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  1. How do we access this raid mode? I can't find it anywhere in the app... would like to know it works before I order the two necessary expansions. (and yes, I tried adding them to my collection in the app but it still doesn't appear)
  2. Second time running EotE and first time allowing F&D characters. I am planning a mixed game of EotE/AoR with options for players to use F&D if they want to go jedi. I am wondering about the Force Exile and Force Emergent specs from EotE/AoR and how to integrate them. It seems to me players have the following options: 1) Start with and AoR/EotE career, add either (or both?) of the force sensitive universal specs to get at least Force Rating 1 (or even FR2 if they take both?) and then pick up a jedi specialization from F&D either at creation or down the road. 2) Use a F&D career right off the bat, providing FR 1 and take an "outside" career in order to explain their history up to this point. It seems I can also allow them to take one or both of the universal force sensitive specs to bump up their Force Rating. I guess my biggest concern is that it seems the force sensitive universal specs are cheap ways to pump up your FR early on and I don't know if I should be worried about that. If they are thinking long term it seems there are more efficient ways to get a higher FR so maybe I don't need to worry about this anyway. I need to do some math to calculate this all out but I guess my main questions would be A) Does a character from AoR/EotE HAVE to take one of the universal specs before they can take a F&D specialization? If not, does that mean F&D specs automatically add a Force Rating? B) Can F&D characters take one or both of the universal specs for the FR bump?
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