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  1. FFG question, anyone know when the PDF on DriveThru will get updated with the errata content?
  2. Thanks for sharing this content, I was thinking something very similar and you've done the work for me! Players used to defined lists of spells, familiar etc. seem to either have complete paralysis on what to do or go completely nuts. I want to try and keep to the Runebound world of content as possible, so what you've done makes complete sense.
  3. I've downloaded your template and the example looks great. I have no expertise at all in LaTeX but want to know how to get the style and other components correctly installed in order to work with an editor. I've downloaded the portable version of Texmaker for Windows but can't seem to figure out how to glue it all together. Can you provide any pointers on setting up the environment please? I'm looking to use for creating vehicle, weapons and NPC cards.
  4. Blanks would certainly be welcome for creating our own. But not with a Terrinoth theme, I'd like some generic ones too. I'm working on a Mission Impossible/Kingsman setting and cards like these are very helpful additions.
  5. Valkyrie is a great project and any effort should probably be put into that. I'm sure they'd appreciate the help.
  6. Any idea as to when we're likely to see a reprint of Strange Remnants? Seems impossible to get in the UK and is still showing as awaiting reprint on the site?
  7. Yeah that's what we do. Wouldn't have thought it would be that hard to put in as the data is already there.
  8. When playing The Delve with the kids we normally play one or two scenarios and then save and exit the quest after shopping or spending EXP. So the normal save point would be after setup for the next scenario but this has a problem. When we then reload the game you can of course look through the events and see what board pieces you need etc. but you can't actually see where the start positions of the characters are. Would it be possible to have these permanently shown on the board, or if you click on a group show it on board?
  9. Steam version on Mac (1.3.0) playing The Delve I got the following come up: Minion Goblin Archer We only have the base game set added when this came up. Can't help but think this is a bug, as I can't see why the minions would turn on the master goblin or other master creature?
  10. Would people be interested in a web app that would be a mix of Redjak Automated Overload with RtL-style automated monsters, and maybe Perils? All of this with random generated dungeons like Warhammer Quest where you need to reach a specific room and slain the boss (Descent Lieutenant) ? I really don't understand why people like random generated dungeon. I do understand the surprise factor on the shape of your dungeon, but you get the same feeling on a RtL quest ( if you have never played it). I like a cohesive story trhough each tile of the dungeon I'm esploring. Until i get to the boss of the dungeon, but slain him may not be the solution to defeat the dungeon... it may be something else..!! I like the story driven dungeon better. Can someone who like the idea of the random generated dungeon tell me why a Random generated dungeon is overall a better idea? I might be missing something..! I like the idea of being able to design a n encounter or complete campaign but being able to play the game as a cooperative. They've already made a great design tool in Quest Vault, they now have a fantastic delivery platform with RtL which has also proved the game can work well as a cooperative. I can't see that it would be that dramatic a leap to add a pdf viewer to view the published content of QV. Then have a new module to play RedJaks deck. That way you'd be able to enjoy all the printed content to dat and these new more interactive scenarios. D2E has become even more popular now in my family as we can all play together against a virtual foe. I can still play it as designed with my friends, so it's the best of both worlds.
  11. If only they'd tie it to Quest Vault and adopt RedJaks Automated Overlord system in it :-(
  12. A couple of issues: Link to the video overview is broken - tested in IE & Chrome. In chrome I'm unable to add a note to a "X". You get the black marker line appear and can drag it around but are unable to click-finish it's end point, all works fine in IE. When will we be able to delete quests; I would have thought if it wasn't published you should be able to do this? Also, any chance we could have some videos around good design practise, especially weighting the number of opposing forces against the heroes.
  13. I totally agree with you on the line of sight rules. My kids and I play both IA and D2E and we've tried the move rule and after a bit of "discussion" over the movement differences we opted to keep D2E movement and use IA's LOS. Exactly as Charmy points out, the LOS change makes many of the tiles a bit more interesting.
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