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  1. Wow it is so comforting that so many people here are experts on my personal medical issues and are so knowledgeable on my history and what I have to do to stay conscious. Guess what, there are many different levels of Diabetic issues with people, some far more severe than others. That person that you know that only has to prick their finger 3-4 times a day has a different issue than I do, even if the name of the malady is the same. But thanks for shaming me here because of my disease. Not that it is any of your business, but here's some information about my issue so maybe the next person won't have to deal with your ignorance: I check every 15 minutes because it can drop extremely rapidly and unpredictably, and if I don't eat properly when my number first starts going down it can be too late. Would you rather I have to pause my game for 20-30 minutes while I sit on the floor waiting to stabilize, or look at my phone 4 times during a game? Do you think I enjoy being shackled to my phone like this? It's a total nightmare. In the few times I've been to a big event before I got my monitor, since I couldn't check constantly I would have to cut back on my medication for that day, just to be safe. Yes my glucose would skyrocket during the event, I could barely think clearly through the brain fog, but that's the sacrifice I had to make to be able to play the game I enjoy. My phone app has an alarm when it gets too low for when I'm sleeping. Yes, I will get woken up by it and have to eat the food I keep next next to my bed because when it plummets I can't even stand up. It's lots of fun, trust me. Are you seriously suggesting that I order the special non-phone monitor (at extra cost), carry another device around with me all day (along with all of my normal extra stuff I have to have on me at all times, food/etc) just on the off chance that I'm going to play a game on a stream? What?
  2. My phone is also my glucose monitor, and it has to stay within 15' of me at all times. I also need to check it every 15 minutes or so or else I might end up on the floor(type 1 sucks). I don't mind leaving it on the table where my opponent can see it and only checking it during the end phase, is that a reasonable compromise? Maybe the others here that don't feel comfortable handing over something that can cost hundreds of dollars could do the same? I'm one of the few that likes playing on stream, please don't take that away.
  3. This is truth. Which is why I still maintain that Quickdraw's rise to power wasn't because of LWF, it was the nerf to the /x7 title. Pre-LWF Quickdraw was definitely an asskicker, but she was effectively DOA since an /x7 Ryad or Vessery was just unquestionably better in the same role/points range.
  4. I took some screengrabs, not the best quality but good enough to read most of it: https://imgur.com/a/qcQeltF
  5. The worst thing in the 2.0 rulebook is that you can't (disrespect) spend an evade token to change an evade result to an evade result. WHEN WILL THE EVADE NERFS END FFS
  6. I don't get anywhere near enough practice games in. The one evening per week that I do play I tend to "waste" half of my games playing a list I enjoy rather than getting reps in with something I would bring to a tournament. I get serious brain-fade after 2 games or so. I have great difficulty concentrating past a certain point and I make super dumb mistakes. There's a lot more of course but those are the two largest contributing factors to my badness.
  7. reposting so Chris' waifus don't die at the bottom of a page
  8. Full disclosure: My wife put a 3' tall inflatable BB-8 lawn ornament in our living room. I consider myself an expert on ball-droid psychosis. (also my wife is awesome)
  9. See you all there! Feel free to say hi to me as well, I'm Joe. Sadly I won't be flying the Strikers again this year, maybe @Droidlover will keep that torch burning? I'll be the nerd with the ponytail, glasses, and wearing some sort of metal band t-shirt. (also I'll more than likely be at the bottom tables as well, flying some Imps.)
  10. Would it help if I said that the Lothal Rebel/PS 11 Sheathipede won? Probably not...
  11. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v4!s!28:-1:-1:-1:&sn=New Squadron&obs=
  12. And in Denver, Miranda's don't need to worry about the board edge either! Thweek op.
  13. Comedy Option: Captain Kagi w/Countermeasures, Rebel Captive, Intel Agent, Collision Detector. (PS I still owe you a beer for that terrible thing Vader did to Miranda, I still feel **** about that lol)
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