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  1. ECHOES OF THE JEDI (DAWN OF DEFIANCE EPISODE 4) Source: WotC Adventure Path (Free PDF) Synopsis: Echoes of the Jedi opens with the heroes being sent to the planet Almas, in the Cularin system, to retrieve an ancient holocron from the ruins of a Jedi academy that once stood there. En route they are attacked by pirates, and eventually they make their way down to the surface of the planet. Delving deep into the ruined academy, they fight off evil dark side creatures, zealous followers of an ancient Sith Lord, monstrous beasts, and the crumbling ruins of the academy itself. Finally, they encounter Inquisitor Draco, who has fallen strongly under the sway of an evil Sith holocron gatekeeper. After doing battle with Draco, the heroes should recover the holocron and escape the collapsing academy, returning with the artifact to the Resurgence. Location: Almas Good for: Jedi, any sort of force-focused dungeon crawl for a McGuffin View: This one was a bit of a snoozer. From start to finish, this is a dungeon crawl through the tomb that was once a Jedi academy that has been overwhelmed by the dark side. This whole module goes way overboard in the typical d20 style; forced combat after combat after combat. It is almost worse here given the combats are all encounters with dark side creatures that are loosely explained how they got here. I also felt that Draco, the Inquisitor, hasn’t been introduced enough for the PCs to care. We see him in passing in Episodes 2 and 3 then kill him here in 4 without him progressing the overall plot. If you need an old fashioned tomb raid encounter, I’d convert an old D&D module to serve the same purpose. If you still wanted to use this one, I’d streamline into three combat encounters only - (i) the Dagobah-like dream encounter, (ii) t’salak force ooze, and (iii) Draco. Rating: Below Average but serviceable in a pinch (2.0 / 5.0)
  2. Here is the Serenity adventure that I was talking about... would take some work to convert to Star Wars (I've got some notes) but this is executed much better than Queen of Air and Darkness. After this one, next up is continuing on the Dawn of Defiance track. BUCKING THE TIGER Source: Standalone Serenity RPG adventure module Synopsis: The social circles most crews frequent are full of backbiters, thieves, and carpetbaggers. The only folk you can count on is your surrogate family – your crew. Everybody else is looking for a leg up. If that means selling out the guy that took a bullet in the War for an old friend, that’s how the cards play out. Friends outside the crew that are worth an ounce of trust? You can count ‘em on one hand. Loyal friends are a rare treasure in the verse. One such friend calls upon the crew. Annie Foy struggled for years to make her way as a singer – without falling into the easy vices such a lifestyle encourages. Clean leaving meant falling in arrears to the crew for transporting her from planet to planet. She helped the crew whenever she was able, getting them small odd jobs whenever she could. She finally made a home on Renao, one of Persephone’s moons. Whenever the Crew visited the area, she’d pay back what she could, usually in a night of drinks on her. A recent wave from Annie makes it seem like her fortunes have changed. She’s been hired as the singer in a casino on Renao. Not only can she pay off her debt, she also offers to put the crew up for a few days of fun in the sun. The Shenandoah Rush casino is full of plenty of ways to part the crew from their newfound windfall. It’s a themed resort that pays respect to the American Old West from Earth-that-Was through a lens distorted by time and distance. Cooler heads may suggest scooping up the cash and heading back out to space, but they’ll likely be a crew member or two tempted to make a big score at the casino. A few days feeling like a high roller is just the cure to knock the dust off the boots and ease aching bones. Unfortunately, Annie never gets a chance to settle the debt. Shortly before the crew’s arrival, someone mistakes her for a federal marshal and murders her in her dressing room. The crew has a few scant minutes to look for clues before the chief of security, Sheriff Leonard Cao, arrives to catch the crew in a compromising position. Cao seems to be understanding of the crew’s plight and is willing to let them out on probation while investigating Annie’s death. The Sheriff aint doing this out of kindness of his own heart. The owners of the casino have lots of friends in high places, including a red pole of the Sleeping Dog Triad. Sharklip Shen holds a high stakes faro game in a secure high roller room on the upper floors of the casino. Cao knows Annie was