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    JamesWG got a reaction from Rodafowa in Unpopular Opinion Thread   
    I don't think you understand what DR4CO is saying Darth.  I don't think he is saying that playing a a well constructed list is irrelevant.  He is saying that building it yourself is irrelevant. 
    In other words the skill required to build a good list is separate from the skill required to play a list.  And it is perfectly OK for someone who does not have the time/skill/inclination to build a list to simply copy a good net-list and play that.
    At least that is how I interpreted what he's saying.
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    JamesWG got a reaction from Darth Meanie in Unpopular Opinion Thread   
    I don't think you understand what DR4CO is saying Darth.  I don't think he is saying that playing a a well constructed list is irrelevant.  He is saying that building it yourself is irrelevant. 
    In other words the skill required to build a good list is separate from the skill required to play a list.  And it is perfectly OK for someone who does not have the time/skill/inclination to build a list to simply copy a good net-list and play that.
    At least that is how I interpreted what he's saying.
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    JamesWG reacted to Tlfj200 in Understanding Your Win Condition In X-Wing (Who's The Beatdown)   
    There's a lot that went into why I wrote this - it's not important. Maybe it'll be useful to you. Or not.
    Understanding Your Win Condition In X-Wing (Who's The Beatdown)
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    JamesWG reacted to Boom Owl in T-65 X-Wing: Luke Skywalker   
    T-65 X-Wing: Luke Skywalker

    Luke is fun to and deserves his own thread.
    Pilot Ability Seems to always have Force charges thanks to his ridiculously useful pilot ability. These charges consistently make up for mistakes.  Kylo's 2 force charges can be incredibly forgiving...Luke though is on another level in terms of Casual Resource Management  Durability For a small base 2 agility ship, he feels capable of playing directly even though he doesn't have to. I think of Luke as a 9 HP Firespray.  S-Foil Config This is actually surprisingly interesting, incredibly cheap at 0 pts, and a mechanic that I think adds alot to gameplay/theme overall.  Regen Primarily an Imperial, First Order, and occasional Fang Fighter player Regen is not a mechanic I am used to working with in X-Wing.  When I run highly mobile Aces of any kind I tend to spend a few turns per game disengaging from combat.  Regen is a really significant bonus during these moments and a luxury im still getting used to.   I like the fact that shield regen requires a disarm token and that hull regen spends an action ( less of an issue for Luke ).  Han vs Luke  R2D2/Trickshot/Leia/Engine Han = 101 pts Supernatural/Regen/Torp or Burner Luke = 96-102 pts I don't say this with confidence...but I think there are some lists where I actually prefer 100 pt Luke to 100 pt Han.  Han is cheaper without Engine upgrade, more durable by a couple turns, higher initiative, and able to boost and fire from out of arc while regenerating a shield. Don't get me wrong Han is ridiculously strong, possibly the best ship in Hyperspace. Luke though is considerably more mobile and as a small base is able to avoid arcs in ways Han simply cant.  I find that Super Regen Luke can serve a similar end game role in a list, fits in many of the same lists, and is more interesting turn to turn. Dial: 

    Force Upgrade:
     Supernatural Reflexes  Unlike Kylo, I have never run Luke without Supernatural, primarily because he is 14 pts cheaper and less mobile to begin with.  Clear Favorite, the combination of Closed Wings to pre movement boost or roll makes Luke incredibly mobile. As dumb and easy as Supernatural is in general, it feels genuinely fun to finally have a mobile T65 Ace X-Wing in this game and in this faction.  Instinctive Aim Helpful in that it allows you to more reliably fire against I5+ moving after you Also useful when K-Turning or Talon Rolling but Leia Crew makes this much less relevant Not an upgrade that I have tested with Luke yet.  Torpedo Upgrade:
    Proton Torpedo Lock + 2 Force Charges that recharge when Defending is a great combination.  Combining Supernatural with Proton torps gets full value as it allows you to close foils boost move and lock, without sacrificing any dice With 3 banks and 4 forwards this becomes a really effective way to get a solid early game 4 dice shot engaging with only part of your opponents list.  Astromech Upgrade:
