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  1. And i get it, you cant go out and say woops we released a brokken game we are gonna fix it some time in the future just buy the game as it is now, because of all the stores who still have it in stock.
  2. i wrote ffg and asked them whats up, give me the expansion already. here is the answer "Anders, we're glad you're enjoying our games! That said, as a rule, we don't discuss our future plans for product lines apart from what we post to our website and to social media. So, essentially, please stay t, but there really are some problems with the ruledfdfdfdned." My guess is that the game sold a bunch of copies but there really are some seious problems with the rules. So maybe they are waiting to sell out the first production run, update the rules and release it again with updated rules.
  3. mee to, its getting really annoing. Tom Vassel mentioned something about a tyranid expansion(proberly the one least one i would wont but..) but i think that was last year
  4. Hey, we have played the game twice now but are left with some questions. 1. A building cant get routed when attacked, but does it get taken over if it "dies" ? And if not can you take over an undefended planet with a city using an orbital strike ? 2. If a player initiates an orbital strike on say 2 units, is it still the defender who decides what gets routed and if someone dies ? 3. Can you retreat if there isent any ships in the system ? and if yes dosent this contradict the rules from normal movement 4. Can you attack ships from other ships ? I am guessing yes, but there isent really anything in the rules about it. I know i cant use ships as defence but as an attacker can i also attack the defenders ships i a system ? 5. If you draw another card that requiers you to move a warp storm, can you move the same storm more then once ? Hope my english is okay, and you understand my questions
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