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  1. So I've been wanting to try this out for a while and brought both starters for me and a mate to try and reading the rules I would like a couple of clarifications. 1. How exactly does the focus result work? (I'm not the brightest laser in the galaxy) 2. When deck building. Does the 30 cards include characters and battlefields or in addition to. As we seemed to like it he's going to get the starters aswell and luckily there is a somewhat local lfg for us to go to.
  2. As someone who also want's to try this out. Would a normal d6 be usable in place of an absent second die. Assuming ofcourse it's a friendly match.
  3. So do you guys think EU is better than TIE mk 2 on Vader?
  4. I've said this a couple of times but I'l say it again. Switch R2-D2 and VT for BB-8 and EU. Surprisingly good arc dodger. May not be as good as the OP combo but still pretty fun.
  5. One thing I am considering is switching R2-D2 for BB-8 and Vectored Thrusters for Engine Upgrade. Ok here my out with both droids you're aiming for green maneuvers. So You BB-8 for a baroll roll and then use PTL to trigger EU to give you a speed boost (something you may want if planning on using the AU). Than the green maneuver gets rid of stress and then regular action. I say this because now you can arc dodge a bit better and it brings the cheaper tail gunner into the mix again. Problem is that arc dodging at PS 7 isn't that reliable and not using R2-D2 doesn't let you get shields back which can really suck. But hey ho it's an alternative build.
  6. Sorry just to confirm. Kanan works for this ship he's on?
  7. Hi guys and dolls. I can't decide whether or not to run a super dash build with Norra Wexley. However with Dash I can't decide whether to give him a Heavy Laser Cannon or a Mangler. The advantage for HLC is that it's 4 dice at range 3 but can't attack at range 1 and can't crit. The mangler cannon ofcourse is cheaper and changes one hit to a crit and attack at range 3 but 3 attack dice rather than 4.
  8. Hi guys and dolls. I have to questions. When an ISB Infiltrator uses Coordinated raid to give the other member of his unit an attack, is this attack in addition to the one it can make per turn or does it replace that attack. Also when playing the campaign, all scum units are considered Imperial for the sake of any bonuses it gives them (correct me if i'm wrong) but do Imperial units also count as Scum aswell? For example would the agenda card "By any means necessary" effect Imperials as well as scum.
  9. Hi guys and dolls, When using Sabine Wren (attack shuttle) she can do a free action before she reveals her dial. If she PTLs off of that and becomes stressed then reveals a red maneuver. Can she move or does she stay still?
  10. How on earth do you guys draw some of this stuff. I swear there's some sort force users here.
  11. May I ask, what paint/ colour did you use for the grey on the A-Wings?
  12. Hey guys and dolls, My local club is having an open day in a few weeks and I intend to demo a few games to get some more local people playing. Just want to make sure I have all the facts before making recommendations. Does the old starting set now come with the updated rules/ damage deck?
  13. Hi guys and dolls. Just a quick question as me and my friend are doing our first epic match. When a huge ships targets another ships at range 4-6 does the defender get an extra evade dice for each range band or just one for being at range 3 (and beyond). And am i correct in understanding the huge ships perform 2 primary weapon attacks (even same arc?) and then as many secondary weapons assuming they have the energy needed?
  14. I'm hoping for Old Republic stuff.... ok it wont happen but a man can dream dammit!
  15. Why would they put an additional unique in the starter deck?
  16. For casual play i could just print all the cards out and use d6 dice. But lets be honets hardly anyone wants to do that. Most want the real product because it just looks so much better. I could see people use a printout to test a card before they buy it on the secondary market if it is a really espensive one. Don't get me wrong, I think it sucks that we have to do that, especially with the starter set. I don't mind as much with booster packs. Like pulling a Han Solo with one dice in the pack and using a regular d6 for the other until (hopefully) I pull another one. But especially as tournaments will (probably) only allow the official dice and the only way to get it is another starter erks more to the 9th degree. Also you're right, it's just nicer to have the proper dice, no way of confusing it with another as well.
  17. It actually does seem that a regular d6 would be perfectly fine to use in place of a printed/premium die. Just use the number on the dice with what order it appears on the card. I imagine tournaments wont allow you to use it. But for casual play it seems fine. Although I still think it's kinda sh*tty tbh.
  18. This doesn't seem like a bad thing at all. It's not like a second starter box is a million dollars. It costs roughly the same as 5 booster packs. You are effectively paying what you'd pay for 5 boosters and getting a guarantee that you'll get the card you want. I think paying for 5 boosters just because there was one thing you wanted, in this case just the die not even the card, is stupid. I'd rather have the starter set include all the stuff for the cards it contains and then I can buy 5 boosters feeling confident everything I'm getting is just adding on to a complete foundation. I really hope this is fixed or addressed because if this is an indication for the future business model of this game, i'm out.
  19. Can i ask some stupid questions? What is the difference between LCG and CCG? And what is Draft?
  20. Cheers love (the cavalry's 'ere) That answers that and I'll once again look at this with interest. Ps FFG if you're reading this. Stop making good games. My wallet can't take it.
  21. Hey guys and dolls. So my friend linked me to the announcement and colour me interested. However when it says that each booster pack will contain one dice linked to one of the cards, does that mean the other cards in the booster pack would be unusable? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question as I don't know the rules or generally how dice/card games like this work. (or what the difference is between CCG and LCG that people are concerned about).
  22. In the old EU the empire was very much pro human at the expense of aliens. And as a rule the military was Human/ Clone only. Thrawn was very much the exception along with a handful of others. It wasn't until after Palpatine's death that the empire realised "hey, if we treared non humans better and let them serve in the military, we might be a larger force."
  23. I've decided I'm prioritizing Lords of Nal Hutta and Fly Casual. There's a good chance that season 2 is going to involve the Hutts alot more but I also want the ships and such from Fly Casual. Next it will be Special Modifications and maybe Sons of Fortune. but that will be in a month or so. I'd like to thank you guys and dolls for your input in this.
  24. You do have to work at it, but you can't deny some people do start out more artistically inclined than others and that's fine. You can still get good (git gud) regardless but chances are you started with other inclinations. For example I could barely draw a stick man at age (2)5 but I was always very analytical. But I am going to try to draw, if only for my rpg groups.
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