    R2D2 & R2  I find both of these to be effective. It frees you up to be aggressive early to find a spot on the board that creates mismatches in the mid game for your opponent. Dramatically improves Luke's ability to close out games.  Luke is unique among the X-Wings in his ability to play like a "real" ace, approaching from safe angles or ranges. With Supernatural he is capable of dis-engaging for a turn or two when needed so the opportunity to Regen some shields becomes natural. It doesn't necessarily mean you are sacrificing a turn of damage output either.  R5-D8 & R5 These might be under used on Luke, and possibly underused by Rebel Players in general.  R2/R2D2 are "better" regen for players who understand that disengaging from combat is a fundamental and interesting part of the game. The rules and the ship do not require you to 1 forward 1 forward K Turn every game.  With regenerating Force Charges, 4 Hull, and "free" Boosts/Rolls from Supernatural...spending an action to Repair a Face Down damage card twice per game seems ok.   All that said I haven't tried this much and cant tell if opportunities to Regen are more frequent than 1 Hull.  R4  I don't see much use for this on Luke other than the potential threat of Death Troopers or Phasma.  Either way with Leia around it seems unnecessary to use instead of a Bid.  R3 This seems like 3 pts better saved for a bid. Might be useful against higher ship count easily Init killed lists though.  Modification Upgrade:
    Afterburners This is useful for sure, boost is the best action in the game and this is my favorite upgrade in the game.   That said the boost action is available just by closing foils.  I still see this as a valuable upgrade for Luke and seem to regularly end games having spent both charges.  I think you get the most value from Afterburners on Luke by combining it with a Regen Astromech. Regen & Afterburners mechanically fit together well and investing pts in one without the other feels incomplete to me.  This and Proton Torps is also worth mentioning as it allows a cheaper way to boost lock without necessarily investing in Supernatural and keeps full force charges.   Hull/Shield Upgrade Poe is 68 pts base, Luke with a Shield is also 68 pts.  Its nice but I am much more inclined to take a 6 pt bid or a card like Afterburners that keeps me out of arcs entirely.  I haven't run Luke enough to know whether or not regen opportunities are common enough to make a raw HP increase more useful or not.  From the games I have played so far I think Hull/Shield are better suited for other less mobile T-65 pilots.   Spare Parts Canisters 1 Charge to Break Locks and Drop an Obstacle, along with Force Charges to make up for the lost action seems ok.  Looking forward to testing this when its released but the cost might make for some difficult choices.  Builds:
    Offense Focused Luke: Supernatural + Proton Torps = 98 pts  This is aggressive, but still very dodgey Luke.  Find a weakness in your opponents approach early, carve out some damage in a good trade and figure it out from there with Supernatural. Capable of a huge amount of damage in a short period of time, and an absolute menace in the end game with Torp charges remaining.  Defense Focused Luke: Supernatural + Regen Astromech + Afterburners = 96-98 pts  Trading Torps to get the most out of Regen mechanics this is Full Arc Dodge Regen Luke.  Offense is still solid as Burners allow for slightly more flexibility to Flank or close to R1 from out of Arc and Lock.  Added mobility improves chances to get more than 1 Hull or 1 Shield from the Regen mechs.  I often regret not having the white K-Turn torp Leia turns or the Super Boost 4 forward throw 4 dice anyway option.  Able to recover from early game trades more reliably.  Overall I enjoy both of these builds and play them both.  The first is very flexible, slightly more aggressive, and gives you the spike offense that you want from an expensive ship. It protects those points through mobility and by removing your opponents ships from the table a little faster. The other protects its points, is more mobile and more durable from start to finish while still presenting an offensive threat. There other variations on builds here but I think both Luke "archetypes" have merit and have a place within Hyperspace. Its really cool that Supernatural and Proton Torps are just expensive enough that its difficult to maximize both Defense & Offense. Thats how pt costs should feel.  Without Supernatural Recent pt reductions to Rebel Upgrades and YT1300s lots of reasonable/interesting list options open up without Supernatural.  24 pt Supernatural is still cheap enough though that I have not personally tested many superless builds. Doesnt mean Luke needs Super to be solid, might need an extra ship to get past Tripsilon and 5 ship rebels.  
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    JamesWG reacted to theBitterFig in Should E-wings and TIE Defenders be given the Tech slot? (what about other Rebel/Imperial ships?)   
    In this thread, I've never seen you reference the actual text of the cards.  You've waved your hands, described the gist of what the cards do, rather than examine the meaning of the words.  Maybe they've drifted too far up the thread.  I've linked the card images here, just to be sure.