connected to the game and his instincts tell him that whoever killed her is playing cards with the Triad boss. At best, sending the crew as wildcards will root out Annie’s killer. At worst, the crew will disrupt the game and give Cao a bit of selfish satisfaction. The crew soon finds themselves at a table with a few unsavory types – any of them could be responsible for Annie’s death. Is it Sharklip Shen, the triad leader who doesn’t like to lose? Is it Butch Guiying, the guirilla fighter turned mercenary? Is it the Colonel, the retired Alliance officer served by a nurse who is anything but? Is it Cassie Sagira, a registered companion with a secret that she’s willing to kill for? The crew will have a big mountain to climb to make it out of the casino with their money in tact and their names cleared. Location: Not Meaningful Good for: Spacers with an NPC that they are about, gamblers View: I liked this adventure because it’s a short murder mystery where the PCs investigate the death of one of the NPC friends. I think that this adventure is particularly interesting because it works as a good one-off for filling in on a Fringer’s triggered obligation -> any of the major NPCS could be a great tie-in here. Annie is the obvious one, but Butch is a good antagonist, and the rest all work well (cartel boss, slaver, etc.). To use this adventure well, it will need a good amount of converting and my initial thoughts on this are below. What this adventure was missing was some real meat in the module to fill in the outline. Rating: Good (4.0 / 5.0)
  3. Picking Dawn of Defiance up where I left it a couple of years ago, here we go to Episode 3. This module is actually strikingly similar to a Serenity RPG module called Bucking the Tiger, which I'll post here as well. QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS (DAWN OF DEFIANCE EPISODE 3) Source: WotC Adventure Path (Free PDF) Synopsis: By the time the heroes arrive on Bespin, Darga is firmly secluded on Cloud City, and his luxury yacht is hidden. When the heroes begin their search for him, most of the usual avenues turn up nothing – the Hutt has paid his associates handsomely to keep him hidden, and none would jeaprodize their health and wealth to reveal his location to anyone. The heroes’ only lead comes when they learn that Cloud City will be holding a major sabacc tournament in a matter of days, and it is rumored that an Imperial officer will be arriving to participate. Rumor has it that this offer is in the pocket of Darga the Hutt, and that his participation is merely a cover-up for a clandestine meeting between them. If the heroes can infiltrate the card game, they might have a chance to question the Imperial officer or Darga’s agent about the Hutt’s whereabouts – but first they must get into the game, which is by invitation only. The tournament takes place and, if the heroes do well, they find themselves face-to-face with Darga’s agent. The heroes also discover that the reason for the officer’s visit was not only to play in the tournament, but also deliver payment for the biggest shipment of Tibanna gas yet. In addition, the payment of the gas is unusual as well; the officer brought an entire transport ship full of slaves to trade to the Hutt. The vessel with the Tibanna gas was launched before the tournament started, and the slave ship remains in orbit, having been brought to the system earlier. The heroes discover that Darga has been hiding in a hangar in the underside of Cloud City. When the heroes arrive, they face a combined force of Darga’s minions and a small detachment of Stormtroopers. Darga makes a stand and engages the heroes in combat. After Darga is defeated, the heroes learn that the Empire has set the cruiser carrying Tibanna gas on a collision course with the slave ship, eliminating the two biggest pieces of evidence of their deal, which has now gone sour thanks to the heroes’ intervention. Location: Bespin Good for: Rebels; not very portable without a decent overhaul View: Maybe it was the low bar that I had going into this (given the community’s feedback on this adventure path as a whole), but Queen of Air and Darkness was a decent module in my mind. The premise of this adventure is fantastic; Empire is working on the mysterious Sarlacc Project, and the heroes follow the breadcrumbs to Bespin where Darga the Hutt is trading illegally obtained tibanna gas (to be used in the project) in exchange for the leftover slaves after they’ve been chewed up by the Empire’s plot. The issue for me when reading this was the execution. None of the encounters here really popped or inspired me and each felt a bit dull and monotonous. That said, I think that there is something here with the bones