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  1. Trok was on his back and lodged crawl space behind the primarily piloting station when Lang arrived in the cockpit. Only the Dug’s arms and hands were visible, with the remainder of his torso engulfed in the mechanical interworkings of the ship. “Welcome back to the land of the living, Captain,” Trok said. His tone revealed that his mood had improved in the last few hours since they entered hyperspace. “Can you pass me that extra-long hydrospanner over there?” Trok pointed at one of the many tools laid out on the cockpit’s floor. “This old rust bucket hasn’t been well maintained, but we should be able to make it down on Ryloth without a major emergency. Six-Tee-Six isn’t so optimistic.” *** Dro-Kar was escorting B’ura B’an to the crew quarters when he ran into HM-6T6 idling in the corridor. “Droid, if you’re going to stay on this crew, you need to make yourself useful,” the Nikto said in his normal monotone. “Go see to assessing the damage to main engineering and see if you can make any repairs. Even with our new friend here footing the repair bill, I want us off that rock as soon as possible.” A few hours later, there was a flash of white light and the tone of the ships engines dropped several octaves as the Queen of Scepters emerged from hyperspace. Below was the dusty, baked surface of Ryloth. As Trok worked out the logistics for the descent to the Nabat spaceport, a slim silhouette of a starfighter bursted from hyperspace barely a kilometer from the current position. From Caizu’s position on the sensor array, she can easily identify this ship. The starfighter, a G1-M4-C Dunelizard, was regularly docked at Mos Shuuta and belonged to a Kubaz who often ran errands for Teemo the Hutt. The craft banked around and began to slow, cruising toward the Queen of Scepters on an attack vector.
  2. @Kymrel - I'm sorry to hear that though I completely understand. I went dormant for 7 months without a peep. Life was getting the best of me and I've finally got my sea legs back, but I get that you don't want to get invested again. You'll always have a seat if you change your mind, and hopefully you'll see that we get back into the swing of things and you want to come back and take over Dro-Kar again. No hard feelings either way!
  3. While Caizu sets the course though hyperspace, Trok, the Dug pilot, continues to fiddle with the various controls of their newly acquired vessel, the Queen of Scepters. “If no one else is up for it, I may as well work through some these alerts. Up next, the flashing cage icon,” Trok grumbles to himself. After navigating a few menus, a note in Basic displays at his console. “ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Captive militant B’URA B’AN still on board. RECOMMENDED RESPONSE: Return to Mos Shuuta and collect bounty immediately. LAST FED: 6 hours ago. LAST REFRESHED: 8 hours ago.” Trok glances over his shoulder to Dro-Kar. “Looks like this is some sort of standard bounty hunting program. Now we know who the Twi’lek deliver was for.” “Great, all set, Trok. Punch it.” Caizu says as she puts the finishing touches on her astrogational plan. “You got it, Blue.” The Dug grips the shifter, pushing the ship into hyperspace. The view from the cockpit fills with brilliant, striking white lines. The route to Ryloth from Tatooine is fairly straightforward, even through Trex hasn’t been diligent in keeping his navigational computer updated. As such, the journey through hyperspace takes six hours and is entirely uneventful.
  4. Does anyone have more info on this? Just fooling around, I haven't been able to get anything to work...
  5. Great - I'm traveling this week but we'll get moving again next week on our normal timing. Looking forward to it!
  6. Hey folks - is there any way to use basic HTML functionality on the forums such as tables, images, and background colors? If so, can someone point me towards it? I've been messing around and can't seem to figure out how to make it work.
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    Is there any way to use basic HTML functionality on the forums such as tables, images, and background colors? If so, can someone point me towards it?
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