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  1. costi

    FFG your app is poor quality

    10Clouds is a Polish company, so Slavic names are no surprise. I guess they decided to hide
  2. Shield, Hull, engine upgrade and Stealth Device have a variable point cost, based on AGI (or base size in case of Engine Upgrade).
  3. costi

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    The ship symbols - is this a custom font or images?
  4. costi

    Cool swag?

    Yup, MAS tray is designed to fit into a Feldherr Mini.
  5. costi

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    It's not.
  6. costi

    2.0 - all who are leaving

    Note the keyword: "all the ships you own, immediately". Combine all the money you paid to have all you small ships and come back to us BTW. the Fang Fighter does not have any new cards. Afterburners are in the core (although only one copy, for some reason), and the Falcon would fall into the "occasional $30-50 for a large ship every few months" category.
  7. costi

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    There was no Imperial expansion with Conner Nets and now there are 3 in the kit... you're saying I should go and buy 3 first-edition K-Wings now?
  8. It's not a bug, Guri's ability gives her a focus token, even though she has Calculate on her action bar.
  9. costi

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    No bomb tokens...
  10. costi

    Turret indicator w/ ghost

    Just use a normal peg, it works.
  11. costi

    Squad Builder: Feature wishlist

    Please add a print button to the list creation window. Right now, to print a list, I need to name the list, save it, open the Share window, generate a PDF, save it, open it in another app and finally I can print it. That's way too many steps.
  12. costi

    Unable to add X-Wings to list

    The ship list has its own scrollbar.
  13. costi

    It's only online.... No off line mode

    FFG said the updated would not be very frequent (I expect quarterly), so perma-online does not make sense, this is not the stock exchange. But even so, why not cache the data locally and just replace it when the server-side is newer? Why not keep all the graphic assets locally? BTW. the app is not really an app - it's basically a browser window that displays a mobile website.
  14. costi


    It has serious UI issues (a lot of clicking, hidden, unintuitive scrollbars, some basic buttons missing, lack of easy upgrade preview, hull/shield upgrades not reflected in ship stats, the list goes on...) and desperately needs either a compact mode or a general shrinking of the UI. The amount of information that fits on the screen is ridiculously low. Also, it has errors in the PDF output (half point threshholds are caculated incorrectly) and several titles don't add slots as they should.
  15. costi

    Yo FFG! Where’s the app at?!

    For the record, it was created by a Polish company.