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  1. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    Finished off my Quantum Storm project https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=1dc4c9bd290017ea321bcdebc6d8804c&name=QuantomStormwithescort Close up on the escort https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=daf368cf67a2dca4bd6d5c1685847c18&name=QuantumStormescort1 https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=53efd1728359bb8a20a157f1ca16b0ab&name=QuantumStormescort2
  2. c5alinas

    Imperial Cargo Ship

    Cool. Now I have a new project. Thanks for sharing.
  3. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    Finally I finished my XQ-7 space station. https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=16dec8db20ead65c813055575efc0694&name=XQ_7Finish X-Wing taking off. https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=e7b78324d368943703e6295254423f99&name=XQ-7X-wingtakingoff X-Wings patroling the space station. https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=07ea3cba6e0a577803b3d3d8cb40cc18&name=XQ-7X-wingrotel Enjoy
  4. c5alinas

    Ignore thread....delete.

    Dont forget. Armada is dead.
  5. c5alinas

    Pro-Imperial Anthology Film?

    Obviosly. Why would ha have a clerk that hands him the papers? Duh.
  6. c5alinas

    New Commander Idea

    How about giving rebels a commander that helps out squadrons like Sloane does for Imperials.
  7. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    How about now? Restarted the cloud and it works on my phone.
  8. c5alinas

    Episode IX

  9. c5alinas

    Episode IX

    A friend showed me this pic. Any comments? Its supose to be leakt fotage of star wars episode IX. My first was OMG a super duper stardestroyer. How can first the empire build two deathstars and the the first order builds starkiller base and snokes flagship and now this in a limited time.
  10. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    Strange it says its up to date.
  11. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    Hmmm tried just a second ago and it works for me.
  12. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    Painted the numbers on the manuever tool with white. https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=142a172f12131adbe12dbfa3f5790ba6&name=Maneuvertoolpaint
  13. c5alinas

    Cheating in Star Wars Armada

    Yes I was refering to you. Not saying at all that you where cheating. Only that the reason he was looking at you intense was that he might think you where cheating.