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  1. Vulcan646

    Like seeds on the wind

    It was nice for this fiction to give us more context about the Perfect Land Sect. However, I got to say that I was getting a lot of creepy cult vibes from them. I also think that I prefer the non-perfect land sect samurai stories due to the fact that I love seeing stories of people struggling with Bushido.
  2. Vulcan646

    Coiled Snake

    I really liked the symbolism of Jodan giving the Go set to Shoju. The Emperor has made his final move and it now falls to Daisetsu and Shoju to make it count. There is profound meaning in that action and I think that it was the perfect way to end off the story.
  3. Vulcan646

    Children of Tradition

    I just want to put the idea out there that I don't think that Sotorii is having a Kansen (or some other Fu Leng related entity) talk to him in the italicized inner monologue. Both part 1 and 2 of this story have used italicized inner monologue to add more characterization to the characters in the stories. Also, all of the main characters, in both part 1 and 2 of this story, have had italicized inner monologue so far. The exception to this obviously being Shoju and Satsume.
  4. Vulcan646

    Children of Tradition

    I may be biased but I am personally hoping for you to write a Bayushi Shoju scorpion story. Regardless, I am very exited to see part 3 of this story.
  5. Vulcan646

    Children of Tradition

    D.G. Laderoute and FFG have once again given us a great L5R short story. I am genuinely impressed that we got to see both sides of the bother's conflict and that it was displayed so well.
  6. Vulcan646

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    GAH! i know people picked Yogo to try to get the spider clan back into the story but come on. Yogo was literally the worst option out of the Scorpion list of options as it actively hurts the clan. Well, we are stuck on this roller coaster now. Let's see where it goes.....
  7. Vulcan646

    Imperial Gifts - Kotei Prize Fiction

    All I was thinking about, while reading this fiction, was just how cute Shahai was. Horribly naive but very cute. My god do I want Shaisetsu to be a thing and for them to be happy together. Probably not going to happen though (bad things always happen to love birds). On a side note, it's pretty funny to me to see Shizue try to manipulate Shahai.
  8. Vulcan646

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    I think the choice that the Scorpion should pick is the Soshi. It seems the most subtle while also giving Shoju as much information possible.
  9. Vulcan646

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    Shoju has the most empire wide outlook of any of the current clan champions. If any of the great clans is going to help the Crab it will likely be the Scorpion clan. Not that I have a problem with that as the Scorpion and Crab Clans share a lot of similarities in regards to their outlook on duty. Shoju even says in the story "The World, A Stage", “Then there is the matter of the Crab. Hida Kisada begins to mutter darkly about us, over the matter of the Emperor’s apparent lack of interest in the mounting threat to the Wall. At the very least, he wonders why we don’t use our influence to convince the Emperor that securing the Wall is the Empire’s most pressing concern.” “It is unlike Kisada to so openly admit weakness.” “I have offered him aid from our clan, troops and material, but he demands an unacceptable degree of control over them.”
  10. Vulcan646

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    In the Whispers of Shadow and Steel book, Yojiro commits to being a Scorpion first and foremost. He does this as he come to understand that the Scorpion clan, for the most part, always prioritizes it's duty to the Empire and the role it serves in the Empire. Thus I suspect that Toturi will get burned at some point.
  11. Vulcan646

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    Even with the Toshi Ranbo issue decided it seems the Crane and Lion hostility issues are not over. Not that anyone really expected it to be over..... On the bright side, it looks like Bayushi Yojiro has been the one appointed to administer Toshi Ranbo. It will be interesting to see what happens with that.
  12. Vulcan646

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    I am so excited to see all of the options.
  13. Vulcan646

    A Simple Test

    I would like to also point out though that he definitely seems to care for Yogo Asami though. This is shown when he eventually relents and lets Yogo Asami contact her son via the letter through the Miya messengers. He should be an interesting character to follow in the future.
  14. Vulcan646

    Interesting Times in Rokugan

    I think the problem, in terms of support on the forums, is that the Crane clan has been put in a really bad position in the story thus far. Thus it is hard to get support for a clan that seems to be constantly failing and not helping themselves. Examples of failings: The champion has divided loyalty to clan and her Scorpion lover. The clan is divided about how to deal with the death of the emerald champion. The clan has lost a lot of political power trying to go after things that have not turned out results. ex: Toshi Ranbo - Both the fighting and political attempts to secure it. The clan has a general amount of infighting right now. However, note that I said that they seem to not be doing much to help themselves. It is important to note that they are trying to align themselves with the unicorn to shore up their military weakness (in terms of numbers). They also likely know, on at least a general level, about the Mantis clan stealing their supplies from their trading vessels. I suspect that things will start to normalize for them now that the Toshi Ranbo issue has been resolved in neither Lion or Cranes favour. They will also benefit from the fact that Rokugon looks to be really for an inheritance debacle of which they are not the one of the main players to.
  15. So now that you have provided us this wonderful write up , my next question is going to be when/if you will post the follow up adventure write up. Regardless of what you decide, thanks for sharing your GMing experience and story with the beginner box adventure