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  1. Sure they were evading them. But it's also not like they just got to only fire once. Like I said about the ISD, it has ton's of turbo laser emplacements. It's kind of silly to say that you can only shoot a squadron once, right? I don't mind squadrons, but I think that ships should just be able to defend themselves a little better. I'm pretty new to Armada, so I don't exactly have a solution other than maybe some kind of point defense, defensive retrofit that would maybe be an upgrade in a future expansion that would let you roll against multiple squadrons at the same time, roll several times against squadrons that are in range, etc. But at the same time, I hate upgrades that become auto includes like that (like auto thrusters in X-wing).
  2. But if I wanted squadrons to be the most important thing in the game, I'd play X-Wing. I'm paying $50 and 120 points for a big beautiful miniature of a Star Destroyer, with an impressive Battery and high hull. It is disappointing to say the least that Norra and a bomber clutch can wipe out all my facing shields by the end of the turn with stacked BCCs and Toryrn Farr... and the best thing the ISD can do on it's own is do "maybe" two points of damage to that massed fighter ball that, on each craft, has 5 or more hull. "Oh, take Fighters of your own" is the response. Only thing is, Intel means the bombers are no longer engaged, and Rebel fighters can easily one-shot my space superiority TIEs. That answer is also just feeding how the game is won and lost by what's in your fighter ball more than anything else. For all that, I don't desire sweeping changes to the game. What I want is more reasons for fighters to have pause when attacking capital ships. If Cluster Bombs hit every fighter in a firing arc, then we'd be talking. Right now Rebel fighters have nothing to fear from capital ships, except maybe Flichette Torps. And if they miss, a proper bomber list will make that 47 point Raider Vanish instantly. Problem solved, now every other capital ship in that list is open game. I've faced a strong fighter ball for an opponent in nearly every game of Armada since wave 2 was released. I'm very tired of feeling I don't have a tool to effectively fight it without over-specializing. I like your point here. I mean an ISD has tons of turbo laser emplacements. It's kinda silly that in an entire turn you could shoot at a group of squadrons, and only get to shoot with a couple of dice.
  3. I've only played a couple of skirmish games. But, I like playing Imperial and am thinking of buying some more things to play Imperial competitively. With the recent changes to scoring, it seems like buying towards a trooper list is no longer a great idea. So, what expansions should I buy to play Imperial at this point? I have the core, Hoth and Twin Shadows. But, I have none of the blister expansions. I'm not really sure what's competitive for Imperials.
  4. I've been thinking about putting the map in a Google Sheet so taht you can just drag and drop the stickers on top of the locations as needed. And keep track of things in the sheet.
  5. For reasons others state, I find that they just get burned down, just like the Decimator in X-wing if you throw enough at them.
  6. Same here. And bringing only what you're going to put on the mat simply saves time during setup.
  7. So I played this objective in a game last night. Here's the objective card for reference: The question that came up is if the objective token is right on the line of a ship's firing arc, is that objective token double-arc'd? Meaning that the number of dice that you could attack with is the total of both the dice pools from the two hull zones. We assumed this was the case, but I'm not 100% sure. I was also using a Lambda shuttle to place the objective token in that very spot for one of my ships in one case.
