable. I just wish FFG would take this into account for future releases. Just a bit brighter tone to the red would be enough, and still remain in line with the already released products.
  8. Isnt a rattle can a spray can? 🤔 They are listed under ”auxiliarys” https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/producto/crafts/auxiliaries-decorative-arts/acrylic-matt-varnish-28531/
  9. For me, its the tone of red they use in armada that is the problem. To me its dark and somewhat dull and unless im in great lighting conditions, i hardly see the difference between them. on the ship cards its worse, i literally need to hold them under direct light to see if ther red or black. Its a little better on the armada cards compared to the legion unit cards but not a lot.
  10. Not that i imagine this having any effect but who knows. Both Armada and Legion uses a tone of red that for some with issues seeing certain colors will have a hard time distinguishing. This is far more an issue on the ship cards and ship tokens but at times also with the dice themselves. Since i dont know all the ships from memory i refer to the cards and often end up grabbing the wrong dice (black when red etc). I would just love to see FFG change to a slightly more vibrant color of red, the same they use on previews and such since they are always clear. Im thinking about filling in my cards with red color and ordering a set of custom dice 😮
  11. My local gaming store carries much of vallejo's products, I just buy it there. You should be able to find it at any hobby store with vallejo products, either IRL or online.
  12. Its not required but will protect the paint from rubbing/chipping off. Ive found plastic models with moderate use dont really need it but after spending hours painting a model I dont wanna cheap out on a few extra mins to get it properly protected! On metal models its absolutely required though. I do two coats of Vallejos matte varnish (spray can) on just about everything I paint and have had no issues. There are techniques and tricks for using combinations of gloss, satin and matte varnishes for different purposes but for most applications a coat or two of any matte varnish will be enough!
  13. 2020 is the first year in many im really looking forward to! Good stuff on all hobby fronts are coming!
  14. Fair enough. Perhaps the clone wars core set will be a "2nd" edition and they dont want to reprint anything now if they plan on repackaging it next year.
  15. The game is more alive than in years, expansions recently released, on the way and supposedly huge plans for next year...why even ask this right now?
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