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  1. Normal changes stay on cards that generate them (missiles, bombs, modification etc) and operate independently of each other. Force chanrges from all upgrade cards are assigned to the pilot and regenerate at a rate of 1 per round, regardless how many sources you have.
  2. costi

    I5, I6, and the bid

    On the other hand, repositioning is now much more restrictive (BR is limited and a BR/Boost can fail, no more "I can't go left so I'll go right"), so aces are not as slippery as in 1st edition.
  3. costi

    Star Wars Imperial Tactics: Whisper

    I was thinking Trick Shot/Ruthless Whisper, but Echo sounds nice too.
  4. costi

    Star Wars Imperial Tactics: Whisper

    The list with 4 Strikers and Sloane Whisper looks brutal...
  5. costi

    Anyone Seen the Agile Gunner Card?

    If it doesn't, you can simply introduce premeasuing to the game, as it would be effectively the same thing.
  6. I think the RRG will prove you wrong (otherwise, "bonus attack" on many cards would be redundant), but we'll wait and see.
  7. Are you sure Han allows you to attack twice?
  8. costi

    Imperial Royal Guard expansion announced

    They're 6 wounds base, 8 wounds with an upgrade, with a courage of 2 and Discipline 2. These guys will be tough to remove.
  9. costi

    Bomber & Punisher Love...Can It Be True???

    sorry, internet problem.
  10. costi

    Bomber & Punisher Love...Can It Be True???

    Didn't they show it in the Wedge rescue episode?
  11. Same with Moldy Crow title for Scum.
  12. costi

    Strike 3

    No, he would simply use a fan-made squad builder app because it would be easier...
  13. You overpaid... When I ordered an $1.50 USB cable the shipping was free. How the Chinese manage that is beyond me...
  14. costi

    Tie Advanced 2.0 seems meh

    Who's Ms EA?
  15. costi

    Tie Advanced 2.0 seems meh

    By itself, maybe. But on the Team Covenant game, the Two-Tubes X-Wing had two focus tokens and a TL every single turn he was not stressed.