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  1. Sure I know what you're trying to imply, I just reject it. there are a multitude of miniature war games that haven't been updated in years that people continue to play. The idea that you can't play a game because it hasn't seen an update in the last year I find kinda dumb. It just sets you up for disappointment when invariably an article is late, something doesn't ship on time or the game doesn't go where you want it to. Sure I definitely acknowledge that the lack of new content is a bummer. It's just not the only thing that makes a game.
  2. It's only dead when you stop playing it.
  3. At least for Armada it's at a different location this year. Nothing saying it couldn't be in Europe one year, NA the next etc. You're right if you're not in the US the location for Worlds has been and continues to be highly problematic.
  4. All in all it was good to see them backtrack to a better hierarchy of organized play. The invite only worlds I am strongly against. Having an inclusive, open community for all is of paramount importance. Going to invite only encourages bad elements in the community and game play in general. One thing about gamers, if you flip the 'you must win at all costs' switch, then some people sure will and I really don't want to see that happen to our community.
  5. In the "so Armada is dead right?" category. At the FFGC regional this weekend we had 32 players. That's 4 rounds with cut to top 2. That's up from 24 last year. Our local tournament sizes have also seen an interesting uptick in numbers with a number of new players. It's pretty cool. <snark> O right, worlds numbers for Runewars was like double YtY and well ... look what they did there. </snark>
  6. And they are the same as what can be found in like an X-Wing box FWIW.
  7. Another way this COULD go is that FFG stays involved with the game but does it in a different way. Other game companies are turning to kickstarted / fire starter to basically say, we'll make X, but you the players have to back the project and thus sales are made ahead of development. I don't honestly know if FFG would ever consider that kind of approach to doing something for a game, but if I'm ever rubbing elbows with one of the upper types at FFG in the future, that'll be the #1 question I'll have for them. Maybe others who might have a similar opportunity to pose that kind of question would keep it in mind and do the same.
  8. hmmm thinking about this, and as an active Legion player, I could see this kind of thing working for skirmish game. I'd tender @Church14comments about activation Spam in Armada. There are real and effective counters. I play Imperial mostly so I tend to face lists which have that advantage. The major problem with activation spam lists is they have lots of smaller ships given the point costs needed to field lots of ships just to have the activations. Now that you can only field at most 2 transports, it forces rebel players to spend more on ships that are more brittle, like a CR90 or Hammerhead. Anyway, like your idea. Feels generally workable.
  9. This always surprises me when people say this. If you stay in the hotels next to Gencon sure, but if you don't prices are more than reasonable.
  10. Hi Everyone! As a community you've seen some of the efforts involving tournament docs etc. It's great to see folks coming together for this game. Towards that end, it's time to organize a Runewars Gencon tournament. The purpose of this email is to find out the following: 1) How many rounds should it be. (I would advocate 4) 2) Would you attend? 3) Are you willing to help plan? (You don't have to be attending to help plan or be part of making the event great) Thanks!
  11. I echo the comments this needs to be a community effort, not "initiative one". Just as FFG had a team of people, this requires a community team to handle all the various aspects of keeping this community together and importantly vital. As a team this assures that no one person gets overloaded/burned out etc. We ought to be identifying what all needs to be done and be giving people opportunities. Take worlds for instance, I can very much appreciate that a store can say they want to run that, but again, this needs to be a group think. Politely I think the appropriate thing to say is, we will have a worlds, we will have store championships but much is TBD at this very early hour. Running large events (voice of experience here) is not something to be taken lightly. No matter where it's held there are logical matters to consider and most importantly we need to keep things worthwhile for the player who almost all will have to travel a fair distance. We can not at this point dismiss the other ideas such as holding it at Gencon.
  12. And from the ashes it's great to see the community come together for this game. Picking up the various docs, and making a go at keeping this game going. If you're not on discord, now is a good time to do so. https://discord.gg/BC2eWY For real time discussion that's the place!
  13. As fantasy flight will not update the tournament doc, let's take charge and do so! 1) We need to retire and select a new deployment/objective 2) Shall we raise the point limit to 225? What say ye? I'll get a google doc going with the community tournament doc.
  14. Weighing in a bit. First I am eternally grateful to the creative staff at FFG for making Runewars in the first place. This is a wonderful game for many reasons which we all know. The anti-kudos also unfortunately goes to FFG and specifically their marketing. For the FLGSs I frequent as well as visit as I travel for competitive play it's a common lament. Poor sales are a direct reflection of marketing. We could kibbutz over number of units and so on, the slow release cycle etc but these are details and symptoms of a broader problem. For me I'm going to keep playing and running RW events locally. As long as we're all having fun that's what counts. I am all for fan made materials. We had a really good set of ideas out of as part of our recent Runecasters podcast for how to do a campaign box. I do think that collectively and with the joys of 3D printing and as that technology is quickly improving, we have options for new units. This is all great and fine but these things take time and effort. We as a community gotta be pretty passionate to do that. Having written more than my fair share of gaming material over the years these are things that can be done. I'd point to Heros of the Alturi Cluster as a good example of what motivated people can do.
  15. Happy New year indeed.... now what might be our first bit of Terrinoth news this year ....
  16. Ok I'm in @BiggsIRL ! Thanks for the pester, greatly appreciated!
  17. I'll note they've been late updating the tournament document before. I would not be surprised if we're into the 2nd week in January before the update lands.
  18. That's an interesting mash up and a nice idea.
  19. Best of luck! Hope this takes off and we get yet another area of the world with an active player base.
  20. Quick update for those interested. If you follow the FB event you'll know that we've moved the date of the event to Sunday December 9th by request of a few of the players who thought they could make the 15th but turns out they couldn't. This also helps some who couldn't attend to now be able to attend. End request, more people get to play!
  21. I'll be there. Like DekoPuma, depends on the day / time. Getting some games in is definitely a good thing!
  22. It can be marked off but as others have noted, you're altering the game in ways that you don't want. 6x3 works well! And the FFG mats are nice but there are other companies that make mats in that size too.
  23. And a link to the FB event for them that don't mind FB. https://www.facebook.com/events/897024167088435/
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