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  1. This is true. Still has quite the intimidation factor though. That’s a lot of forward dice to face down.
  2. I think that’s where a speed 0 condition comes in, you can’t start at speed 0 (someone double check me on that) so there’s a turn spent slowing down and then you can fire.
  3. To build on what Crabbok (love your channel btw) said, are there any plans for a huge based ship for the Rebels? ( the Viscount would be a perfect candidate in my opinion). Also, any plans for a scum esque faction that would use a mix of ships from both factions? Thanks, TooTall
  4. Yeah I agree, I really hope we can see the full power of that weapon on the tabletop.
  5. lol I hope so too but let’s not forget what happened with the Profundity/Chimera release...FFG has had some issues with the past few Armada releases which is frustrating to all of us loving fans.
  6. Maybe, or maybe you have to be at speed 0 to fire the super gun, there was half of a card visible in the preview that looked like it mentioned something about speed 0 and yaw, hopefully ffg won’t take 9 months to release the next article and we can find out. the anticipation is killing me lol. I’m thinking park a few of these bad boys on the other side of an SSD with that new obstruction commander and then go to town lol.
  7. There must be some downside to being able to fire from an extended distance otherwise it will have a huge affect on the game. Especially with that new commander that lets you disregard the obstruction rules and add a red die instead. That’s why i’m saying the special shot must be tied to something. There’s also two cards shown in the preview article that look like the main gun so maybe it has something similar to the interdictor with the cards controlling the ability. There is a separate set of dice for the front firing arc after all.
  8. My thought is that green arc will be a shot that can’t be defended against and will roll all the dice shown at all ranges. The article did mention something about being able to fire from beyond long range. Question is will the shot be a one and done or an exhaustible card that gets reused?
  9. A Nebulon B with the Yavaris title also works well in a squadron list.
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