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  1. Reread the card again as it says "You cannot overlap an object this way. If you cannot be placed at either set of guides, you and that ship each suffere 1 damage." Objects are obstacles, devices, and ships. So the buzz droid must be able to be placed with none of those 3 objects overlapping.
  2. Besides Ensnare as the main upgrade on this ship, I'm pretty sure Afterburners is almost stapled to at least Sun Fac. Also not much discussion on Chertek, but has more consistent attack dice instead of the high ceiling of Sun Fac damage output. Granted Chertek is i4, but what if Sun Fac just set Chertek up all the time whether by getting enemy ships tractored and moving them where necessary OR Sun Fac passing Chertek a tractor token to hot potato that tractor token to an enemy ship too. I'm interested what is left from Sun Fac, Chertek, and Grievous. 6 Vultures, 3 with Discords leave 74 for Sun Fac OR 2 Bombardment Hyenas w/ Prox Mines & Delayed Fuses and 2 Discord Vultures leave 76 pts. Auto damage is good when tractor helps get them there.
  3. It really depends on the aces and the rest of their squad loadout. Like I mentioned before, the likely incoming damage to a focused T70 will matter if it's best to make an in game decision a few turns in to split Snap and Bastian off from the formation to threaten a wider area against aces flanking. Against aces it just comes down to correct decision making and reading your opponent. Make the most correct guesses because they can decide later where they'll be with repositions.
  4. Are there any official FFG alt art Vultures yet? I know of Grievous, DBS-404, Maul and that's it...
  5. While I too believe adding in a hull or shield upgrade on Finn is a bit much, it does increase the amount of damage necessary for opponents to get half pts.
  6. You either find the room and make the investment on Perceptive Copilot and Pattern Analyzer (or Adv Optics I guess, but PA IMO is better) OR you keep him as cheap as possible and only take Heroic and MAYBE C3PO crew if nowhere else to spend pts.
  7. Keeping them all together in a box and at least for the first few turns leading up to the main engagement just makes it that much more threatening and creates an extremely dangerous "no fly zone" in front of them for most ships/lists. When deciding on splitting them off a bit (usually Bastian & Snap) after being a box most of the start, it depends on opposing ships I want to threaten and there ability to create damage output that could gain them half pts on any of my T70s. If I don't think they can gain points, but I want to threaten, I'll simply, for example, 1 or 2 bank snap/bastian while letting Finn/Jess 1 or 2 forward. The threatened area is increased, but each it obviously isn't as effective together anymore, but it doesn't allow a flanking ace free reign to spend a focus offensively without the potential of losing some very valuable health or even half pts. As long as I leave either group the ability to turn back into either direction to put all guns on target the following turn(s), I'm willing to threaten a bit, but then cut back in hard to pursue where necessary.
  8. Oh yeah lol, technical difficulties because Google killed Hangouts On Air connection for YouTube. I generally stayed in a box unless I went up against something I knew I couldn't out joust. Example TIE Swarm I faced in round...4 or 5. I started in a box, kept Jess and Finn together in my corner while flexing Bastian and Snap high. Similar to how you may have seen my 5As vassal images, I kept Snap going high and around like Lulo and Bastian cut in eventually in the middle while using BRs to keep distance before the cut in. Nothing on stream unfortunately. TIE Swarm ended up going for Finn and Jess because more ships there to target. Ended up trading Finn for Howlrunner which I'll take all day with 3 full health T70s left all surrounding the TIE Swarm and clean up. BB Astromech on Jess was HUGE for her. That would've been good to see on stream.
  9. Was wondering when that would show up in this thread...
  10. Too many Grand/Continental events within 2 months before and after Worlds. My wallet can only handle so much. Would've been nice to attend an event at all levels 😕
  12. Not true at least of the Gencon ruling. I played Friday and Ryan Farmer played Saturday. Each using Finn and was used as the current RAW "broken" one. Unsure of their intent for Finn going forward.
  13. Clarify @Mistborn_Jedi Rd5 was against Andrew Nuckols running the Sinker Swarm + Ric. My loss was to 2 Juke Sigmas and Juke Rexlar, hard to catch and finish off, but was 1 health away from half on Rexlar that would've gotten me the win. For a more detailed breakdown, tuned into OCX Radio live on Wednesday night at 830 US central also available in podcast form usually 3-7 days after livecast.
  14. Also I'm a firm believer in Pattern Analyzer over Adv Optics on Finn. Way more consistent and dangerous being able to use all those reds and still get double focus.
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