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  1. Hi all, I will be offline for the weekend (starting in about a couple of minutes). As I still haven't gotten answers from @Rabobankrider yet, I think he or someone else would have to make any rolls and/or place an IC part for my charafcter's pending turn now. You know, to keep things flowing. As guessed, his intention will be to tend to the wounded, especially the Jedi (Vos) that stood on top of the wrecked cockpit. See you back on monday-ish!
  2. Vos went down and still lies unconscious against the hull of the walker, near or below the cockpit, right? As CT-4077 intends to help the downed jedi first and foremost. And the cockpit was as good as open, so CT-4077 should be able to exit the vehicle trhough the gapings holes at the front, near Vos?
  3. Again, CT-4077 steps into the door to the cockpit and rather hastily aims his rifle at the droids that were near. As CT-4077 pulls the trigger, several blaster bolts spew forth, but none find their mark; there is still too much of a wrecked cockpit, and even though the walker deactivated, the elevation is not right. "I can't get a bead on them!" Then CT-4077 steps back into the crew compartment, again, and gets himself totally out of sight.
  4. Maneuver: step out in the open. Action: shoot at nearest droid squad. Attack nearest droid squad: 1eA+2eP+1eD 0 successes, 2 advantage Guess I'll wipe 2 Strain with the advantages. Maneuver 2: suffer 2 Strain to get back out of sight.
  5. What Absol197 said. And what is confusing to one, is crystal clear to another. Would they have to print the tables with stuff like "Basic Lightsaber; HardPoints 3 out of 5 (due to crystal, 5 if you remove the crystal)"? You see a discrepancy, others try to explain to you why it isn't. Nothing wrong with your viewpoint, it's just that the writers of the game didn't share it at the moment they wrote the game.
  6. I think, @SuperWookie, what you mean is this: Force And Destiny page 177 show the basic lightsaber in the top table. It is said to have an Ilum crystal. The table clearly shows the Basic Lightsaber has 5 HardPoints. The same page shows Lightsaber hilts, and the Basic Lightsaber hilt has 5 HardPoints. Yet it has no crystal in it yet. As crystals take up 2 HardPoints, shouldn't either the Basic Lightsaber up top only show 3 HardPoints, or the Basic Lightsaber hilt 7 HardPoints? While I would agree with @SuperWookie to say this might be confusing, @Absol197 provides one of the best answers anyone could give. The Basic Lightsaber and the Basic Lightsaber hilt simply have 5 HardPoints. The Basic Lightsaber hilt still has 5 available, while the Basic Lightsaber (with the crystal already in it) has 5 HardPoints of which 3 are still available. When you would remove the Ilum crystal from the Basic Lightsaber, it would still have only 5 HardPoints. By removing the crystal you simply freed up those HardPoints again, so it has the 5 you see in both tables.
  7. One could commit as many Force dice as one has Force Rating, effectively lowering the Force Rating to 0 as long as all Force Dice remain committed. Of course, this doesn't really shut down all Force related talents and such, as you are commiting Force dice for some Force effect or another. And then there are Ysalamiri, of course. Or other Force nullifying effects as needed by the scenario. But those would, and should, be rare.
  8. Rock-a-bye Jedi. Fighting the Sith. Perhaps a human, maybe a bith. With their lightsabers, red, green and blue. Daddy will sing, may the Force be with you. I'll leave it to you to guess which tune I sing this text to for my own little son here. He loves it. 😇 Mommy is less thrilled by it. 😈 On a more serious note (unless you want to consider the above serious, as I find it both effective and hillarious in real life at the same time), this does show that you might adapt just about every lullaby song with Star Wars related text. You might even slow down existing Star Wars songs like Lapti Nek or its special edition replacement Goo-Ni-Tay. As for other parts of your interesting conundrum... Opening the holocron - the fact that it opens through the necklace specifically belonging to the player character (daughter) is a double edged sword. Basically it means that the holocron would automatically assume the one opening it to be the daughter, in as much as the gatekeeper being able to have that knowledge imparted. Either that, or just about any dolt that was able to snag that amulet from the daughter could open the holocron, making the means of identification moot. So the mother should have been quite capable to see the future and trust in the Force (both not unheard of among the Jedi, by the way) to build in, and rely upon, such a means of opening and identifying the holocron. Layered security - So, accepting that everybody might be able to open the holocron because of the necklace or amulet, we may asume the Gatekeeper to want more proof of the opening character to actually be the daughter. The Gatekeeper might start to sing an old lullaby, just the first couple of notes, when the holocron activates, a sort of main theme or simply a jingle. Whoever finishes the song is considered to be the daughter (in the