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  1. I'm loving the new update with gear from the books implemented in and custom gear being available on all characters on the account. Thanks!
  2. I am excited to find a group collaborating on a Wheel of Time Genesys setting. TALENTS I am a little iffy on "Darkfriend" being a Talent. I feel like that is more of a story / character development sort of thing. Certainly they should have access to their own Talents. Viewing Auras You see odd images and auras around people, and occasionally you even know what they mean, but you are powerless to stop the events you see from taking place. The player spends a Story Point to understand an image they see and gain valuable information about the person which they could use to their advantage. The GM and the PCs should work out what this means together - perhaps the info they have fundamentally changes that character's disposition towards them, or they learn something that character would keep secret such as that they are a channeler/wolfbrother/sniffer/traitor/Darkfriend. The player should narrate what this means. Weave Specialization Androl was great with gateways. One of the Kin was weak in the power but her Shields were virtually impregnable. Taking this specializaiton would essentially grant one of your weaves the "superior" quality. That weave's difficulty is downgraded or reduced, or it provides automatic advantage whenever it is used, or it could (discuss with GM) provide a different feature. Maybe only allow this to be taken once. Foretelling I imagine this would work much like FFG's Star Wars future-seeing Force Power, although the fortune told would be a bit of a riddle. Unique Talents I'd like to propose "unique" Talents, as you've sorta started with Goldeneyes and Dreamwalker in making them exclusive of each other. First of all, "Follow Your Nose" is so rare it is unlikely you'd be a Dreamwalking Aura-seeing Nose-following Channeling Blademaster Goldeneye. Secondly, a character might be too powerful. Thirdly, it gives each character more of their own personal identity. So I'd recommend Dreamwalker, Goldeneyes, Viewing Auras, Foretelling, Follow Your Nose, and Weave Specialization be Unique Talents. By which I mean, you can only have one. The GM might consider limiting one per group (because more than Wolfbrother in a group would be extremely rare, but not impossible), but maybe leave that to their discretion because that might cause issues. SKILLS I think FFG made a mistake with their Star Wars line and had too many Knowledge skills. For my superhero one I considered several different kinds of knowledge skills but after reading Genesys I came to the conclusion to just have "Knowledge". I would propose the same here. You're dumping so much XP into essentially the same skill and it might not see much use. You're currently considering a bunch of other XP dumps already like interesting Talents, weaves, and cool new skills like "Weavesight". Think about it.
  3. I'm really enjoying the character generator. What are the datasets? What do they do? How do I use them? Some features I'd like to request: -Once I add an item to a character, if it could be saved to my generator so that a future character could select an item with those same stats. (is this what datasets are for?) - A way to set up qualities unique to a campaign, such as, you decide what skills apply to a campaign / setting once, so every character made under that campaign can only use those skills rather than having to remove the skills every time you make a new character under that setting. (is this what datasets are for?) - In the gear section, if the item's description could be listed because sometiems they have custom qualities, like a grapnel hook. I appreciate all your hard work!
  4. Another amazing contribution to the X-Wing community by Citrus Cannon! I'll second the requests for an earlier implementation of Scum, but I trust your judgment on this. I'm looking forward to taking this for a spin at some point.
  5. I agree with a sentiment expressed earlier - a positive response to a big change. Love the alt-art you've found and I'm looking forward to seeing this in print. I regularly use sticker paper for stuff like making my own tokens or custom cards. I might get these cards professionally printed but the stickers on the card sleeves is a great idea!
  6. Hello X-Wingers, I like to keep a hard copy of the FAQ and Rules with me when I play, but FFG only supplies PDFs with those ink-heavy coloured backgrounds. I asked FFG about printer-friendly versions a month or two ago and they couldn't be bothered to respond to me. Does anyone have a suggestion regarding this? Copying and pasting the rules into a word processor creates a lot of formatting issues. Much thanks.
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