    Suppose a Starwing with Barrage Rockets, OS-1, a focus, exactly 1 disarm token, and no locks on anyone.
    The Starwing cannot attack Poe, because the Starwing does not have a lock on Poe.  This is the text of OS-1.  You can still perform torpedo and missile attacks against targets you have locked.  But in this gamestate, that's not the case.
    Add in a TIE Defender with Targeting Synchronizer has a lock on Poe.
    The Starwing still would not be able to attack Poe.  Targeting Synchronizer does nothing to the situation, because there is no [Lock] attack requirement on the Starwing.  There is an "Attack [Focus]:" requirement on Barrage Rockets, so Targeting Synchronizer doesn't have anything to bite on with the Rockets.
    The Targeting Synchronizer also does not allow OS-1 to grant an exemption, because that's not what Targeting Synchronizer does.  It does not have some nebulous "Friendly ships can ignore anything to do with Locks" text.  It has a really specific text.  It refers to the [Lock] attack requirement.  From the rules reference, page 17, Special Attacks: "Some attacks also have special requirements listed in parentheses after the header. ◊  The “Attack [Lock]:” header indicates that the attacker must have a lock on the defender."  This is the only rule in the game that Targeting Synchronizer interacts with.
    OS-1 is not a [Lock] attack requirement, it's an entirely different set of mechanics (specifically, it'd be a Golden Rule exemption, an upgrade contradicting the rules reference text on the Disarm rule).  A Defender with TSynch doesn't grant an exemption, because it isn't saying that anything friendly ships want to do with a target lock works.  TSynch says something very specific--about attack requirements--and those are only the "Attack [Lock]:" headers at the start of secondary weapons.
    That's utterly irrelevant here, because it doesn't matter to OS-1 whether or not a Missile or Torpedo has an "Attack [Lock]:" requirement, or is an "Attack:" without other requirements.  The Starwing would still be disarmed, and without an actual lock the Starwing couldn't shoot.  Because it's not the same rule that Targeting Synchronizer interacts with.  Because this is the actual--not imagined--text of both cards.
    So if this means you think OS-1 is a weak upgrade?  Well, that's like your opinion, man.  I haven't flown too many Starwings, but when I have flown OS-1 Vynder, I was able to fire off a few Torpedoes while disarmed on targets I had locked, and it was cool.  So I guess I think it's not a coaster.  As with any upgrade, YMMV, but it's not doing nothing.
    But if you think that TSynch would let OS-1 ignore it's own card text?  You'd be wrong.  You wouldn't be reading either the rules of X-Wing, or the words that are actually printed on the cards.

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    JamesWG reacted to LagJanson in What is hyperspace format?   
    @Rexler Brath - Curious - The above statement is not pitching nor slanting the discussion and was about as neutral as I could make it. I earned a confused emote from you, which normally I take as a badge of pride. Which statement in the above triggered you this time? I must know so I may repeat it more often.
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    JamesWG reacted to FTS Gecko in The A-wing is where they dropped the ball   
    Well, considering the A-Wing is probably going to be the next Rebel ship to be re-released along with new pilots, is it really too much to ask to wait and see what FFG have planned for it?
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    JamesWG reacted to You Look Like A Nail in Do away with cards?   
    Citation Needed as in, you have no evidence for that assertion and I don't agree that it's true.  Apology for the snark but I stand by my doubt that casuals are leaving the game in significant numbers.  If anything, in my non-scientifically-polled opinion, it was worse for casuals before 2.0 dropped.  That was the period when the casual players I know and talk to were getting burnt out, and so was I.
    I've never played in a tournament, or even played in a store.  I made asteroids out of styrofoam and often use terrain that isn't even shaped like the official rock templates (and I don't necessarily use 6 of them!).  I listen to Shuttle Tyderium, not Krayts.  My page in the painting forum is huge.  I am the epitome of the filthy casual kitchen table X-Wing player.  And I'm super excited for 2.0 as are all of my filthy casual friends.  If they hadn't dropped 2.0 and it hadn't looked like it does, I would have been out by the end of the year.
