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  1. Do we have a wish list yet? How about crossover? Anyone considering using old clankers in the war for independence? Or aging clones (ahem) fighting with Rebels. Life long fan here. I'm excited for this new set. Can't wait! (Ooh! Imagine Vader carving into Wookies at the end of the Clone Wars. Or imagine running Anakin and the 501! Or how about the fall of the Jedi! Man. Too numerous. Or imagine a Jedi that survived the Purge fighting with the Rebels.) Lots of good possibilities here. I only hope we get generic Jedis and Padawans.
  2. Sooner rather than later!
  3. Wondering when we will be getting real droids? Not just some random med droid or astro droid. Anxiously waiting for probes, k droids, and protocol droids. Security droids would be nice too!
  4. Whoa. Twi'ileks and rodians? Rad. If nothing else these two are selling points!
  5. So we have Clone Wars era pics on cards. Is there a plan for some trilogy hopping in the future?
  6. I'd go 15 and then would hope and pfay for true 25 again.
  7. That's cool. Bith are a good choice too.
  8. Good start. Sullustan? Ithorian? Rodian would be extra cool. Do you sculpt more than heads? I would be interested in what else you could accomplish.
  9. Love to see this as well. Imperial probe droids IG droids. You name it. That would be smooth.
  10. If this alternative heads are released, even on a limited garage kit run let me know. I would be very interested.
  11. Anyone planning on combining IA with Legion? I'm thinking Jawas, Tuskens (w banthas), droids and more droids. (Hey. Why aren't there droids with Legion?)
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