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  1. Sinker w/ Hull 4 Torrents Broadside w/ ICT & R4 100pts Broadside is good yo.
  2. Partially executing a maneuver leads to "skipping your perform action step" so even if you tractor yourself off what was bumped, you still bumped and didn't complete the maneuver.
  3. 6 Vultures with Struts seems pretty strong to take advantage of Sun Fac's tractoring.
  4. Correction, I've played Midnight with Lone Wolf 50% of the time. Also PA was on Nien, Ello only had SFoils.
  5. @Jedu give it some time. It's a very unique and weird ship at first. Gravitic Deflection goes against what Sun Fac is trying to do so I wouldn't use that. Predator, Trick Shot and Treacherous could all be useful alternatives. It also really matters what the rest of the list is around Sun Fac.
  6. Sure, but you're attacking without mods. It's like being locked by Midnight. No matter how cool Juking stuff is, if you don't roll any hits, it doesn't matter. I know Snap Shot is where you can have that advantage since you can't mod your dice anyway, but you're hampering your offense on your regular attacks which should be used as good follow ups after the snap shot barrage. Think of snap shot like a much cheaper option of VTG Dorsal carriers, one of those attacks really likes to be modded because if neither are modded, the damage done is very minimal.
  7. There's a reason Juke has only gone on ships that get evades without having to take the actual evade action within their perform action step. I don't think snap shot will change that. It's always better to try and maximize mods for your dice over modding your opponents dice when attacking. Taking an evade action just to use Juke is no different. The snap shots specifically will get some benefit but the regular shot will suffer in their output.
  8. I AGREE! ...seriously if gas clouds aren't going to have consequences, please make full execute not count if a ship moved through an obstacle...
  9. Would you like Snap Shot in that flavor of 5-8 ships? It even has Leia too.
  10. Tried out Sun Fac...and the mod slot being taken away was probably a late adjustment and rightly so. Afterburners on Sun Fac would be ridiculously too good for him. He's not too expensive, unsure if too cheap because I'm at least thinking while list building which is a good thing, but dang is he effective.
  11. I can assure you Sun Fac will be quite operational when he arrives...
  12. OK but honestly Sun Fac base cost is irrelevant because every Nantex is taking Ensnare.
  13. Soontir is the real culprit of this comparison. He's comically better than Wedge and cheaper than Wedge.
  14. Soontir is still a culprit of being too cheap anyway. Should cost more than Wedge honestly.
  15. I'm not putting too much stock into the threat amount, but the amount of double talent slot is alarming to the point where it's now a safe assumption that certain pilots will have access to 2 talent slots.
  16. RStan

    Latts served Frost

    I'd also appreciate the links, but I'm going to assume you're already planning on linking them here eventually. 🙂
  17. RStan

    Latts served Frost

    Tried out the list. I think I'd swap Crack Shot on Frost for Delayed Fuses so far. Both cards can be "game winning" types of cards, but the flexibility of dropping a prox mine on your own ship to delay it for the ship to move off for an enemy ship to then move through or on it is just adding another wrinkle to the list for the opponent to think about. It already came up in the first game I played and killed QD for me. Yes that's just one game, but I see Frost leveraging her rear arc more anyway to not only shoot but threaten with prox mines. Last two points still being Crack Shot on Latts & 4LOM or Qi'Ra on 4LOM are still up in the air for me. Zuckuss won't proc enough since 4LOM will be stressed more often to not use it and Tobias is not better than 2 Cracks or Qi'ra. BT-1 on Latts is a distant 3rd though still.
  18. Wow! 0 Resistance in cut... that's unforseen
  19. @GreenDragoon I think the list definitely has legs. There's pros and cons to it. Definitely focus on using Leia for Cova and keep PA on Finn. Cova w/ Leia in a vacuum is probably a better ship than Comp Snap. It's got more difficult moves for an opponent to consider in the scrum engagement phases. Cova has 1 more health and the heroic insurance which is harder to take down than Snap who can die just as easily as Bastian. What I don't like is Jess loses access to an Astromech and most of all, the flexibility of Snaps mobility. If the Cova squad faces a better jousting squad like TIE Swarm, Sinker Swarm or maybe Sear Swarm, it can't split up and surround as good as the Snap version can. Cova can't boost or barrel roll. It's got great moves as the turns of engagement in the mid game, but getting to a favorable engagement against superior jousters will be difficult. Again, there's pros and cons and it's worth trying to compare.
  20. Be ready to be disappointed...or at least we should hope you'll be disappointed...
  21. RStan

    Latts served Frost

    @Dalli looking at your list build, just playing around with the last 3 pts. First off, I don't have any issue with each ship having Crack Shot, it definitely is a solid option and could still be the best to use. Just curious if you've tried any of the things listed below in your testing or games with the build. 4LOM options: Elusive (Hull same value but no increase in hp threashold and can save more than 1 hull), Qi'ra (4LOM movement freedom), Tobias Beckett (move that obstacle where you want), Zuckuss (generate stress without doing a red and help push damage like Crack Shot) or Fearless (setup easier via tractor) Latts Razzi options: Hull Upgrade (increases half pt hp threshold), Contraband Cybernetics (0 stop flexibility), or BT-1 (crits are bad yo, thanks 4LOM) Koshka Frost option: Delayed Fuses (allows for more flexible mine drop with your medium/large ships) EDITED: I like this actually a lot the more I think about it instead of Crack Shot on Frost even if the other 2 Crack Shots are kept.
  22. How many points are you willing to spend on Sun Fac w/ Ensnare and Afterburners?
  23. RStan

    Latts served Frost

    I appreciate the write up and the follow up clarifications on the switch from the Nashtah Pup to the Prox Mines. I've personally found prox mines to be very underrated. In terms of Latts action primarily being TL, do you figure if you find yourself in a position where you should reinforce, Latts just shouldn't have been in that position in the first place? Latts just needs to be in game states that allows her to take the lock without threat of a lot of unanswered damage I assume? Do you reinforce/focus only when you're out of lock range incase opposing ships surprisingly turn towards you?
  24. Upgrade cards don't make the same "thunk" as ships do. I expect some ripping of Precog Reflexes out of YWing packaging without using the YWing that weekend...
  25. 4 health ships don't like auto damage and/or too many shots for their tokens to last through. If their strategy is to take advantage of their maneuverability through the obstacles, maybe pack some seismic charges and/or prox mines. Getting rid of or not allowing the use of defensive tokens are also good via Midnight, Palob, 4LOM crew or Vader crew.
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