    The reason is pretty simple: the biggest problem with 1.0 for my kind of casual player isn't support for thematic formats or scenarios or whatever, we were already doing all that for ourselves.  FFG was never good at that stuff anyway.  The biggest problem was the incredible bloat of upgrades, 90% of which were plain useless, and an ever escalating power curve.  Some of my friends didn't buy ships as often as I do and couldn't compete with the TLTs and harpoons and whatever the latest nonsense hotness was that came along, so I was buying ships that I wanted and then worrying over which upgrades and ships I could field without feeling like I was going to steam-roller them.  I had to work hard not to win the game in list building and that just isn't fun.  Balance isn't just for tournaments, it's for everybody.
    What I want out of X-Wing, what I (as a filthy casual) need FFG to provide me, is a game where how you play on the tabletop is more important than list building, where upgrades are less important than the chassis and how you fly it, where most ships and a good variety of lists are usable and where the number of NPEs are sharply limited.  I want my buddy to put together whatever ships he likes and I can do the same and we can have a fair and interesting game where we both have a shot at winning.  2.0 does all that.  Maybe down the road they'll lose the plot but the stated design goals for 2.0 are exactly what I was looking for, and so far, so good.
    If anything I think the casual scene is going to grow pretty strongly in the next little while.  
    I have no evidence that casuals are broadly happy with the game and you have none that they aren't, we'll need to see how the game evolves over the next while, but speaking as a casual player, 2.0 saved X-Wing for me.
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    JamesWG reacted to BojambaMcMamba in The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing   
    I'm not worried about this at all, but I just want to pause and appreciate the person who so clearly laid out the case with pictures and descriptions, and who drew logical conclusion without wild hyperbole and/or nerd rage.
    Well done.  10/10 for effective communication.  I had to double-check that I was still on the forums.
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    JamesWG reacted to thespaceinvader in 2.0 Points Values & Slots   
    I mean... use a calculator?
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    JamesWG got a reaction from delrustymar in The Essence of Rebellion Article   
    From the article:
    "Today, and over the next couple weeks, we invite you to review the faction-specific upgrades headed to X-Wing Second Edition in the three Conversion Kits, and then we'll ask you to vote" and "come back next week for a look at the Imperial-only upgrades"
    I doubt appreciable new information will be released in the next one or two weeks to give any advantage to the Imperial or Scum factions.
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    JamesWG reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in The Essence of Rebellion Article   
    Because the point of this "vote" is less about really polling the community's preferences and more about increasing the social media footprint of X-Wing 2.0 via Twitter as a means of marketing and advertising.
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    JamesWG reacted to JJ48 in Conversion Kits and Upgrades for 2.0   
    If it doesn't upset someone, I will be furious!
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    JamesWG reacted to ScummyRebel in Conversion Kits and Upgrades for 2.0   
    Whatever it is, the only thing I can guarantee is folks on the forums will be upset by it.  
    I am hoping for an “all cards and cardboard for the wave” where it’s basically the non-ship contents of each model in the wave. So if a card is in 2 spots, you get 2 copies.
    I suppose I’d also be ok with it split out per faction, and I’d just buy the ones for the factions I care about.
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    JamesWG reacted to SOTL in Reading new ship articles has become pointless for me without point costs   
    The rumour I heard was that 2.0 hasn't been playtested.
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    JamesWG reacted to HaranHaste in Dial Counts in the Con Kits   
    basically this. Unfortunately, you just need to pick which of your 1.0 ship models you want to use with the conversion kit, then decide if you want to hold on to the extras or try to sell them off to others who may not have purchased any T-65s since they weren't very good in most of 1.0. Remember, those who started with the FA Core set received the T-70 instead.
    I'll be setting aside my extra ships and maybe gifting them to a friend who got out of the game a bit ago and sold off his collection. That way, he will only need a core set and his own rebel conversion to have a good start to play again.
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    JamesWG reacted to ObiWonka in The Essence of Rebellion Article   
    Han was a close second for me, since I'm curious to see how often he could pull off the double-tap.
    But there was obviously only one answer.

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    JamesWG reacted to SOTL in Genius 2.0 is Broken   
    A lot of upgrade cards allow you to do things that other cards don't allow you to do.  It's why they exist.
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    JamesWG reacted to Jike in Genius 2.0 is Broken   
    It's hard to take someone seriously when they say cost is irrelevant. It's the most important thing about any upgrade.
