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  1. Chimaera Unboxing

    Maybe so. Maybe so.
  2. Chimaera Unboxing

    So we have Clone Wars era pics on cards. Is there a plan for some trilogy hopping in the future?
  3. If they had offered a 27(32mm) and a 10mm game..

    I'd go 15 and then would hope and pfay for true 25 again.
  4. Rebel troopers conversion kit?

    That's cool. Bith are a good choice too.
  5. Rebel troopers conversion kit?

    Good start. Sullustan? Ithorian? Rodian would be extra cool. Do you sculpt more than heads? I would be interested in what else you could accomplish.
  6. R2 and 3PO

    Love to see this as well. Imperial probe droids IG droids. You name it. That would be smooth.
  7. Rebel troopers conversion kit?

    If this alternative heads are released, even on a limited garage kit run let me know. I would be very interested.
  8. Bigger price tag too. Makes Bandai look awfully inviting.
  9. IA with Legion

    Anyone planning on combining IA with Legion? I'm thinking Jawas, Tuskens (w banthas), droids and more droids. (Hey. Why aren't there droids with Legion?)
  10. How do I deal with angry opponents?

    Dude. You do not have to tolerate that. I don't care how big he is. If you are intimidated by his antics (and that is not a judgment) then you should excuse yourself and find a judge. Let them know what is going on. And for those pukes that have an issue? Man. This is a game. It is not worth blowing a fuse or hurting someone (or getting hurt) or going to jail over a game. I don't play often and I don't roll in tournaments but if Inse this kind of crap boiling np I stand beside the player receiving the abuse, particularly if the guy looks like he is in trouble. My son and I play from time to time at the local store. Some of these guys get a little animated. Nothing defuses the situation like suddenly becoming outnumbered. I'm mot a huge guy but I am a vet and I know how to carry myself. Had I seen that I can guarantee his nonsense would have stopped fast. And that clown that jumped on the table? Oh **** no. Now here's the thing: if you are provoking the dude. . .can't help you there but I won't stand for having a guy beat down or intimidated over a game. Not on my watch.
  11. Mon Cal Exodus

    Oh man oh man. MON Cal Exodus? Sign me up! This is one of the cooler things to come back from way back when. Anyone else jumping on this and buildie a Mon Cal exodus fleet?
  12. X-Wings in legion?

    And for the record I have long been of the opinion this should be played on a large table with all manner of assets available. And not just represented by cards.
  13. X-Wings in legion?

    Yeah but those weren't AT-ATs. Not that walkers would fair well against x-wings. Nope. I'm being that guy. Sorry.
  14. New Rebel speculation

    How about more aliens? I dig the headswap idea. That would be rad. Hoth I am reluctant to see. I prefer non weather specific boards. Seeing Leia in her Hoth outfit parading through the trees would be jarring. Veers can pull it off hut the Rebels would look odd. Speaking of Rebels if we.go Rogue One (and we need to) FFG should include Rebels. That would be over the top! (And dude, cool tattoo.)
  15. Measurements For Vader?

    Hey mate. If your 3d print is successful let me know. I would love to talk you in to commissioning a piece. (And if you could pull off the crew from Rebels I would call you my friend and give you a dollar!)