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  1. c5alinas

    Where To Go With Rebel Expansions

    MC75 is a must ship in the rebelion. If you like squadron heavy then Yavaris is a must, and Salvation if you dont go squadron heavy. So a Nebulan-B is a very good ship to get.
  2. c5alinas

    Printable errata cards????

    Avenger, Gallant haven and Jamming fields arnt the errat ones. Just saying.
  3. c5alinas

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    One shooting the demolisher with an Mc75 in a friendly match.
  4. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    Could give you an stl file if you like. Only problem with that file is that the x,y and Z are wrong and youll need to rotate the model.
  5. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    Made a 3d model in fusion 360 and printed them out
  6. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    Now it should work, My cloud is very slow in updating the library
  7. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    No games, time for some mods. Saw that someone made external racks for HH. Hade to try it my self. https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=f36ca12a540b5e415a8e2a076a09d84c&name=HHCorvettwithexternalracks Made some small repaint, so it goes with the rest of the paint scheme.
  8. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    Finished off my Quantum Storm project https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=1dc4c9bd290017ea321bcdebc6d8804c&name=QuantomStormwithescort Close up on the escort https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=daf368cf67a2dca4bd6d5c1685847c18&name=QuantumStormescort1 https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=53efd1728359bb8a20a157f1ca16b0ab&name=QuantumStormescort2
  9. c5alinas

    Imperial Cargo Ship

    Cool. Now I have a new project. Thanks for sharing.
  10. c5alinas

    c5alinas shipyard

    Finally I finished my XQ-7 space station. https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=16dec8db20ead65c813055575efc0694&name=XQ_7Finish X-Wing taking off. https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=e7b78324d368943703e6295254423f99&name=XQ-7X-wingtakingoff X-Wings patroling the space station. https://files.mycloud.com/home.php?seuuid=07ea3cba6e0a577803b3d3d8cb40cc18&name=XQ-7X-wingrotel Enjoy
  11. c5alinas

    Ignore thread....delete.

    Dont forget. Armada is dead.
  12. c5alinas

    Pro-Imperial Anthology Film?

    Obviosly. Why would ha have a clerk that hands him the papers? Duh.
  13. c5alinas

    New Commander Idea

    How about giving rebels a commander that helps out squadrons like Sloane does for Imperials.