    There is a big difference in 2nd edition though. At the moment PS10 Nym basically gets to decide whether to drop his bomb before or after moving and has perfect (or near-perfect) information about the board state. In 2nd edition you have to decide if you want to drop a bomb in the System phase before anyone moves. If you don't drop then you're committed to either using Genius later or not dropping a bomb at all. If you intend to use Genius you don't know yet whether that will be effective because the enemy ships haven't moved yet. You might find the enemy doesn't go where you expected, or you bump them and can't use Genius.
    Genius is pretty good, but I think it's more because your opponent will have to consider both options when planning their moves, not just one. At the same time, the player with Genius needs to make the decision to use it or not without having the perfect information they do now. I suspect Genius will not be a free upgrade any more so taking it will be a real decision rather than the auto-include it is now.
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    JamesWG reacted to Magnus Grendel in Ruthless in 2.0?   
    Well, at the moment, at least, there aren't too many alternatives:
    Predator - good (an attack reroll is as near as darn-it a blank-to-hit if you've got a focus token) but bullseye-locked Crack Shot - good (a cancelled evade is as near as darn-it a blank-to-hit if you've got a focus token) but bullseye-locked Lone Wolf - good (an attack reroll is as near as darn-it a blank-to-hit if you've got a focus token) but prevents you flying in close proximity to allies Juke - eh. It's good for forcing an opponent to spend a focus token (or evade token) but unless you can pair with jam tokens, vader, hotshot gunner or similar target, it's not as good at directly increasing damage dealt Outmanoeuvre - good, if you can set up an out-of-arc shot. Assuming the target had focus, that's 5/8ths of an evade eliminated, and if they had evade as well it's even better. Trick Shot - good if you have an obstructed shot, but that's not ideal, and not that easy to set up. Saturation Salvo - ordnance only - and this eats charge like nobody's business, so pretty much locks you to ships with a white reload action like a punisher.  
    Squad Leader - moves an action around the squad; not directly comparable Swarm Tactics - boosts initiative; not directly comparable Elusive - a defensive ability; not directly comparable Debris Gambit -  a defensive ability; not directly comparable (and most imperial ships who'd want to evade already have a white evade action anyway - the TIE/x1 is the only obvious omission) Ruthlessness' hurt an ally at range 1 of the target isn't too easy a condition to set up either, though, and that's in addition to causing the damage. On the other hand, an automatic any-result-to-hit is the most powerful modification going, and it's hopefully going to be cheap, as it's very comparable to fearlessness (need to place someone in range 1 to use it, causes any-result-to-hit, and results in return fire with +1 die - which is near enough an extra point of damage).
    It might well be an alternative to Crack Shot that removes your reliance on bullseye arcs.
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    JamesWG reacted to Magnus Grendel in Star Wars Imperial Tactics: Vader   
    I agree a kitted out Luke can certainly give Vader a run for his money, but I feel that Vader is better overall.
    Which is, as you said, not surprising given that it's the Dark Lord Of The Freaking Sith, and the most expensive pre-built threat card we've yet seen*.
    Closed S-foils do let you boost, and still fire torpedoes. Torpedoes do have issues, though, as they have: A charge limit 2 shots A range limit Range 1 blind spot isn't something you get automatically but when presented with a supernatural reflexes/afterburners Vader, nor is it something you can discount A need for a target lock An X-wing has a boost/link/focus. It doesn't have a boost/link/target lock, and firing a torpedo unmodified without spending your lock is worse than a focused 3-dice standard attack, so you don't want to retain your lock. Instinctive Aim can deal with this problem handily, but you are then using your force to fire off the torp and still need to spend your focus token on the attack to get a modified attack, plus you're spending points on a two-use attack (I realise it's still better than spending points on deadeye for a 1-use attack as per 1.0), and not getting Supernatural Reflexes, which shoots a hole in your ability to hang onto Vader's coat-tails Supernatural reflex force-boost and target lock can work. Regen does give you 3 extra shields R2-D2 does leave you unable to attack whilst recovering shields (although, if you're pointed the other way, that's not really an issue) You can just run the heck away, if you've already run the TIE/x1 out of afterburner charges, and if Vader isn't prepared to burn a shield to keep on your backside with Supernatural Reflexes (although tempting him to do so isn't a totally awful idea if you're confident the inevitable crit will splash on shields....) If you want to boost/link/focus, without Supernatural Reflexes, that's a red linked action, meaning you're stuck on slow speed the following turn. It does, obviously, mean a disarm token. So whilst you can try and run, if Vader does have a shot you're just going to have to take your licks and hope. Speed 4 + Boost is nice, but it is not quite enough to be confident of extending from a close-range engagement to a 'safe' distance in one go. Whilst the Quick Build Vader card doesn't pack ordnance, there's a pretty good chance that the version people start bringing to events will be packing one of the ordnance types. Concussion Missiles have more ammo than Proton Torpedoes, after all. If Luke extends the range to regenerate shields, Vader can slow roll in pursuit, recovering and not spending force tokens. Giving him the chance to build back up to 3 stockpiled force tokens that he can dump in one go in the turn you re-engage can make for a very bad day, and unlike R2-D2, he can keep doing that in an extended duel.  
