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  1. I'm glad they included the coat. As others mentioned it's used for camo and makes perfect sense in the setting of legion. Also in regards to him barely wearing it, he only stops wearing it when there plan literally becomes based on him being easily visible (to draw the imperial away from the bunker into an ambush).
  2. I like this. Or more specifically something akin to this. Let's make a 4th "faction" which essentially isn't a faction. All ships from this faction can be used by multiple factions on a ship-by-ship basis. Maybe instead of 1 large faction symbol it has 2 or 3 smaller ones.
  3. Do we know the bases are the same? I expected legion to have special bases to work with the manoeuvre tool.
  4. We've seen the rebel squad has duros so that seems unlikely.
  5. It would be nice to see them unpainted to also see how that looks.
  6. This game will be way harder than IA simply because you'll be keeping track up maybe 50 or 100 of your units rather than 5 or 10. As for differentiating them lore wise, waant super common (would oppose the whole uniformity and wave of endless enemies thing) but like with ties it existed. Could do simple stripes (Like assault stormtroopers, or akin to units like clonetroopers) or due environment specifics like camos.
  7. I expect the games to feel quite different. Squad activation vs Individual, range vs tiles, 5 or 10 vs 100. The first and last of those especially should play a big part in how it feels to play or the strategies employed. Also IA is (to me and many others, and often portrayed as) more story/mission based and not skirmish while legion seems to be entirely vs based.
  8. For those saying this is just like IA, if the 1000 points a side and 11 points per stormtrooper is correct, then an army could compose of 90 stormtrooper. 90! that seems like a pretty significant change to what IA offers.
  9. Only I'm serious? In many ways xwing should be like Imperial Assault, paint your crap, invest your time and put in the work. I understand that many players are way too lazy to do this, so im all for regular paint jobs. but im a little bummed about the engine glow, now its like its pay to have your ships look cool. People could already pay for cooler looking ships, only difference is this is official and through FFG. It's ridiculous to say that people who either lack the talent or time to make cool looking paint jobs shouldn't be allowed to have them.
  10. For the X-Wing could just use Luke and say it's old Luke with his relic of a fighter. Help with the fluff. An unrelated point, from what you've said you'd end up with 4 ties and 4 t-70s (unless I read wrong) and just so you know, that'd be uneven. 1 t-70 is roughly 2 tie/fo. So just something to keep in mind.
  11. I can't speak to the scum part of your question, but in regards to playing with 4 people here's what I do. Either just do 100 points per player (all the extra ships take longer at first but stuff die much faster as well so) or just let people pick the ships and stuff they like and work from their to make it the same amount of points. Not doing it competitively so doesn't really matter too much.
  12. That's a **** shame. Regardless of your position on the story and the acting, anyone who overlooks the amazing world building, art design, costume design, music and visual storytelling are **** fools. But that's the thing. A movie like that, without a good story and acting, is like a beautiful body missing all its bones. It's an unappealing mess and, for me, makes them unwatchable. You're right in many ways, they are lacking many qualities of good movies. But for RP that's irrelevant. They had good world building and that's what matters for RPing, so good movies, maybe not, good settings for RPing, definitely.
  13. The paintjob is definitely different. Seems darker and dirtier but most of all the engine area is scorched. Very noticably.
  14. What I love most about this game would have to be the times where you're near the end of a game and it's just 2 ships left, 1 per person, dodging and attacking/defending. Had several games where that can last a log time and it's super intense and awesome.
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