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  1. You overpaid... When I ordered an $1.50 USB cable the shipping was free. How the Chinese manage that is beyond me...
  2. costi

    Tie Advanced 2.0 seems meh

    Who's Ms EA?
  3. costi

    Tie Advanced 2.0 seems meh

    By itself, maybe. But on the Team Covenant game, the Two-Tubes X-Wing had two focus tokens and a TL every single turn he was not stressed.
  4. costi

    is 2 speeder bikes turn 1 PUSH OP??

    In the right circumstances it will be very powerful, in the wrong circumstances it's a suicide run. It all depends on the scenario and setup.
  5. costi

    Hidden mold lines

    I've found them pretty easy to scrape with the Citadel tool and a shaped file in the recessed parts. That said, I'm not super pedantic about cleaning them, for me they're gaming pieces first and display pieces second.
  6. costi

    First full game

  7. costi

    First full game

    Saber Throwis treated as an attack action, Relentless lets him perform an attack action after moving. I don't see a conflict between the two.
  8. costi

    Support, Heal and Regeneration

    Allowing only Rebels defensive bonuses for troops (on top of the defense buffs they already have) will screw with balance. Remember that in many scenarios only troops can take objectives.
  9. costi

    Citadel Paint Sets

    Be warned, the Citadel starter sets usually have tiny 3ml bottles inside ad the price per color is the same as regular 17ml Vallejo or Army Painter. Read the description very carefully if you plan on buying these.
  10. costi

    Support, Heal and Regeneration

    Personally, I hope they don't add regeneration/casualty replenishment mechanics to the game. With limited turns, it might prove to be a serious NPE, especially combined with Rebel endless dodge tokens. Excessive damage mitigation is already a problem in X-Wing, I really hope it won't happen again here.
  11. costi

    Steady: Move-Shoot-Move

    Okay, I'm coming from X-Wing, where "hit" means "something got through defence dice".
  12. costi

    Steady: Move-Shoot-Move

    No, it does not. All you need to do is generate at least one hit/crit result, even if it hets stopped by defense dice you generate suppression.
  13. costi

    Steady: Move-Shoot-Move

    We know how they "end up working" - standby interrupts a unit activation.
  14. Has anyone played an Escalation League with Daqan and can share list ideas? I was thinking: - 100 points: 4-tray Cavalry 4-tray Spearmen Kari - At 150, add: 2-tray cavalry Golem Golem - at 200, add: Lord Hawthorne with Reaping Blade upgrade 4-tray Spearmen to 6-tray unit with Marching Cornicen
  15. costi

    AT-ST/Speeder Bike Paint Suggestions

    Copper will look way too metallic IMHO, the bikes are painted brown.