    I would disagree; Luke has his limitations - primarily the fact that however easily he recovers force tokens, he's capped at one. Both will be all about managing their limited resources. Luke doesn't have Force tokens as a limited resource - because you can never be 'caught short' being attacked without one, but you still only get one token to spend on 'anything else'. Torpedoes run out, and R2-D2's charges run out, and a defensive-focus-agility 2 isn't......that great? Agility 2 with a force token is only a hair better than agility 3 with nothing.
    It's a great ability against a swarm of 2-dice attack ships, and if people start taking TIE fighter swarms again, I suspect they'll remember why they hated Luke, but the fact that he can't use R2-D2 whilst slow-rolling through combat anymore (due to the disarm token) and that he can only use him 3 times is a huge deal, especially since R2-D2 got (proportionately) more expensive (10 points on the app screenshot).
    The Dark Jedi:
    Darth Vader @Boom Owl covered it as well as you can want, frankly. The only other thing to note is his ability to spam multiple force tokens into free actions in one go; getting supernatural reflexes/vader/action/vader/action and then talon roll/afterburners/boost may use up most of your tokens in one go but that turn is terrifying as vader goes from a head-on-pass to a double-modified proton rocket shot into your backside in one turn..... The Grand Inquisitor As good as he always was. Being able to take away range 1 bonuses instead makes him a lovely knife fighter, which is a nice alternative to the sniper he usually acts as. With both Boost and Barrel Roll, supernatural reflexes is a nasty trick. The ability to combine actual range control with range bonus control is powerful Boost/link/focus and barrel roll/link focus means that unlike vader, he doesn't NEED supernatural reflexes or afterburners to reposition. On the other hand, a shield or hull upgrade would be welcome as...you know....TIE/v1 fighters are made of eggshell. Seventh Sister Initiative 4 means sense might be worth it; as it's a cost-free force ability for a knife-fighter (she needs 2 force tokens for shooting people and doesn't want to 'waste' them on anything else) 'Generic' Inquisitors As lower initiative pilots, sense becomes more useful. Instinctive aim + missiles is a nice option, meaning you don't need to limit yourself to stuff like barrage rockets Darth Vader (Crew) +1 force is nice for anyone. His ability lets him force someone in arc in range 2 to burn a green token or suffer 1 damage. Nice for stripping tokens, brutal for punishing anyone who doesn't have a green token in the first place (if they've pulled a red move, or a target lock, or are jammed) Because it's a non-specific 'firing arc', it can work out of a turret, so Vader still works fine on a decimator. He doesn't damage his ride anymore, making him a great choice for a TIE phantom, which then rack up a force token and an evade token without giving up its action. Because he represents extra token removal and/or punishes you if you have no token left to remove, I suspect his best use is on a Reaper with that lovely white jam action. Seventh Sister (Crew) +1 force is nice for anyone. Turn a stress token on a range 1 enemy ship to a tractor or jam token. Jam...it depends. If the target is stressed from a red move, debris, or similar, it's largely irrelevant because they're probably not getting a token anyway. But it does mean that linked actions are easy to punish - boost/link/focus? Spend your force token, and the stress from the red focus becomes a jam, which eats the focus. Tractor is very situation-specific, but has the potential to be really annoying; if someone lands a red move nearby, flinging them off-course could be very annoying. Of course, eating their stress has the consequence of them getting an action, but since you've repositioned them, hopefully that means they no longer have a shot. For range 1 shenanigans, Oicunn (who can shoot up range 0 targets) might appreciate it, as he's still a massive wrecking ball, and the alternate option of a force token to modify dice might also suit a pilot who's likely to lose a lot of actions to collisions. I suspect she's probably cheaper than Vader as she looks less capable on paper. The Grand Inquisitor (Crew) +1 force is nice for anyone. When a ship within range 1-2 reveals its dial, get a (red) free action. To get the best bang for your buck on this ability, you probably want to be spending it on a repositioning action - which means a TIE phantom. Palpatine 1 force a turn, for whoever wants it. He's a shadow of his former "Emperor Palpatine Says This Is A Critical" self, but hopefully that means he's cheaper. He remains fundamentally the same - keep him at the back, flinging unlimited range dice modification at whoever wants it He remains 2 crew slots, so decimator, reaper or lambda. I would probably take the lambda on cost grounds, especially paired with Captain Kagi - dragging all the enemy target locks out of useful range could really, really annoy people.  
