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  1. On 9/5/2019 at 10:56 AM, KnightsProdigy said:

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting into Star Wars Legion and I'm wondering what to get for the game and paints and all, basically how to start off. I haven't done minature gaming before either.

    Try to find a local store that has a group of Legion players. Most groups will loan you stuff to try the game. 

  2. Can a trooper unit leader "Claim" an objective token, while it is "Engaged " in melee?

    I do not see any prohibition under Engaged or Objective token rules.

    We had the situation come up tonight as Luke and Royal Guard leaders were both in contact with the center supply token while they were engaged in Melee.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Drasnighta said:

    But its not the Rules Reference Guide.


    Its the Corellian Conflict Campaign Guide.


    BIG difference :D


    But make sure you quote things correctly:   :D

    RRG, Page 1, "Golden Rules"
    Effects on components such as cards sometimes contradict rules found in the Learn to Play or Rules Reference booklets. In these situations, the component’s effect takes precedence.

    Golden Rule does not refer to the Rules Reference Guide....just booklets!

    Just jerking your chain dude.....I get your point


  4. 13 minutes ago, ovinomanc3r said:

    Even if you are right:

    - It doesn't say that the ship cannot hyperspace retreat. You can declare the retreat as normal.

    - hyperspace rule doesn't say IF YOU DO IT (remove the ship). It just enumerates some things to do. One is to remove the ship but removing the ship is not the condition to apply all the rules of hyperspace (one of them is that the ship doesn't become scarred). The condition is to remain in the play area at the start of the stays phase and Riekan allow you to do it.

    So at the very end you could destroy the ship at the end of the status phase as you cannot remove it at the start of the status phase but the ship remains in the play area at the star of the strut phase so it counts as destroyer to score purpose and it doesn't become scarred. Riekan still works. ;)

    So, reread page 9 of the CC Campaign Guide (it may or may not be one of the Rules Reference booklets {plural} Dras :))

    Under "Tracking Fleet Condition"

    "Scarred Ships and Squadrons: each ship or squadron that was destroyed during the battle becomes scarred..."

    From the card Reiken:  " When a friendly ship or friendly unique squadron is destroyed,  it remains in the play area and is treated as if it was not destroyed until the end of the Status Phase "

    All that said....I think I'll just bring an Interdictor :D.....


  5. Guys,

    Reiken specifically states that  " When a friendly ship or friendly unique squadron is destroyed, it remains in the play area and is treated as if it was not destroyed until the end of the Status Phase "

    I read that to say that destroyed ships under Reiken cannot hyperspace retreat.

    It remains in the play area.

    Golden Rule : components such as cards take precedence over the rule book.

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