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  1. I know I and a lot of people would agree that Tubbs and Kanan crew allow the stress from debris to be cleared assuming you did the appropriate maneuver. Or an I wrong? i ask because the local TO would like rule book examples thanks in advance!
  2. Sir13scott

    I agree with every point/slot change except for Proton Torpedoes

    I think 12 points is fair. It’s 1.0 equivalent, harpoons + extra munitions, came to 6 points which doubles to the new 12. Given that double mods are harder to come by, and that there are still ways to counter torpedoes I’m ok with this change. It needed to go up 100% but at 12 it’s now a key piece of ordinance for specific ships rather than a staple on every ship that can take it. Just my 2 cents
  3. Sir13scott

    Jan 29th points updates?

    Fixed the Trandosian Soager having a 3rd crew slot
  4. Sir13scott

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    But the app confirmed the trandosian error, but also confirms the Leebo crew ax
  5. Sir13scott

    Petition to give Vader a Talent slot

    Let the Hate flow through you... No really, just run Hate. No force user needs a talent slot.
  6. Sir13scott

    More proof this game is dying

    TLJ was my favorite of all the movies
  7. Sir13scott

    They're up!!!

    Nope check forum FAQ
  8. Sir13scott

    Are the new Points available yet

    Soooo never?
  9. Sir13scott


    No FCS?
  10. Sir13scott

    Super Kylo without Primed Thrusters

    I’ve tried both. I think it heavily depends on his wingmates. If I have a support/control Upsilon shuttle that draws lots of fire I feel safe without PT, but if I’m flying Ties alongside him that can pop quick and my opponent can prioritize kylo I feel better if I have the Primed option to get out of dodge.
  11. Sir13scott

    TIE Reaper

    Is composure hyperspace legal? Really helps when you miss the jam or coordinate
  12. Sir13scott

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    Pattern works with elusive. i was more thinking targeting synchronizer 😛 but yeah im probably dreaming.
  13. Sir13scott

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    Second crew to JM5K (Title makes you lose 1) gunner either traded or added to YV-666 RZ-1 A-wings get second Talent at least for Green and Jake Talent to Leebo Tech to E-wings would be cool but I’m probably dreaming
  14. Sir13scott

    FO Force upgrades

    I’ve flown Hate Asaj. Feels a lot better. Predictive shot statistically is trash. It can make a bad situation only ok and the force saved as a mod is a better option.