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  1. I've watched about four episodes now and have lost all enthusiasm for it. My daughter gave up after half an episode. It's just so dull and irrelevant. No reason for BB8 apart from to let you know which age of the universe you're watching. Is there anything that makes it worth continuing? Rebels, although terrible at first, at least had Jedi and Jedi hunters to keep you going with the idea that it was going to get interesting (which it did - although the final season was poor bar Obi vs Maul). I can't see any reason to keep watching it. It's got to be poor if they can't inspire a nine year old who loves cartoons and S.Wars to watch more than one episode!
  2. I don´t care about price vs ships. I care about contents vs packaging. There is no way the content "fills" that box.
  3. That box is Huge! Is there any need for the top half? I can` t see it myself... Perceived value packaging really makes me angry. It is just irresponsible.
  4. If you reread page one, you should see a remarkable amount of posts about bidding and the initiative and approximately none about the lack of lower skilled pilots... Hence my post. If Kylo were to be on the low end of a broader pilot skill range (Kylo 13, Guri 14, Luke 15, for example) people would moan about him less, and he could beef out his build. There would be less incentive to make bids with more options...
  5. I don´ t get why they simplified the pilot skills down to 6 levels. Removing Veteran Instincts was great, but everyone got sandwiched together it seems. What would be the case if initiatives were increased threefold up to 18 as a possibility. (Wedge gets 16, Vader 17, Han 18, for example) Wouldn´ t it eliminate this bidding war and open up each squad to its full potential?
  6. More individual faction upgrades: Less whiney complaints that people have to buy crossfaction to get the upgrade they (think they) need!
  7. Seperate paragraphs... Honestly =Serious, Especially+Smile=Humour
  8. Woooosh! The smile didn't convey humour? But I would be very tempted by a Jedi/Sith Core set. And then I'd be forced to upgrade my 1.0 stuff. Of course it wouldn't have an X wing in it, which is probably the killer for the idea
  9. Honestly, a Core set for the prequels is probably the only way they could tempt me back into 2.0 Especially if it comes with a new damage deck!
  10. At least GW produces its models in the UK. That ain` t cheap... But the price will always be set to the level that people are willing to pay, in order to maximse profits. I suspect that X wing was underpriced though, in order to help with market penetration. Now it has a large, relatively stable, player base, they can set a "real" price. They (GW) raised prices again though. Last month... It has always happened at this time of year.
  11. I´ ve been a GW player since the late eighties (pre 40k). Worked for them in the late nineties. New codex/models creep was there before I started working for them... I wasn` t referring to the price hikes or model changes, in fact, just the "new hotness".
  12. GW got away with p'ing off their customer base for at least 15 years playing the same game. When you've got a product with relatively inelastic demand, otherwise known as "plastic crack" for hobbies, and people are hooked you can annoy your player base for a while... As I stated, when it was announced, the App reduces the incentive for them to playtest. It also lets them play games with initial points levels, that are then "fixed". In general you should expect the real new releases (as opposed to 2.0 relaunches) to be skewed towards undercosting, as overcosting them is just bad for business.
  13. Errrmmm.... Do they have to sell the new A-wing model or the old one? Sorry for being cynical, but I was expecting this. Expect a real adjustment six months to a year after release, when sales drop. And then expect the new hotness to be undercosted.
  14. The last I heard Asmodee was taken over by a private equity group. Capitalism is presently based on short term profit maximisation to satisfy shareholders (otherwise the directors could be jailed). You can call it greed if you want, but it´ s the nature of investment, really. As someone who pulled out at 2.0, I don` t care about the prices (but I do love a good debate, especially about board games and S.Wars) but I thought the increased card count was the justification for the price rises across the board (bar Boba). Snazzy packing makes it easier to tolerate. Standardising prices to box (base) sizes is probably for customer convenience, strangely. Wait till the YV-666 comes out to see if holds... However, from a debating point of view.-- You made claims that you are now avoiding and appear to have no means of substantiating. You have resorted to an insulting tone against someone who appears far better informed than yourself. Poor form, the onus is on you to substantiate or withdraw your claim. And finally... The two forms of thought in economics are based not on names. In reality they are Profit Maximisation or Utility (satisafaction) Maximisation. What is best? Everything else descends from that. (Marx was in favour of Private Limited Companies, for example, whereas Keynes was not). But if you think FFG/Asmodee/Equity groups are in it for the Utility maximisation... errmm... good luck! You may be able to guess the second subject I teach after mathematics...
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