  8. Updated now to not have more than one unique squadron from the CC expansion.
  9. Well, back to the squadron drawing board a bit then.
  10. Edit: Updated to not include multiple unique squadrons from the CC expansion. So I'm going to get a game in this evening, and am wondering what you all think of these two choices. This is only my second game right now, so I'm pretty new to list building. Option 1: Faction: Galactic Empire Points: 400/400 Commander: Moff Jerjerrod Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery Defense Objective: Fire Lanes Navigation Objective: Salvage Run [ flagship ] Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85 points) - Moff Jerjerrod ( 23 points) - Warlord ( 8 points) - Minister Tua ( 2 points) - Reinforced Blast Doors ( 5 points) - SW 7 Ion Batteries ( 5 points) = 128 total ship cost Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 points) - Enhanced Armament ( 10 points) = 64 total ship cost Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 points) - Enhanced Armament ( 10 points) = 64 total ship cost Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) - Expanded Hangar Bay ( 5 points) - Bomber Command Center ( 8 points) = 36 total ship cost 1 Soontir Fel ( 18 points) 1 Lamda-class Shuttle ( 15 points) 1 Major Rhymer ( 16 points) 1 Gamma Squadron ( 10 points) 2 TIE Bomber Squadrons ( 18 points) 1 "Mauler" Mithel ( 15 points) 1 "Howlrunner" ( 16 points) Option 2: Faction: Galactic Empire Points: 398/400 Commander: Moff Jerjerrod Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery Defense Objective: Contested Outpost Navigation Objective: Intel Sweep [ flagship ] Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer (120 points) - Moff Jerjerrod ( 23 points) - Reinforced Blast Doors ( 5 points) - Spinal Armament ( 9 points) = 157 total ship cost Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85 points) - Warlord ( 8 points) - Minister Tua ( 2 points) - Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) = 102 total ship cost Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) = 23 total ship cost 1 Major Rhymer ( 16 points) 1 Soontir Fel ( 18 points) 1 Lamda-class Shuttle ( 15 points) 2 TIE Bomber Squadrons ( 18 points) 1 Gamma Squadron ( 10 points) 1 "Howlrunner" ( 16 points) 1 "Mauler" Mithel ( 15 points) 1 TIE Fighter Squadron ( 8 points)
  11. As someone very new to Armada, coming from X-wing, I couldn't agree more. The meta is very well defined there. I mean, then chances of seeing Palp Aces, Dash and something or Nora W. is almost a guarantee right now. The thing I like thus far about Armada is that there's a lot more variety in things to choose from. I think that the variety can also be directly attributed to the fact that you get to command capital ships (of various sizes, roles and upgrade possibilities) as well as fighters (with various abilities and attributes). I also like both games.
  12. I also wonder how long it will be before they have to dip into the preequels. I mean they've done it with X-wing. And there are a ton of capital ships to choose from there. But I wouldn't want to see the Spearatists or Old Republic as new factions either. And I'm not sure how you'd stick them with the current factions. If we're talking bad guys, the Separatist = Empire. But the Empire is also a direct result of the Battle Fleet of the Republic. The later of which also had little variety in terms of capital ships compared to the Sepratists.
  13. Yes... Yes they do. And I totally get that the Empire uses ISD's everywhere. Totally get it. However for gameplay balance, you can't just say "Ok the Empire is done. Rebels get new stuff every 6 months for the next 6 years but the Empire is done. That just doesn't work. Empire is gonna need new ships just as often as the Rebels. That DOES make it hard from a fluff perspective, but I'm fine with it. There are enough triangular ships that will still look thematic. And for the ISD-1 reprint - I actually expect it to be a whole new ship. Slightly smaller than the ISd2 model. Bridge, slightly different hull configuration as well. These can be "Defensive" Star Destroyers, or "Prototype" Star Destroyers. I'd expect their cards, and titles to be unique to this particular ship expansion, so no swapping over titles with the original ISD. This gives a real opportunity for the Empire as well...... Make them weaker Star Destroyers. It could be thematic to give them high squadron values, but give them less offense and much less speed than the ISD2. Also make them cheaper. If they are somewhere around 80-90 points, you would be WAY more likely to see more thematic looking lists showing up on the table, with 2 or 3 ISDs showing up more often. heck, if they are 80 points you could possibly see 4. Just make them weaker to compensate. The challenge is to find a way to do that without making the Victory obsolete. I think it is doable, and would be awesome if they could pull it off. Agreed. The reality is that this is a game, and people want new stuff that's fun. As a military power, it makes sense that the Empire would standardize things and not have as much variation due to the manufacturing and budgetary expense of the Imperial government. But again, we need more Imperial ships pew pew reasons!
  14. Man, you'd have to buy 5 packs of Imp Squadrons II, for that, right? lol
  15. So as with a lot of folks, I for some Armada stuff for Christmas and am getting into the game (coming from X-wing). I've played a game with the core and know the basics, but with so many ships and upgrades to choose from I'm a little lost as to where to start. I could use a hand in building a fleet with what I've got so far if anyone could help out. BTW, I'm starting with a focus in Imperial, and I couldn't get Rogues & Villains or the new Light Cruiser as they were sold out at the FLGS. But, here's what I'm working with to start: Core VSD Expansion ISD Expansion Gladiator Expansion Raider Expansion Assault Carrier Expansion Imperial Squadrons 1 Imperial Squadrons 2 I plan on picking up the Interdictor, R&V and the Arquittens in a couple of weeks. Thanks!
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