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  1. As far as I can tell, the category matters, as each career tries to provide a (sort of) balance between the categories. You would hardly ever find a career, for example, with all combat skills available as career skills. I know it would likely be moot. If you make a character with only combat skills, I wish him or her much luck in social situations, or when trying to recall that little piece of ancient lore that could save lives. But as presented, both in Star Wars RPG and in Genesys, the careers try to give career skills as not to specialize in one category too much. Also (why I edited this as I just realized it) I might think the selection of career skills also provides a reason not to specialize in only one of the attributes. If you change all career skills to skills that use, for example, Agility exclusively, you would have an advantage which other characters wouldn't have when they have a selection of skills that refer to 4, 5 or even all 6 of the attribute scores.
  2. Basically, I don't think swapping out one career skill for another would be game breaking. The example of the dwarf Warrior not needing any skills in riding mounts, and having some dwarvish stubbornness and regimed upbringing in Discipline/Willpower is a very solid one. My best advice would be to discuss this with the GameMaster and come to a mutual agreement. However, I do think it would be fair to exchange one skill for another within the same category. One Knowledge for another specific Knowledge, or one Combat skill for another Combat skill, for example. Same as @SavageBob indicates.
  3. They were clones at first. Clones (though I believe that would now be all Legends) were slowly phased out as attrition, costs and age took their tolls. Besides: If these were all clones, some of their height DNA was certainly damaged or degraded in the cloning process, wasn't it?
  4. I could probably not agree more with these statements. More often than not, people don't do anything that gives Conflict, or a point or two at most, and as such their Morality simply increases by 1d10 each session. Turning into a Light Side Paragon without exemplary behaviour.
  5. In short, just my point. The moment you run a sandbox game and give the players their free choice of what to do, they choose to do X. Which means you run a game where they follow through the scenes you describe as they achieve X. Those scenes can be a very narrow railroad, within that sandbox, leading to X. You just need to have a few railroads prepared (specifically made, or easily adaptable, for that "free choice").
  6. They might just already have been spotted near the moons of Iego. 😉
  7. Jokingly I would run, what you might call a sandroad. Take that as you will. It does involve the aforementioned prepping an X amount of potential plots and storylines, with options for reskinning them. Investigating a crashed starship can be done on Tatooine and on Hoth, though each has its own flavor and problems. Wampas instead of Dewbacks. ice pirates instead of tusken raiders. That sort of thing. Sometimes the stats are known, at other times any appropriate set of characteristics will do. A clone trooper is a storm trooper is a sith trooper is a mandalorian foot soldier etc. In the end they are all simply minion level mooks with armor and a blaster rifle. Now, I must say that the amount of free sand on the road does shift with the theme of the campaign. When we have a session 0 in which everybody wants to play some form of Alliance military personnel, there will be a lot more railroading, in the fact that they are subordinates who get orders and missions. Not the freedom to just hop into their freighter and aim it at the second star to the left. And even when there is more box than road, such as with a bounty hunters campaign, you can still provide that road after the players made a choice. If they choose to take up on bounty X and not bounty Y, then following through bounty X can be quite a narrow path if the GM lays out all the appropriate clues, and they players follow them. It helps to have a bunch of generic adventure material, which can even be reskinned at a whim. Star Wars is fantasy at its heart, with sci-fi elements. That generic adventure idea about a princess followed by imperial sith troopers and their commander as their evil sith lord wants to force the woman to marry her... could just as well be a daimyo daughter followed by ashigaru led by their evil samurai overlord for a rival daimyo... could just as well be a corporate heir appearent followed by members of a private corporate army and their lieutenant for a competing CEO... could... You get the point. All that from the simple generic idea "important woman followed by armed mooks and leader for important guy with an agenda". I like a mix between sandbox and railroad, both as a player and as a GM. The freedom of choice (or illusion thereof) makes me feel like I am indeed the protagonist of the story, not some random schmuck lifted from the masses to perform X and Y. Unless the campaign theme would make that freedom seem odd, like a military campaign with hierarchy and structure. Of course, even that can be rather open ended. So I am an Alliance operative that needs to infiltrate some military base and retreive plans for some spherical weapon of mass destruction. Yes, I am in a military setting and have my orders. But then what? Total freedom in how to achive the mission parameters.
  8. "Stay in cover, we'll help!" With that, Jonjo steps up and charges headlong into the battledroids. Somewhere during his clamber over the rocks he was taking cover behind, or during his run towards them, Jonjo loses momentum, and by the time he reaches the battle droids, his lightsaber provides nothing more than a nice light show as the battle droids deftly step aside or duck below the rather unrefined swings of the young Jedi.
  9. Jonjo will indeed move up to minion groups 1 and 2, engaging them, and attacking them with his lightsaber (minion group 1 specifically). Those things are built to decimate clankers, right? Attacking Minion Group 1: 1eA+1eP+2eD 0 successes Wrong, I guess... 😉
  10. So, where are we now? Am I up. Is someone else up? Anyone down? 😉
  11. So, to get into the tactical situation of it... Jonjo could use a maneuver to close to short range from the Minion groups ... spend 2 strain for an additional maneuver and close to engaged range with Minion group 2... the spend his action on a lightsaber attack on Minion group 2?
  12. Jonjo strides forward, towards the battledroids. Knowing that he wouldn't stand a chance by just charging into them without thought, he uses what rocks and shrubs he can to take cover from the assailants.
  13. Allow me to paraphrase a little. One teenager running towards us / the city gate. Three groups of 4 Battle Droids, one of which is after the teenager, the other two shifting their attention to the group. Us, at least a few of us, running out the gate towards the danger. Questions to influence my decission: Is there any intervening terrain outside the gate? Cover to go into and the likes? Can Jonjo use a maneuver to move closer (from Long to Medium range), followedby a second maneuver to assume a position of cover with regards to the battle droids? I might like it foroneeyedmatt87 to save his medpacks forreal emergencies and the likes. 😂
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