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  1. We'll probably have a core group of 4 total players, but two players will be learning it first. Is it easier to learn the game if the 2 people just do 1v1 skirmishes, or would it be better for them to do 1v1 mission(s) or 1v3 mission(s) with the 2nd person operating 3 heroes?
  2. Just finished a 2 hero vs stormtrooper / officer play through. Heros were gaarkhan and jyn odan. It seemed near impossible for the imperial to win. Gaarkhan could move 8 spaces and attack twice on each turn (4+attack for special, and 1 normal attack) which led to the stormtroopers dying just before making it to terminal 1. The officer tried to run down the long hall to get the other, but with gaarkhan moving 8 times, he had no chance. Also jyn got the supply crate which was a frag grenade which allowed her to roll a red die and killed a trooper without any chance of defense. Is it normal for the heroes to so easily win the tutorial? I recognize it's not about winning, but to learn... But unsure if we did something incorrectly. Additionally, are there some good resources / videos that go over the basics? We found the tutorial info in the tutorial manual left a lot of questions. Like telling us to place the hero class cards next to the heros but then never using them. Likewise, condition tokens were never used (still don't really know what each of them are)
  3. I know this is an old thread but having just got the game and playing the tutorial... It specifically states imperial must interact with both terminals. Has the game been updated since OPs post, or did he just miss that part?
  4. If I do keep core... What about slave 1 expansion? That one should be sold/returned? Also got for $9
  5. Thanks for all the responses. It was purchased for $9, so not a bad deal but yeah I'd rather get the 2nd core set. I'll probably sell this one locally if I can get more than $10,and if not, just return it and keep an eye out for 2nd core set.
  6. Have been wanting to get into this game for some time but finally pulled the trigger when I saw the core set on sale at the local shop. Not until I got home did I find out there are multiple core sets... Is the force awakens core set worth keeping / starting with, or should I be returning it and only starting with "2.0 core set"? Also is slave 1 still a worthwhile ship? Or tie fighter/FO? (these were also on sale)
  7. Just finished my second game and we chose/played inner sanctum. Keepers choices led to 1b being the objective (spawning the big monster in the chapel) The thing is, the keeper moved 4 cultists into the chapel to spawn the objective monster, right at the same point where four turns later, the final event card would be revealed. So in four turns, if the monster is still alive, the keeper wins, but if the investigators make it four rounds (to reveal final event card) they win. With that said, am I correct in that if the keeper kills all of the investigators (objective revealed so no replacements), he would win outright? Even though it doesn't say on the objective that that's a way for him to win?
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