assumption only the daughter would know the song). Again, double edged, as perhaps thedaughter really is the only one that knows the (custom?) song. And if the song is as ubiquitous and ever-present as the Imperial March (which has even been canonized as an existing musical number in the universe in Solo, a Star Wars Story), any one can enter the deeper layers of the holocron knowledge. Maybe a different approach? The Gatekeeper is pre-programmed with the knowledge that there is a daughter. Once a female character speaks a certain word ("mother", "family", "related", etc.) one of the lower surfaces of the holocron opens, and a small pin-prick needle appears, with a blood sampling and analysis device. Not unheard of, as we all know Qui-Gon Jinn had a blood sampling device on him all the time, and it could even count midi-chlorians (again, whether popular or not, canonized in The Phantom Menace, and therefor useable). The analysis device might determine (at least 50%?) genetic similarity, enough to determine a mother-daughter relationship. That could open up the internal database that has all manner of personal notes, stories, a diary of sorts, the personal stuff a mother would want to impart on a daughter. Holocron limits and A.I. - Frag 'em. It does what you want it to do. If you think the mother (or the one building it at the least) was such a master artisan as to imbue the holocron with an A.I.-like consciousness, then she did. She put her knowledge, and a semblance of her personality in the holocron, and the daughter has a technological 'copy' of her mother, up to a certain point (the point where the holocron was finished and no new memories, messages, lessons, and what not were added anymore). Don't doubt whether or not this would be possible in (nineteenseventees) Star Wars tech where a supercomputer the size of a building was actually less capable than my current smartphone. We're talking about a setting with space wizards wielding frozen lightbeams cutting through space ship bulkheads. If you choose to go the other route, that's fine too. The holocron might just be a simple device with holographic recordings of lessons. And with a layer of security it might only provide basic lessons to the one who was able to open it, and more to the one capable of finding the deeper layers through a password (pass-song?) or a blood relative test. However, more simplicity also means less likely to have a full A.I., and therefor only recognizing blood relatives through mechanical means (voice recognition, blood test). This would lower the actual interaction between the daughter and the (pre-programmed image of the) mother. Think of Will Smith in I, Robot. The hologram of the old and now dead cyberneticist stating "I was not programmed with the answer to that question". (Or something like that, don't quote me on it.)
  9. To me, Strain is stress, a build-up of doubts and anxieties and fatigue. One can become stressed-out, even faint from an overdose of stress and overexertion (going over Strain Threshold). Just as in the books. Wounds. I wonder why they are called such. To my own interpretation of the word, a slight nick in my finger while peeling potatoes is 'a wound'. Not a terrible one, but a wound nonetheless. Getting a twohanded sword sliced across the belly and having organs drop out is also 'a wound'. Of course, this one is more alarming, but still a single wound. So when in the game a character suffers 6 wounds... is that six cuts or one rather large one (rethoric question, don't answer)? The game mechanic of Wounds serves its purpose the same as hitpoints in other systems. They represent minor cuts and bruises, nicks and superficial lacerations. Stuff that isn't too bad, and therefor doesn't actually hinder the character in any way, other than being a depletable resource showing the character is closer to defeat. But no penalties of any kind yet. Of course, "Wounds" is easier to say and remember. If they had called it your characters' "Minor Cuts, Lacerations, Burns, Injuries and Bruises Threshold", nobody would have been able to say that with a straight face for the entire evening. Then there are Critical Injuries. This is what I would call "Wounds" (Critical Wounds...). They have their effects, some minor, some major. Some temporary, others permanent. So, to my interpretation, a character that suffers Wounds is barely hit, until that Critical Injury comes along, and the character is actually hurt. Even if the injury itself has a very minor effect that lasts for but one round, the lingering injury remains, and shows the damage to one's well-being as more and more of these lingering injuries - even if they don't have an immediate effect going on - cumulatively increase the possible severity of more Critical Injury rolls. On to the topic. Cinematic damage to characters might be narrated according to what the terms and their numbers might be interpreted as. Getting hit for 9 Wounds damage after Soak, but not causing a critical hit, might be seen as "You are hit squarely in the chest. You feel the hot blaster bolt impact your chest armor and as it burns, you notice the stench of scorched hair and flesh. That will leave a chest-wide nasty blister or two for a couple