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  1. RStan

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    I'd like to echo this part of the statement. All of the captains had a civil conversation and voted to uphold the rules set by the Outryder rules committee. At the event, everyone had fun. From my perspective, there was no ill will during the entire event from any side effected.
  2. RStan

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    That's actually an incorrect reference. The list was right all along, but the FFG stream overlay was incorrect causing the review to occur. It was thought to be a list building error, but that didn't end up being the case.
  3. A strain is not enough. The benefit of gaining the obstruction is too high to just get a strain. There has to be another downside whether you can't shoot while on it OR roll dice and potentially gain another negative token like an Ion token. I definitely like the idea of rolling for an Ion because then it hurts small ships more while medium to large ships have a harder time being obstructed from these medium-small sized gas clouds.
  4. RStan

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Try $39.95. Even bigger steal. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/products/servants-strife-squadron-pack/
  5. RStan

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    It also seems that even in a 4 ship list where Poe is with 3 RZ2s, the overall strategy of splitting up Poe and the 3 As is already a solid tactic even without Lone Wolf on Poe. It's kind of like a Kylo + stuff, except Poe's "NOPE" out of a situation is Black One. So Lone Wolf should still be in effect if that strategy is employed enough.
  6. RStan

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    @Boom Owl I assume people don't take Lone Wolf because it's that mindset of "I must use all upgrade cards I paid for all the time" and think it's too hard to keep them beyond range 2 in 3+ ship lists to make it work all the time all the while not realizing that it doesn't have to work all the time if it ends up making it to a favorable end game anyway. It's the same mindset of Rexlar Brath players not taking Adv Sensors because they can't get their evade token to use Juke if they reposition from adv sensors.
  7. RStan

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    That's the difficulty of that list. Poe "should" be your #1 target, but if your opponent has any idea what they "should" be doing, he won't be a viable target available since he won't be in actual threat in the early game. On top of that, you REALLY don't want that Nien to make it to the mid game to do his shenanigans. So unless the opponent is dumb and just gives you Poe, the better target is normally Nien because it still takes away a solid amount of points and a Proton Torp carrier.
  8. RStan

    How do you knock out triple Up's?

    Tune into OCX livecast tonight at 830 central where we will have this discussion with Tyler Tippett!
  9. RStan

    Vassal Module v8.3.0 is out - Brand New Dial

    Trying out the auto maneuver from CTRL + S tonight and I gotta say....freaking awesome! Makes games and turns much faster along with easier. Amazing work as usual Mu0n. If there was anytime to get into XWing on Vassal people, it's never been easier.
  10. RStan

    Ships that are not in a good place if you ignore 1 pilot

    TIE Adv x1 (Vader), G1A (4LOM), Norra (ARC170), AP5 (Sheathipede), Sabine (Attack Shuttle), and maybe Kylo Ren (Silencer), but it's probably a bit early to say on Silencers.
  11. RStan

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I will accept our RZ2 overlords.
  12. RStan

    What ships have been surprising you?

    Muse. If you want to use Tavson outside of a Dormitzkreig or a Kylo + Tavson list, look at putting Muse in the squad near Tavson with Pattern Analyzer and Phasma. When he does a 0 stop or red maneuvers in general have Muse at range 0-1 of Tavson. The amount of turns I've been able to 0 stop in a row, still get multiple actions per turn via Tavson ability and deny opposing ships the ability to get behind me has been staggering. I never expected the investment into Muse to be worth it beyond a "cute gimmick."
  13. RStan

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I mean comparing directly to the RZ1, we already know that should go down. Even before the RZ2 came out it needed to at least go down a bit. Now maybe the RZ2s get bumped up a tad so that you don't have to really "drop" the RZ1s down too far, but I say to let it ride out since there are more pressing issues on the "points change priority list."
  14. RStan

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    We had a hard time finding a matchup for our double skin player and Indy took 1 or 2 skin games into the final round anyway. One of which was against me. Unfortunately my Tavson and 3 named FOs got matched up against Dormitzkreig (as seen in picture posted by Tyler Shaw). Granted that game actually came down the wire.