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  1. I don't exactly remember, but banners on scenario cards are placed on flanks as usual. I have a photo of the first game, but I can't upload it here because of size restriction. I attacked daqan banner (Daqan played Barrow Mounds scenario) with my Obscenes, so it wasn't so far. May be some banners will be out of reach of infantry, but it will only value up your cavalry squads, when enemy will march his main powers out of his homelands to conquer central banner. But I played this design only once now, and it still raw and undetailed. I can post my variant of general scenarios, which determines new victory conditions (like capture the flag or last man standing) still using all default cards and tokens, but I haven't played them yet.
  2. Good day everyone. I've recieved my first Undead pack and next step was this - trilateral game map. I tried to use original scenario cards for each army, but center stay neutral - there are ring of water (blue line), crossed by three fords (arrows). In central hex of map is banner, that gives 2 or 3 VP ( element of King of the Hill). Red dashed lines divide map for flanks, center and free section (where unit may be ordered independently of section on command card). Black dotted lines define eash players territory (for scenario cards and, for example, lore cards, that gives points for elimination on player's/enemy's side of the board). Attached here full-size pdf file. Hope someone will be interested to test and criticize it. P.S. Sorry for my English. Tripleside_full_size.pdf
  3. Hello, i've got the question about Obscenes. Can fatboys move 2 hexes (one as regular and one additional for craving ability), if they already are adjacent to an enemy and going to move to next enemy, i.e. is craving ability work, when obscenes are already in contact? Sorry, if it was discussed here before, but i couldn't find it. Thanks
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