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  1. T-65 Fix?

    This is the kind of title upgrade I would like see. With it we may actually see X-wings with torps.
  2. Is the GR-75 worth the purchase?

    I was able to obtain a copy of the X-wing an all related upgrades already.
  3. Is the GR-75 worth the purchase?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, and X-wing in general. However, even though I am a new player I have amassed a large collection. I tend to go "all in" to games. Anyway, I'm wondering if the GR-75 is worth the purchase. It seems odd to fly a ship that has no weapons. Thoughts?
  4. What new scum ships do you hope to see in Wave 9 onwards?

    I'd love to see the CloakShape Fighter and the R-41 Starchaser.