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  1. Jesus why unpainted?!

    Central Europe? Lots, and in reasonable prices.
  2. Article on Organized Play

    The release is seriously delayed so they have to make 5 articles out of 1...
  3. Luke Skywalker, Vader Killer combo

    Also, do Scopes/Aim work on melee weapons?
  4. Stormtrooper article is up

    I assume the grenades are simply another weapon option for the squad. So at Range 1 the unit can choose to shoot the E-11 or throw grenades. Or even, depending on ranges, some throw grenades, some shoot, and the DLT-19 adds his own firepower.
  5. Tabletop Simulator Launch League

    Yes, it is. There's thousands of games available.
  6. Game Mat recommendations?

    I have a 3x6 mat from Deep Cut Studio and I'm very happy with it.
  7. Guess Leia's Stats Game

    I hope she won't be "like Veers, but with Dodge tokens". It's boring design, and I'm wary of allowing one faction to stack defense mods. It never ends well.
  8. Heavy squad squad?

    Rules mistakes in the preview articles is an honored tradition which FFG respects without fail
  9. T-47 preview is up

    It may not be Empire onky, but you will also find it in a Rebel expansion at some point. That's how it works in Runewars, at least.
  10. So, anyone who doesn't sing the "Everything is awesome!" song is a troll/industrial spy?
  11. Was hoping for AT-ATs vs airspeeders...

    My thoughts exactly.
  12. You would still need to play the games, whatever the scoring system is, I don't see your point?
  13. The New FIRST ORDER TIE Bomber?

    I think it's the bomb chute, same as in the TIE Bomber.
  14. I was just about to post the same thing. Two ships with regen and 3 attack dice can't kill a 1-agi, 10hp ship that can shoot out of arc only at R1? I don't think the Scurrg is the problem here.
  15. The Kestal Question

    If you want to run quad TLT, go with Y-Wings, they do it better.