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  1. According to RAW, as a general rule Nemesis class NPCS (and the occasional Rival class that merits enough importance) should resist force powers with an opposed check. So yes, Mr. Space Dracula should be rolling a skill check, opposed by the NPC in question if he is targeting a Nemesis or important Rival. (Probably Medicine/Discipline against Discipline/Resilience, but that part is up to the GM.) As for Influence, that GM ruling is total nonsense, from both a mechanical and narrative standpoint. Force users can't influence other force users? Have they not watched any of the movies? I mean, respect rule zero and all, but you should absolutely point out to your GM that what they've decided goes against both the rules of the game itself and pretty much all the lore in existence, legends or canon.
  2. DarthHammer

    You get 3500 xp

    Um, double nope actually. According to the FAQ, a character using a jetpack in personal scale still operates at personal scale (so no Fly/Drive, just Move) but allows movement to any range band with a single maneuver. In effect, it gives your Move maneuver infinite range. So it totally works with Time to Go. (You know, as long as your GM isn't a stick in the mud, since the FAQ does say that all of this is at GM discretion.)
  3. A self shuffling Sabacc deck. The galaxy will never be the same.
  4. DarthHammer

    Attacking with two weapons

    What you could also do is get the Rain of Death talent from the Heavy tree, as well as some ranks in Jury Rigged and use them to reduce the advantage cost of Auto-fire. Use two maneuvers (and admittedly a bunch of strain) to trigger Rain of Death and Guns Blazing. No difficulty increase, and every hit is one advantage. Of course, this pales in comparison to the Se-14r murder dervish build, but it would still be pretty effective.
  5. DarthHammer

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    It would be kinda cool to see the 'clone' aspect represented as a more extreme difference in species template. Perhaps having the starting xp extremely diminished, but in effect already 'spent' on a uniform characteristic block. Maybe 'subspecies' as different templates for the clones.
  6. DarthHammer

    Advice on Overland Challenge

    I mean, a good starting point is to think about what that situation would look like in the real world. First off, consider their resources. Do they have food & water? Do they have any sort of portable shelter? Do they have any protection from the environment while they travel? That information can help you figure out what things the party will need to accomplish through skill checks, and what things they won't need to worry about. The game usually leans toward minimizing/ignoring this sort of minutia, but in this case it's relevant to their situation. From there, the most important factor is their ability to navigate. Even with the right gear, they should still make a check of some sort, since whether or not they're going the right way sets the stage for the rest of the journey. After that, determine what terrain features lie in the direction they're traveling, and which ones are no issue, which ones are difficult terrain that will take longer, and which are impassible terrain that they will have to overcome. For the various legs of their journey, resilience checks are the default to represent how well they cope with the conditions. In this sort of scenario, strain economy for each day (since they recover their strain each night) should be an important factor, representing how much energy/stamina they have before they need to stop and rest. The sorts of tests and encounters during the journey shouldn't be too difficult, but rather should serve to sap away additional strain and drive home the harsh conditions. Lastly, the party should make more navigation checks on each subsequent day, to stay on course. (Or if they botched the initial check, to realize they are lost and get on the right track.) That's my two cents on it, hope it helps.
  7. DarthHammer

    Droid Crafting and Doppleganger

    I mean, the one thing that is RAW is that the various lists of Weapons, Armor, Gear and Attachments aren't exhaustive, and that other's could be made with the GM's Discretion. So if you really wanted to, you could have a cybernetic or piece of gear (attachment probably) that provides that talent.
  8. DarthHammer

    Droid Crafting and Doppleganger

    You could give the droid any of the cybernetics that provide additional talents, but I don't think any of those give Stim Application.
  9. DarthHammer

    Attacking with two weapons

    It's actually not a mod that lets you reduce the difficulty of two-weapon attacks, it's a talent in the Gunslinger tree. (Guns Blazing I think.)
  10. DarthHammer

    How would you stat this bomb ?

    That weapon is not in any of the books AFAIK. As for creating it, I'd probably take the Armor Piercing Grenade from the AoR core book (Damage 13, Crit 3, Range [Short], Blast 4, Pierce 3, Limited Ammo 1) and add the Grenade Cling attachment from Fully Operational. Quick and easy way to mimic the functions of that explosive without having to scratch-build a stat block. And to answer your other question, yes, passive qualities from a weapon do apply to damage from that weapon's Blast quality.
  11. Personally, I'd just have the DH-17 Carbine from FiB represent the DH-17 Rifle from Canon, and ignore the gun from Galaxies entirely.
  12. DarthHammer

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    Yeah, cause he wasn't either of those things.
  13. DarthHammer

    Improved reflect vs autofire

    Actually, this is the poor logic. Nowhere in the rules does it state that additional hits create additional 'pools' of damage that are resolved independently. Furthermore, resolving the advantage and triumph is still before resolving the threat and despair. The advantage is spent and the additional hits are generated, which add the stated damage as well as allow additional critical injuries in Step 6. That damage has been added to the following step, and can't be 'canceled out' by the despair because the weapon running out of ammo does not and cannot negate the damage that has already been dealt. The only way that a weapon quality is 'negated' is if there is insufficient advantage generated to trigger it.
  14. DarthHammer

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    You can't lend away your weapon for the bonus, but there's nothing saying you can't have said team mechanic assist your mechanics check and retain the bonus. It's also easily justified in narrative. Attuning to the crystal is a personal experience, but the refinement of the crystal still requires technical know-how (hence why it's a mechanics check) and the assisting character is providing your character with the knowledge needed to correctly refine the crystal. Actually they FAQ'd that, apparently they screwed up a bit with the wording and the price is not supposed to increase each time. It's just 100 credits per mod.
  15. DarthHammer

    Pod racing rules

    Sons of Fortune has a modular encounter that has a swoop race and rules for running it. It wouldn't be very hard to adapt those rules for Podracing, or to use as a starting point for your own house-rules. (Best part is, you don't actually need Sons of Fortune to get it, it's also available to download on EotE's product page.)