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  1. A solution would be to change how activation order works. Instead of ABABABAA, it should be AABAABAB. Of course, this might require applying casualties at the end of activation phase, to avoid problems with focusing two consecutive attacks on one squad.
  2. Bossk can get so many aim tokens on his Lying in wait turn he is practically guaranteed 5 crits and I don't see people screaming OP.
  3. 5-8 crits in a single atrack from Iden requires either a ton of luck or a lot of work to set up. If you can provide her with 5+ aim tokens, you deserve that attack.
  4. How do you get an order to both tanks with 1 Comms Relay?
  5. Cards aside, Boba still hits better because he has Sharpshooter 2 natively, not on a command card.
  6. Boba can do it on a much better dice pool with Pierce...
  7. Are we still talking about Iden?
  8. I second Snows with an officer. 3 courage, don't worry about the speed reduction, good save and their flamer is quite a deterrent.
  9. With ID10 she has 2 red, 3 white in melee, that's not so bad.
  10. Comms Jammer is interesting, since you can put him ahead of Iden without him getting shot, due to Small.
  11. Even though there are two crew members, the whole thing still counts as one mini per the rules.
  12. With ARCs, GAR can build an 11-activation list using only Phase 2s as corps.
  13. I assume the Bane player knows which is where, otherwise it doesn't make any sense...
  14. It's super fun 🙂
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