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  1. Only if specifically allowed to by that power though. Otherwise you either simply cannot commit more than one (the more strict interpretation) or have to use multiple actions to commit those dice like you would for different effects (the more accommodating interpretation.)
  2. I don't think that's the case actually, since any ongoing effect that lets you commit a chosen number of dice uses the language: "Commit one or more [Force Die]." The ongoing effects that are written like: "Commit [Force Die]" let you commit only a single force die. Though you could argue that because some of those single dice options say "The user may not activate this multiple times" in their long text, the ones that don't can be activated multiple times. I think this would be a fair interpretation, but it would take multiple actions to stack them just like stacking different ongoing effects, since each 'instance' of the power only lets you use one force die.
  3. I mean, RAW allows a really buff Jawa with a cyber-arm to have a higher Brawn stat than a ****** 200m long, 54,000 ton Sando Aqua Monster. Point being, Attributes are meant to be abstractions, and also aren't meant to be a complete representation of something's abilities on their own; you have to take the whole stat block into account.
  4. I for one am glad they didn't forget to give Lando ranks in Piloting (Space) this time.
  5. Jedi Master is a pretty obvious option, probably with an FR3 pre-req. Grand Master seems extremely unlikely as there's only one of those at a time, and Yoda's got the job already. Having a Council Member spec is a cool idea, but it's too easy to exploit. Having that spec without taking Master unfairly gamebreaking to an outrageous degree.
  6. A lot of answers to your first question OP, so I'll throw in an answer to your second. The game I'm running currently has a player character with two personalities (and before anyone jumps down my throat - this is an experienced player who's taking the concept seriously) though they are a biological being and not a droid, so it's not exactly the same. In this case the only thing that mechanically changes between personalities is their Motivations, and their Morality stats. It's probably the best way to handle it, because having different stats on each personality would be a nightmare to bookkeep and very open to exploitation. The way we decide which personality is in control each session is that each 'side' of the character (the concept is based on Jekyll/Hyde so there are very binary 'good and 'bad' sides) is represented by one of the character's skills: Discipline for one, Coercion for the other. At the start of a session, after force dice are rolled but before the pool is modified based on Paragon/DSFU status, the player rolls an opposed check of Discipline vs Coercion with both the positive and negative dice being determined by the character's skills. In effect, the character is rolling against themselves. We also added a couple of additional wrinkles for the fun of it: whichever personality they ended up as in the previous session counts as the 'player' side and contributes the positive dice, while the other personality opposes the check and adds the negative dice. (This determination also affects talents and such.) Boost or Setback dice are also added to the roll based on the way the destiny point pool has been rolled out. So far it's been a really interesting experiment to develop the mechanics for, and the player in question is enjoying it immensely.
  7. Fair enough, I guess I read your comment as more dismissive than it actually was. For what it's worth I agree that those rules don't make much sense, but they were a quick and easy way out of OPs predicament.
  8. Yes, clearly it was wrong of me to assume the OP is GMing using RAW. I should have just read his mind to figure out what house-rule he was using instead.
  9. It's possible that whatever parent vessel the TIEs came from didn't remain in the system. It could have dropped them off to patrol then jumped away to drop off/pick up other patrols. Alternatively, they could be launched from a planetside garrison. And either way, TIEs by themselves only have a sensor/comms range of close, so they would have to get within that range of friendly forces to send a communication on their own. It could be ruled, however, that something with a larger sensor range that had the TIEs within that range (such as a base or a capital ship) could hail and communicate with the TIEs despite the TIEs not being in sensor range of that source. Even in that case, though, players flying any ship can make like Han Solo and take the Jamming action to cut off communication and keep their cover.
  10. Unlimited Power has stats for a generic 'aquaspeeder' which is probably as close as your going to get to a boat in the system. Disciples of Harmony also has a smaller two person watercraft, which makes a good jet-ski type vehicle. (Though it can fly up to 20m altitude.)
  11. Really? Because the statement on Wookieepedia: Has the source of that statement of six thousand years (the [2]) as being the novel Tarkin. Which is odd, because that novel came out before any of the new movies.
  12. According to RAW, as a general rule Nemesis class NPCS (and the occasional Rival class that merits enough importance) should resist force powers with an opposed check. So yes, Mr. Space Dracula should be rolling a skill check, opposed by the NPC in question if he is targeting a Nemesis or important Rival. (Probably Medicine/Discipline against Discipline/Resilience, but that part is up to the GM.) As for Influence, that GM ruling is total nonsense, from both a mechanical and narrative standpoint. Force users can't influence other force users? Have they not watched any of the movies? I mean, respect rule zero and all, but you should absolutely point out to your GM that what they've decided goes against both the rules of the game itself and pretty much all the lore in existence, legends or canon.
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