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  1. Feel ya brother. Enjoy. You will be passing the torch, er, dice, soon.
  2. Yeah this is stunning. Man I would love to roll dice on this board!
  3. Now that is a pretty table. Well done.
  4. And if companies sold terrain with their minis I can guarantee you that terrain would be ridiculously expensive. Man, we don't need that. Better to build your own.
  5. There is an AT-AT at 1/53 scale? No kidding!
  6. Would love, love to see other aliens. . .
  7. Characters from Rebels would be great. Rogue One as well and just about anyone else that is not a Skywalker.
  8. How are they looking? Are you happy with your results?
  9. Not sure what FFG's age has to do with this. Advances in technology should give any game company a decisive edge. I am in agreement with the naysayers. These models like depth. And that lack torpedoes their price point and turns this into a pay to win game. Sorry but that is just not cool. I've given this more thought than I should have. FFG is producing a game and adhering to industry standards in its pricing. Rather than innovating and being an industry leader it is in step with its competitors. Now, will I buy it? Ueaj but grudgingly. Will I invest in this high dollar models? Not bloody likely when there are alternatives that look great and are a fraction of the cost. And yeahx I know it makes me the cranky one in the room but come on. GW can't justify its pricing and I don't think FFG can either. There. I said it. Laen. Off. And all that jazz.
  10. Yeah that's cool and probably true but that still does not justify the price point.
  11. Bingo.
  12. I was really hoping for something reasonable, something outside of 40K. Fifty bucks for a model and a set of cards seems excessive.
  13. Yeah didn't catch that. Thanks!
  14. Okay so I'll say it: digging the new troops (except Rebel aliens, dude, where are they? A token Duros is supposed to hold me over?) that price point is killing me! Fifty bucks for a scout walker? Aw man, come on! Twenty five bucks for speeder bikes? I was kind of able to justify this with X-wing and Armada but adding Legion to the list is really making my credit card and my bank account think twice. That being said is there word on whether these are prepainted or do we model these as well? I'm thinking specifically vehicles here. I know we have bantered back and forth regarding prepainted versus not prepainted. Curious about the big vehicles though. I'm digging the T47s but I am having a tough time with the solid base. Wouldn't an acrylic base be more thematic? And yeah that could be a part of modelling, I know. Curious about everyone else's thoughts.
  15. Agreed. I see where you are going with this but I wouldn't think this would be a standard part of the game.