and structure. PCs intervening in a handoff between Imperials and the underworld trading fuel for slaves during a sabacc game is cool, but everything else needs a rework. One other (small) complaint here is the amount of unnecessary combats. The authors assume that the PCs are a bunch of murder hobos and gun down a number of fairly innocent people, including: (i) ugnaughts who are stealing some gas, (ii) an inner core noble (basically just to steal his hotel room), and (iii) Bespin winged guard just doing their jobs on 3x occasions. Seems like a lot of blood on their hands, even before they slaughter Darga the Hutt, his cronies, as well as a handful of other scum that instigate throughout Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)
  4. BLACK ICE Source: Standalone WEG Adventure Synopsis: As the adventure opens, the Rebel heroes are inside an Imperial Intelligence Analysis Bureau, Technical Branch Outpost (tech post, for short). They are using a sophisticated, but quirky, computer access droid named “QT-7” to tap into the outpost’s computer system. They are searching for information concerning Imperial replenishment fleet activity. The first tap yields them the information that they seek – but it’s encoded. The Rebels must work their way deeper into the facility, while undercover as scientists, to tap the computers in the high security section to break the code. Then they must slip or fight their way out of the post across several hundred kilometers of unpleasant swamp to safety and initiate extraction to sector HQ. In Episode 2, the Rebels return to Alliance Sector Headquarters and, with the datafiles stored by QT-7, help Major Lawra Mers plan a daring raid against the Imperial replenishment fleet. This episode is a planning episode, introduces new characters, and prepares for the assault on the Black Ice freighter. In Episode 3, the Rebels board the aft engine pod of the Imperial container train Black Ice. The Ice’s crew puts on a hard fight, but the Rebels eventually prevail. After the ship is secured, the Rebels coax the huge vessel into hyperspace. In Episode 4, the Rebels discover that the Ice isn’t as secure as they thought. The ship itself attacks them, and they must battle droids, security systems, and maintenance equipment to finally win the container train. Behind the attacks is Chief Engineer Skolos, a man outraged that “pirates” have hijacked his ship. After the Rebels win out, they return to Sector HQ with their prize. Suddenly, the ship starts sending out automatic distress signals – alerting the Empire to its location, and the location of the Rebel base. In Episode 5, the Rebels have unwittingly allowed the Imperials to discover Sector HQ’s location. Sector HQ decides to evacuate. It will take a week to get everyone off; the Alliance must hold off the Imperials for that long. The PCs take part in the battles, which grow in frequency as the week passes. The episode climaxes with the arrival of the torpedo sphere. In Episode 6, the Imperials have gotten a torpedo sphere into the system. It will be in position to begin bombarding the rebel base in three hours. The Rebels won’t be able to complete the evacuation of the civilians for at least another 24 hours. The rebels have nothing which can touch something that big – the only course is to surrender… or is it? Someone – hopefully the rebel PCs suggests ramming the sphere with Black Ice. Rebel Command likes the idea – but it is tantamount to suicide. High Command likes the idea and asks for volunteers. Location: Fangol and other planets in the Mortex Sector Good for: Rebels, potentially capping a campaign View: I really wanted to like this one. I had heard such amazing things about how epic the module is, and how it could be an amazing capstone module to end a campaign. In the end, it left me feeling disappointed because the execution did not match the premise. Another problem is that the most epic parts of this module were done in a very similar (and better) fashion by Onslaught on Arda I with a similar premise to Dawn of Defiance episodes 1 and 3. If you like this, you are better off jamming those three modules above together to recreate the same thing. If nothing else, this module is worth a read for the last episode where the PCs decide to go on a suicide mission, using their stolen fuel tanker (the namesake Black Ice) as a battering ram into the torpedo sphere (mini deathstar) to prevent a planetary bombardment of the Rebel Alliance System HQ. Rating: Good (3.5 / 5.0) but some of you may like it better
  5. @Ogrebear - it will take a decent amount of time. It's really three adventures in one book. They are best played when you spread them out with other adventures in between.
