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  1. I will speak personally about one who has a limited budget for gaming but really enjoys miniatures. I will not buy into Legion. I like the scale and scope of IA skirmish. I have yet to try campaign, but will eventually. I already invest in Bolt Action, which I really love, and Legion would compete with that. I can play the characters that matter to me in IA and that is what drew me to it in the first place. If I want faceless armies, even squad based, I prefer Bolt Action every time. For the personal, character driven game, I will stay with IA. Besides, I have so much already painted...
  2. Star Trek! I think it could work much like SW. Already many more stories, characters and aliens. It has a much larger universe to work with than SW, too. Call it Star Trek Away Missions. Pick a faction and explore or duke it out in skirmish.
  3. I'll echo what others have said. I base them with whatever works thematically for the mini. For stormtroopers and many others, I have created a metal plating surface of a space ship for basing. I try to be creative...
  4. Bombs away with grenadier. I love throwing them into a crowd! Of plastic of course
  5. Very cool, so far! I like the use of the tree for the flame, very creative use of material!! Nice basing, too.
  6. It depends on the amount of paint. I test every 30 min. Rinse with water when done. If the paint is stubborn, let them soak over night.
  7. It depends on how much paint the fig has. I test it about every 30 min because I'm impatient It can sit in over night...
  8. Krylon is excellent as a primer! I also use the Krylon Flat clear coat to finish all minis (better value than Testors Dull coat) Those with glossy bits, I use Pledge Floor Care with Future. Brush two coats of that and they are nice and shinny, it heals over any surface evenly, water soluble and best of all, CHEAP. You will never run out!
  9. 90% isopropyl alcohol works great for me. Let it soak and when you notice it flaking, you can use a toothbrush. It will not harm plastic. I've used this on hard and softer plastics, resin, metal. Works every time.
  10. To remove paint, try soaking in 90% isopropyl alcohol. It will not harm the plastic and usually does a good job with most paints. A toothbrush is good for cleaning out crevasses. Be patient and the paint usually flakes off.
  11. I would think that the white glue might have a problem with adhearing to the plastic. White glue is water based and may resist. White glue can be brittle when dry. The epoxy putties are stronger in the long run and hold form easier than glue when modeling. But hey, if you get it to work, more power to you!
  12. Woodland Scenics water effects. They have a couple different materails you could try. The gel like consistency of the C1212 would probably work best. You could also try Gel Medium, it is used for painting with acrylic paints. Both dry clear.
  13. E. I was most interested in skirmish game from the get go. I am a casual home player. I love miniatures, so it was an easy sell to me. Star Wars + minis? Here's my money. May try campaign at some point...
  14. A nice cigar box is a good idea here. Stop in at your local smoke shop. They usually sell them for about a dollar, at least around me... Some are quite nice! Paint it, decorate it, whatever...
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