of days. 9 Wounds." Even though one might stress-out from being hit in the chest, I wouldn't use Strain to mitigate this. Strain wasn't meant to, if I interpret the game system correctly. More often than not, you would cause your own Strain. You choose to take an extra Maneuver. You choose to use that Talent. You choose to burn through those Dark Side Pips to get that success on a Force Power check. Sure, some yokel might Scathe you into a bit of Strain and an Obligation might make your character feel a bit... paranoid today, but like I said, Strain is a resource that, in my personal experience ever since Edge of the Empire came out, you burn through yourself more than anything. It's why Strain is so easy to recover (after each encounter, completely after a good night's rest, with several different Talents, as a bonus from other healing activities, etc.). And it's why Grit seems only half the Talent compared to Toughened, only +1 Strain Threshold, as opposed to +2 Wound Threshold. Like others said, when you increase the Strain suffering by having damage affect Strain first, Wounds later, you deny people a lot of choices for which they need their Strain Threshold. Then there is the miracle cure; a Stimpack. Jam it in there, press the release. 5 Wounds restored (or less for subsequent ones, of course). "All of a sudden that chest wound is gone! (Partially.)" Actually, no. This is, again, a narrative interpretation. The stimpack is a stimulant, a painkiller. It makes you ignore that blistered chest from my example earlier. The chest is still hurt, you just don't feel it as much anymore. Which means it will take you longer to actually feel your body has been manhandled enough to succumb to those wounds. A narrative interpretation again, as opposed to the RAW upping-and-downing of a Strain and Wound total in relation to your Strain and Wound Thresholds. I don't know, maybe a stimpack should have had a temporary effect, "adding 5 Temporary Wound Threshold" or something. Once it wears off, your body realises the 'true hurt and damage' and then gives up. But that choice hadn't been made. So we need to either change it in our own games as a house rule, or interpret it as it is. All in all, I think there is little wrong with the system as it is. You can suffer Critical Injuries even if your Wound Threshold hasn't been exceeded, you suffer one when it is. All in all your characters are still very hard to kill, even if some are easy to get down and out. If anything, I wouldn't say the Wounds system is a problem, it's more the abundance of Soak. "You're hit for 10 damage" "Okay, Wrrruulf has Brawn 5 and heavy combat armor for another 4 Soak, so only 1 Wound gets through" ...
  10. Hey @Rimsen, thanks, but don't be sad. It was a blast. Such "going out in a blaze of glory" situations as you would have wanted to see. That brave rebel pilot up against that rival starfighter ace and simply not having that last action to angle deflectors, or use emergency repairs to get that one or two hull trauma back that incapacitated the ship. Age of Rebellion starfighter squadron based games. A "Kaboom!" was to be expected at one time or another. But it also did show the strength of a copilot. Doubling the amount of actions from within the cockpit, and as such providing that extra combat check, or a shield boost. That sort of colpiloting thing.
  11. So, in short, a co-pilot doubles the amount of actions available (except for, you know, really moving and piloting). Some of my dead characters would have wished for an extra action in damage control or shield angling in a single round.
  12. CT-4077 carefully looks outside. Droids getting real close. Likely they would be swarming all over the walker soon. "Sir! Get going sir. I'll cover you, sir!" He steps out into the door opening and as he wants to open fire, he notices another casualty. "Squad! Jedi down at the front, repeat! Jedi down!" CT-4077 then fails to hit his targets. At least he'd be a distraction as he steps back into the aft crew compartment.
  13. So, @Rabobankrider, just to recap my current situation: CT-4077 is in the main crew compartment, near the door of the cockpit. It is open, but 4077 is not in sight of those droids out there. Squad leader Gunslinger is on his way up, gently. The jedi on the roof of the cockpit just jumped smack in the middle of a bunch of droids and is now down. Two squads of droids are in front of the walker wreckage and the last AAT tank in the rear of it. Can CT-4077 step into the door opening, fire into the nearest droid minion squad, and spend 2 Strain to get back out of sight again? (Maneuver - Action - Extra Maneuver.)
  14. A total of 7,450,765 souls. Fourteen more on the way with the first to be expected somewhere late July. And that's what we know of. ... But, no. No clue, actually. Just puling your leg there. I was wondering about this sort of thing as well, with regards to sustainability of any mass of people in a hostile environment totally dependable on artificial circumstances for even the most basic needs to survive. As such, I would second the question. (As a GM, I would probably just pick a number that 'feels' right, and go with that. Nothing like a good old GM Gut Feeling Guesstimate.)
