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  1. Recently I was thinking about a new list and was asking myself "What is the average pilot skill that actually sees use?" So I crunched a lot of data, answered that, and worked on some metrics I've been developed for quantitatively evaluating a style of list I advocate for beginners. Discussion on all that is here, along with links to compilations of the data so you can easily do similar analyses yourself: http://www.rocketshipgames.com/blogs/tjkopena/2017/02/x-wing-pilot-statistics/ Thx
  2. I painted up a squad of Scum criminals, and did a walkthrough on repainting X-Wing ships: http://www.rocketshipgames.com/blogs/tjkopena/2016/12/spice-pirates-patrol-x-wing-repaint-tutorial/ I think they came out well, and the process is pretty easy, so I hope people new to the hobby side of the game thinking about jumping into repainting their ships get something out of it.
  3. I had posted this to Battle Reports, and it was suggested I cross post for this crowd. This past weekend my club did a first playthrough of a narrative campaign we've put together: The Molokh Gambit. It features a lot of custom toys that people might enjoy seeing (the final packet is being cleaned up to post publicly). This is a quick recap, with a bunch of photos: http://www.rocketshipgames.com/blogs/tjkopena/2016/12/first-playthrough-the-molokh-gambit-x-wing-narrative/
  4. We travel in all the best circles! Senator's Shuttle was pretty much the same as the core set mission, except clarifying that it's a friendly small ship and letting it deploy mostly as normal rather than being fixed to the center. The latter lets opponents just stack up asteroids in your way too easily in a full game. The DX-9 is kind of like a Y-Wing but moving the 3-turns to 1-turns and adding a hull point and attack for a bunch of squad points. TopoSolitario has good cards for both of those, here and here. The Crawler I made up stats for, similar to a Decimator but with no primary. Can take turret, crew, and salvanged astromech though. Importantly, it has a special movement template that makes it move at half speed compared to a small ship. I have not been successful at printing the couple AT-ST and AT-AT models I've played around with. The prints collapse or the supports are impossible to remove, etc.. They're on my to-do list to come back to after I get this other stuff wrapped up. Thanks for the point about the Mods forum, I didn't think about that.
  5. Recap from a new X-Wing narrative campaign we debuted this past weekend, featuring lots of custom toys and fun asymmetric, objective oriented missions: http://www.rocketshipgames.com/blogs/tjkopena/2016/12/first-playthrough-the-molokh-gambit-x-wing-narrative/
  6. Some friends just got into X-Wing, so I wrote a lengthy blog post talking about my framework for designing beginner friendly squads. It also talks about some B-Wing lists I've been flying, and argues that they might work better for many people than the existing B-Wing standards. http://www.rocketshipgames.com/blogs/tjkopena/2016/12/x-wing-beginner-squad-building/
  7. Thanks everybody for the comments. I'm super glad to have heard now of a couple people actually making them!
  8. Hi, I made cargo pod tokens for 3D printing that match those on the GR-75 Rebel Transport, and wrote an extensive walkthrough of the process. Besides the tutorial, there's a bunch there investigating the scale & size of the pods. I hope people find the writeup interesting and useful!
  9. My battle report from a 14 player tournament yesterday in Philadelphia, PA (USA), flying Kyle + three B-Wings to the top table and ultimately 5th place: http://www.rocketshipgames.com/blogs/tjkopena/2016/08/redcaps-august-x-wing-tournament/ Has some thoughts on list construction for less experienced players like me, solo play for practice, and some other observations. Thx
  10. New to the forum, new to X-Wing, but a veteran at miniatures. I have a battle report here on my first X-Wing tournament, with photos and what I hope are some useful thoughts for other beginners: http://www.rocketshipgames.com/blogs/tjkopena/2015/12/redcaps-x-mas-wing/
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