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  1. So my boys and I went to see The Force Awakens. They loved it and wanted to play some kind of Star Wars RPG - we've played a little D20 system. I go to my local RPG / Gaming store and he says that F+D is set around the same time as TFA, however, after we open it for Christmas I see everyone has force powers and two (plus one more downloadable guy) START with Lightsabers? I was hoping for something that felt more like A New Hope and The Force Awakens, where characters start out as something else but get to discover their force powers over a long time, with a lightsaber like a huge reward that you keep for your whole character's life... In the Intro adventure we have light sabers, everyone already knows they can use the force, the first thing in the adventure has them interacting with a holocron and a simple meditation at the end gets them more force powers. Did I get the wrong beginners set?
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