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  1. You could slap the Punishing One title on him for the 3 attack primary. Forgot about that.
  2. I know what I'll be adding to any JumpMaster I get. Unfortunately, the primary weapon is only 2 so no guaranteed crit. Can't have it all I suppose.
  3. 2015 The year I started collecting X-Wing The year I bought Force and Destiny and Age of Rebellion Core Rulebooks The year I took the leap and watched Star Wars Rebels.....and loved it The year the Star Wars saga continued with a film worthy of watching Bring on the New Year. I'm feeling very positive about 2016
  4. Just trying this: Hey! Thanks all It worked!
  5. And (looks both ways and shouts: SHATTERED EMPIRE SPOILER INBOUND!!!) SHATTERED EMPIRE SPOILER IN 3 2 1 Go: Among Rey's possessions was a tree that bore a striking resemblance to the two trees Luke and Poe's mother (forget the name) rescued from the Empire facility. One Luke gave to Poe's mommy and he took the other with him. They're from the Jedi Temple and are strong in the Force. Though Rey's tree looked nearly dead. End of spoiling
  6. Since the Raider is 150m and the cruiser is meant to be 200m the cruiser would be 1/3rd longer. Not twice the size.
  7. My first reaction is Luke Skywalker's daughter. But Two other possible fathers: Kanan Jarrus or Ezra Bridger Could Ezra and Sabine be the parents? She's probably just another Skywalker though.
  8. If there is a third Epic for the two factions who have them (poor Scum and Villainy), I'd want Empire to have this ship. Looks much cooler than the Raider and is official on-screen Disney approved canon.
  9. Me so jealous All I got is a gaming mat and a floor
  10. You have no idea how much you are missing out Don't worry Impatience might lead to me buying the starter and some Rogues and Villains. I suspect there'll be no First Order and Resistance in Armada until Episode 8 at the earliest. More than a year away. If Episode 9 is the only to have fleet scale battles, I'd be waiting a long, long, long, long, long, long, long time.
  11. The crescent moon Odd looking ship, but in a way that makes it look cool. Can't wait to start collecting Scum, and the JumpMaster might be the first ship of that collection. I'm eager to see it previewed. Stress causing and extra shields would certainly sweeten the deal.
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