  15. Having dragged the squad leader into the relative safety of the crew compartment, CT-4077 starts to dig through his gear. "There you are," he thinks, as he pulls out a stimpack and quickly removes the plastic cap from the syringe needle. "This'll hurt me more than it does you at the moment." Then CT-4077 hears Slugger over the comms. "Let the medic do medic things, I'm here for that." Again, a random thought and a quick sigh with some frustration over the fact that everything about the AT-TE went downhill so fast and now they seem to be in more of a rush. CT-4077 quickly decides a nice place to stick the needle between two of Gunslinger's armor plates, and get the most out of the healing properties from the injected fluid. "Nice vein you have there, sir. I should know. I have it too right at that spot. It'll spread the juice better. Time to come to, sir!"
  16. I tend to agree with @DanteRotterdam here (and not just because I live in the city of Rotterdam...). Just look at the conversation Luke is having with R2-D2 when they just made camp on Dagobah (so well within the OT). I may not be an expert on Binary, and the toots and bleeps of R2, but the sound design department, in my opinion of course, really did their best to make R2 sound different under different circumstances. The stalwart droid really does give off (the illusion of) emotions in his sound rambles. That at the very least made the conversation seem like a two-way communication, where they both agree coming to Dagobah was not the best of ideas at that time.
  17. Dig up a stimpack from the backpack and shove it into some part of Gunslinger's anatomy between the armor plates. (Maneuver and Action.)
  18. And despite it meaning we walk out into the field of fire of two droid squads, is the cockpit still an easy and viable exit? It was blown to kingdom come before we found the AT-TE, and to my kowledge the doors from the cockpit to the aft compartment were never closed after CT-4077 retrieved Gunslinger from the pilot's seat.
  19. I might have a partial answer for you. When you can sense somebody's emotions, you might alter your manner of speach, your gestures, etcetera, depending on the emotion you feel emanating from that person. You simply approach an angry person in a different mannet than you would a happy one, and Sense Emotions as a talent (-like power) gives you just a slight edge in determining that specific manner. CHarm Person. To my recollection there is none quite like it, although you can use Influence with the appropriate upgrades to perform the classic mind trick. "You will like me, thinking I am your friend."
  20. Nope. Couldn't find that on the site about crafing the hilts. Edited the credits cost above, assuming you don't halve a half again. Ilum (FaD 197). Narratively just a synthetic Sith copy, making the blade red. Nothing special, but quite expensive nonetheless, starting unmodded at 9000 credits.
  21. Making a Precission Hilt, attempt 1. Mechanics check - crafting precission hilt: 2eA+2eD 1 failure, 1 advantage Down 150 credits. Going for attempt 2. Mechanics check - crafting precission hilt: 2eA+2eD 2 failures, 1 advantage Down another 75 credits, 225 total. Attempt 3. Mechanics check - crafting precission hilt: 2eA+2eD 2 failures, 1 advantage In for 300 credits, breaking down an obviously flawed hilt, again. Attempt 4. Mechanics check - crafting precission hilt: 2eA+2eD 0 successes, 1 threat Now down 375 credits. Loving this crafting system (combined with choice not to increase Mechanics too much, of course, let's stay honest here 😉 ). Attempt 5. Mechanics check - crafting precission hilt: 2eA+2eD 1 success 450 credits. But finally a succesfully crafted Precission Hilt. ... Crafting done for now. Now, @Von3679, how do we deal with stuff such as lightsaber crystals?
  22. From inside the gun well, CT-4077 decides to open fire once more. The gun barrels swivel towards one of the droid squads visible to the clone medic, and his thumbs press down on the triggers. Steadily the blaster bolts spewed forth close in on the battle droids. However, just before droids start to be disassembled, there is an unexpected movement near the cockpit, near Gunslinger! It startles CT-4077 somewhat, with how the AT-TE is suffering, and the violence isn't stopping anytime soon, it seems. Fortunately, there appears to be a friendly involved, a jedi from the looks of it, protecting the cockpit. "Now's my chance!", CT-4077 thinks. He jumps out from behind the gun controls and speeds towards the cockpit. There the medic starts to drag his squad leader back into the crew compartment behind the cockpit. "Hang in there, sir! Help has arrived."
  23. Action: CT-4077 will first fire on Droid Squad 2 Gunnery check against Droid Squad 2: 3eA+3eD 1 failure Maneuver 1: get down to the cockpit. Maneuver 2 (2 Strain): drag Gunslinger into the relative safety of the compartment behind the cockpit if I can?
  24. @Rabobankrider So do I get to act before or after fluglichkeiten (and Edgehawk)? I mean, if I'm up after Von3679, I would probably shoot at some droids. I my turn is somehow delayed till after Edgehawk and fluglichkeiten, I would probably choose to try and drag Edgehawk deeper into the walker, out of sight from triggerhappy enemies.
  25. I'm still working out equipment and a couple of background issues, but I should be there shortly.
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