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  1. It looks much better on a huge base. The large one seems very impractical, the head and tail overhang it by quite a lot.
  2. Tauntauns have 33% more HP, they get free dodge tokens when moving (and they can find cover more easily), they can run into melee to hide from ranged attacks, their attack is not arc-locked and while they have less dice, they're all red with Sharpshooter, which puts their average damage output on par (or even above - can't check now) with the bikes.Also, while they can move as fast as bikes and still shoot, they don't have to, while the compulsory move of the bikes can be a disadvantage (I had a unit of Speeder bikes compulsory move right into my waiting Deathtroopers on Standby, it wasn't pretty ) They can be suppressed and panicked, though. Overall, they look much better than Speeder Bikes for the same cost.
  3. I'm pretty sure Disney decided to borrow that idea.
  4. I think that against infantry the RT-97C is a better weapon for just 2 points more. Bigger chance of breaking through cover.
  5. Is it confirmed that the 2020 High Command/Worlds will be at Adepticon?
  6. People should learn to play faster... six rounds can easily be done in the standard 2:15.
  7. To be honest, I find the new interface really unintuitive and irritating to use. Many controls are hidden and the way stacking and adding/removing upgrades works is, to me, extremely irritating and requires a lot of unnecessary clicking. In the current builder, if I have a stack of, let's say, 4 units of Stormtroopers with DLT and I want to add an astromech to one of them, I simply click the personnel icon and add the astromech, which adds one copy and creates a new stack. If I remove the astro, the unit gets added back to the old stack automatically. In 2.0, clicking the personnel icon adds an astromech to every unit in the stack, so I have to either duplicate the stack, add the astro and adjust the number of units in each stack, or add another unit of Stormtroopers that will not stack with the other ones and adjust the size of the other stack. Also, the controls on mobile are really cramped and I often accidentally resize or duplicate a stack when trying to add upgrades. I love your work, but I would really prefer to stick with the 1.0 way of doing things, especially on mobile.
  8. I'd love a doube faction Agent Kallus, with cards for rebel and Imperial in the box.
  9. Infinity does the same thing.
  10. You have 18 wounds with Armor and 36 wounds in the Wookie squads, not to mention the corps and leaders. That's a lot to chew through I've seen it in action and it's brutal.
  11. I really think a list with 3 Wookies and 3 flamer AT-RTs would make a complete mess of every Worlds list.
  12. I was missing the whole paper/cardboard baggie from the specialist box, took them less than 3 weeks to deliver to Poland.
  13. Yup, but discarded cards have no effect on the game, so I guess they worded it this way to avoid confusion.
  14. It doesn't return to his hand, so no. It just stays there so you can detonate on subsequent rounds.
  15. It was not, otherwise it wouldn't be changed
  16. What did they do to Comms Relay?
  17. Still, I think it's ridiculous that the fully-armored AT-ST and Occupier tank have huge Weakspots, but the AT-RT, where the driver has a shirt for armor, doesn't.
  18. If online is not a problem, legion-hq.com works great on mobile.
  19. Why would you want to convert blocks to surges?
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