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  1. Wow! What did you think? I'm still stuck on wow!
  2. Anyone else playing Battlefront (Beta and 2) thinking this would look wicked on the table? I just finished the weekend beta and I couldn't help but think this is visually stunning! (And somehow it made me want to revisit the Prequels! Weird, huh?) Prequel hate aside there is no doubt stunning inspiration for fully realized tables! Sullust, Jakku, and so many more. Anyone else see potential here?
  3. I'm a big fan of Bandai though those run smaller. (To be fair I still run true 25mm and Bandai is a gift for that scale.) I am curious to see what the 3d print community has in store for Legion.
  4. Yeah scale at that level won't always work. For this you'll want 1:48 or so. I know there are a lot of paper models available. That may be a good direction. Some of the WotC vehicles may be okay, particularly if you plan on crashing them. Model companies are similar to miniature companies in they do not adhere to a true standard. ERTL's 1:48 may be different than Bandai's 1:48. Therein lies the discretion and the wiggle room.
  5. Aaaand I missed the WEG reference above. Sorry mate! Hate to be redundant. Ibused the inspiration to crash an interceptor and a Naboo N1. They look cool. Scale in this nature isn't a major issue. Crashed vehicles are very forgiving. Love the earlier suggestion using paper models. I plan on crashing a starspeeder 1000 in the future using paper models. Well done!
  6. WEG crashed an x-wing years ago. This one looks great. Love the building with the great details. Well done.
  7. Hera, Sabine, Leia, that chick on Hoth. It wouldn't be too tough to add some red shirts, some bullet bags, some bumpy Rebels. More than that I hope we have a good mix of aliens. Hey! How about alien girls! That would be the ultimate and would really shut the SJWs up. Heck, I'd buy extra if they do that.
  8. Yeah these look great. You can also texturize the trunks. Add branches, do all kinds of fun things. The fish plants are a great idea. You can build some really cool alien planets this way too.
  9. I ditched Warhammer for WEG Star Wars waaaaay back in the day. Hopefully this adventure in plastic will prove as exciting.
  10. Yeah my thoughts exactly. And that mech thing! What in the world! Mando would be fun to field. I have wanted to put an army of these guys since the Tales of the Jedi days.
  11. After seeing the new Rebels trailer for season 4 can I just say Mandalorians? Is that enough?
  12. Prepainted is bad mmkay? Seriously. They tend to be trash. X-wing and Armada are the exception. Everything else tends to be garbage.
  13. Glad to see someone else saying this. I think my initial comments were lost in day one announcement hysteria. Agreed, FO would be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the board. Hopefully we will see this, Rogue One and Rebels thrown into the mix. And for good measure the Clone Wars. Why not?
  14. Ooo, can't play ball with you there. I am pretty sure the x-wing pilots on Scariff would argue with you how fast they are in atmosphere. My point is x-wings (any snubfighter, really) has a place on the board. We used to have strafe runs and bombing runs. Lots of fun! Definitely cranks up the tension!
  15. Easy. If Brody needed a bigger boat then the RC would take a bigger table. 6X3 is a little small.