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  1. ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
  2. Honestly whenever you have the opportunity to go, just do it (when we can again). No matter what skill level you're at (well at least must know the base rules of the game) it's a fun time for all and a great place to meet others from around the world. I can't tell you how many people I've heard after their first worlds experience say "I wish I did this sooner."
  3. I'll just be over here concerned about GAR having access to R2D2 and Padme secret missions along with access to one of the most potent alpha strikes in the game....
  4. I guess, first, what is your definition of "generic/health-tank spam" lists or ships before we move forward with any other discussions.
  5. So this was a thing shared in a facebook group.
  6. Yes....3 copies of that exact list were in the top 16 and Boba is also an ace...so there's that. 12 16 George Labusohr 5 1521 0.47 Fifth Brother + Passive Sensors + Homing Missiles Darth Vader + Hate + Fire-Control System + Afterburners Soontir Fel + Crack Shot + Targeting Computer Not to mention LVO included Soontir winning along with another in top 16. Clearly this is too small of a data size though to make any appropriate opinions right? EITHER WAY, Soontir shouldn't be the highlight of this conversation...I'm staring at Vader and Whisper more...granted I don't think Soontir should be exempt from around a 5ish point increase.
  7. If going for the 5 ship, Blount is always a great starting point and either Jake or Intimidation Arvel. I'm inclined to favor Arvel in the 5 ship especially when we already have the Bot Bus as the main support piece. I've felt when building that Jake and Bot Bus is a bit heavy on the support side, but I could be wrong, especially in 5 ship when between Bot Bus and Jake, 3 ships can get double modded. I think Jek Porkins is actually the go to XWing around that mid 40s cost XWing. His ability is actually pretty good to still get double mods on 4k or 3talon turns to dump his stress prior to be coordinated from AP-5 or passed a focus from Jake. I can see Kullbee taking advantage of focus boost and still getting his wings opened which still seems good.
  8. @theBitterFig can confirm, "Bot Bus" is pretty good for 40 pts. It's honestly about finding pieces that can benefit the most from it. The support flexibility is really high with AP5 w/ K2SO. Options to give calc to ship and coordinate same ship for many tokens for ship OR spread the love between two ships OR take calc for yourself while still coordinating other ship OR take calc for yourself and Jam opposing ship. I'm gonna be spending time finding out where this is best used for a bit....
  9. I've been looking at utilizing K2SO, but not on the falcon or outrider. It's obvious on Lando and the Dash Outrider combo is another option, but I'm just not interested in building anything like that. I do think there's list out there that can take advantage of AP5 with K2SO (Bot Bus) which is 40 pts of amazing support between giving out calc from K2SO and coordinating to a ship even if they're stressed. Either coordinating the same or different ship than the one who got the K2SO calc, both options are great.
  10. It's bold, you gotta give him that...
  11. XVT, Kyber Cup, and more to come. Granted XVT rotates so that helps. I understand why Jank Tank used extended, I'm not against Jank Tank at all as nobody was allowed to build their own squad anyway. Dion I assume made most of the decision on Space Jam being extended because that's what the majority of his audience likes and figured even if some competitive players preferred Hyperspace that they would still likely show an interest in playing since there's nothing else going on (me as an example since I prefer hyperspace).
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