  6. Are you in the mood for something epic? Do Tempest Feud, and just make Popara into Sinasu. Sorry for disappearing for the last few years! I've had the Star Wars itch again and am going to pick up where I left off.
  7. Trok was on his back and lodged crawl space behind the primarily piloting station when Lang arrived in the cockpit. Only the Dug’s arms and hands were visible, with the remainder of his torso engulfed in the mechanical interworkings of the ship. “Welcome back to the land of the living, Captain,” Trok said. His tone revealed that his mood had improved in the last few hours since they entered hyperspace. “Can you pass me that extra-long hydrospanner over there?” Trok pointed at one of the many tools laid out on the cockpit’s floor. “This old rust bucket hasn’t been well maintained, but we should be able to make it down on Ryloth without a major emergency. Six-Tee-Six isn’t so optimistic.” *** Dro-Kar was escorting B’ura B’an to the crew quarters when he ran into HM-6T6 idling in the corridor. “Droid, if you’re going to stay on this crew, you need to make yourself useful,” the Nikto said in his normal monotone. “Go see to assessing the damage to main engineering and see if you can make any repairs. Even with our new friend here footing the repair bill, I want us off that rock as soon as possible.” A few hours later, there was a flash of white light and the tone of the ships engines dropped several octaves as the Queen of Scepters emerged from hyperspace. Below was the dusty, baked surface of Ryloth. As Trok worked out the logistics for the descent to the Nabat spaceport, a slim silhouette of a starfighter bursted from hyperspace barely a kilometer from the current position. From Caizu’s position on the sensor array, she can easily identify this ship. The starfighter, a G1-M4-C Dunelizard, was regularly docked at Mos Shuuta and belonged to a Kubaz who often ran errands for Teemo the Hutt. The craft banked around and began to slow, cruising toward the Queen of Scepters on an attack vector.
  8. @Kymrel - I'm sorry to hear that though I completely understand. I went dormant for 7 months without a peep. Life was getting the best of me and I've finally got my sea legs back, but I get that you don't want to get invested again. You'll always have a seat if you change your mind, and hopefully you'll see that we get back into the swing of things and you want to come back and take over Dro-Kar again. No hard feelings either way!
  9. While Caizu sets the course though hyperspace, Trok, the Dug pilot, continues to fiddle with the various controls of their newly acquired vessel, the Queen of Scepters. “If no one else is up for it, I may as well work through some these alerts. Up next, the flashing cage icon,” Trok grumbles to himself. After navigating a few menus, a note in Basic displays at his console. “ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Captive militant B’URA B’AN still on board. RECOMMENDED RESPONSE: Return to Mos Shuuta and collect bounty immediately. LAST FED: 6 hours ago. LAST REFRESHED: 8 hours ago.” Trok glances over his shoulder to Dro-Kar. “Looks like this is some sort of standard bounty hunting program. Now we know who the Twi’lek deliver was for.” “Great, all set, Trok. Punch it.” Caizu says as she puts the finishing touches on her astrogational plan. “You got it, Blue.” The Dug grips the shifter, pushing the ship into hyperspace. The view from the cockpit fills with brilliant, striking white lines. The route to Ryloth from Tatooine is fairly straightforward, even through Trex hasn’t been diligent in keeping his navigational computer updated. As such, the journey through hyperspace takes six hours and is entirely uneventful.
  10. Does anyone have more info on this? Just fooling around, I haven't been able to get anything to work...
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