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  1. It would have to come in a Rogue Shadow Expansion (Force Unleashed) PROXY (crew slot): gain 1 crew slot. You may equip crew that shares a unique name with another card in your squad.
  2. Yeah that’s what I was thinking. As for the YV pilot it’s not any of the ones we know about from in game.
  3. So the bomb reads: During the System Phase you may spend 1 [charge] to drop an Electro-Proton Bomb using with the [1-straight] template. *Then* place 1 fuse marker on that device. So so here is the question, through triggers like Genius, Deathfire, and Paige Tico, would you skip the Fuse marker trigger due to the phrasing of then after the system phase drop, or does it have to get the fuse token no matter what?
  4. “ABILITIES Some of the text on condition, damage, ship, and upgrade cards describe abilities. These abilities consist of a timing and an effect.” Page 2 “ If there are game effects that share the same timing window as a player’s ability, the game effect is resolved first.” page 3 Im pretty sure game effects are not abilities. Abilities are anything in text on cards.
  5. When Finn Defends he can take the strain to add the focus to his already rolled 2 dice, and then after resolving the attack you may remove the strain. As long as you have a focus why not? If you don’t have a focus, the blank might get you a heroic trigger. When he attacks he has to keep the strain if he added a focus, but if you don’t have a focus you can again try and re-roll the blank.
  6. Correct however inquisitor can also take away Fenns range 1 attack bonus but not his ability bonus so a total of 4
  7. Also just know player one triggers all of their ability queue triggers first “TIMING AND ABILITIES If two or more abilities resolve at the same time (e.g., “At the start of the Engagement Phase”), the abilities are resolved in player order. The first player resolves all of their own abilities with that timing before the other player resolves their own abilities with that timing.”
  8. I think 7th is an ongoing affect because it says “while another friendly ship performs an attack” so while you can order them however you want, 7th fleets “while” continues through the whole attack and therefore the max cap of 4 also applies.
  9. Just wanted to point out that Leia can be on a different ship other than the one with seasoned navigator 🙃
  10. •Stolen Credentials 6 points 1 charge (non-recurring) While your charge is active, you may not be declared the target of an attack, or declare an attack on another target. When a friendly ship is destroyed you must spend one charge and gain one strain token. Action: You may spend one charge to receive one strain token.
  11. That’s dumb. They really don’t want me using the official app anymore huh?
  12. Anyone else getting frustrated with the lack of communication? When’s the FLGS release? When do we get points? Why is it so jumbled?
  13. Also Tavson could Jam a ship into the next round, and QuickDraw could baffle in the end phase to shoot a token less ship.
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