    * Apparently Darth Vader is highly threatening. Who knew?
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    JamesWG reacted to Boom Owl in Star Wars Imperial Tactics: Vader   
    Its time to begin the journey again! 
    Lets start with Vader.
    Basically zero content here but I am so hyped for real X-Wing that I can't avoid rambling about it constantly and reading all the cards. 
    Spoilers: Supernatural, FCS, Afterburners = 93 pts go. 
    Pilot Card 

    Advanced Targeting Computer Instead of adding a crit, you change a hit result to a crit.  Still very powerful, effectively granting Vader a 3/3/3/2 stat line Pilot Ability The tension of spending force charges on actions at the right moment and saving them is real  Linked Action Focus to Red Barrel Roll is actually pretty great for Vader Opens things up so you can approach, Target lock, then burn a force charge to focus and barrel roll out of arc  Still leaves 2 force charges left over save the focus token for defending against 1 attack and then still have 2 more force charges to deal with additional attacks.  I believe Linked Actions can trigger off other cards that provide the first action, and the link is a may so you don't have to BR.  Initiative 6 Veteran Instincts is gone which is in my opinion a massive buff to anything at Initiative 6 even though a bunch of generics are probably better Still going to be able to out bid your opponent to move last ( assuming no unknown rule changes  )  Now more than ever not taking shots is Vader's best defense. Moving last is still good and often worth a bid and not something I ever feel bad about.  Force Powers

    Best Force Power on paper  Gives Vader the option to basically run a variation on Advanced Sensors and keep Fire Control System equipped Obviously pre-movement actions are good ( see: Nym, Rebel Fenn, Kylo, Corran, IGs, etc. )  Even better in a world where everything uses Arcs of some kind! Have you played Kylo or Corran against other arcs recently? Paired with Afterburners this gives Vader some amount of access to Boost I can't imagine wanting to take that damage all that often Still as a Nope Nope Nope button in a spot thats the difference between defending against 3 shots vs no shots it will get used definitely  Also could be entirely worth it in the end game if it sets up a kill shot etc.  Overall I expect this to be crazy expensive but worth it at anything but the most absurd possible costs. 
    Closest thing to Deadeye 2.0 thats available.  If I can't fit Supernatural I think I will be having to choose between this and Sense or nothing for the bid ( probably nothing for the bid! ).  If I had to choose I would lean more towards sense because it benefits all the ships in your list. There are a couple Talents I would prefer to take in place of Instinctive Aim or Sense but at this point we don't know for sure if Vader can choose between taking a Talent or Force Powers. 
    Force based Intel Agent, but range 1-3  Not much to say about this other than that I would generally prefer that stuff like this didnt exist. I appreciate the options that it opens up though and how it gives lower init ships some tools against high init If you run Vader with a mini swarm of tie strikers sense has maybe a little more value given their premovemet boost and access to allow those 1 speed moves  Could also lead to some shenanigans with Moff Jerjerrod allowing a system phase boost and a reveal bombing striker depending on the order those things happen?
    Not Good. See also, bad. Missiles

    Pretty sure this is my preferred missile for Vader out the gate. I want to use this almost entirely based on fun factor alone.  Vader is uniquely capable of making it work at Init 6, with Supernatural, and a couple ways to get full mods.  Bullseye is difficult against a small base but not so bad with practice and makes your opponent play around you at times.  Range 1-2 goes a very long way, and bullseye gets a little easier the closer you get to your opponents ships. 
    I think this would be my second choice after proton rockets.  4 dice, range 2-3, 2 charges, get to keep the lock.  I imagine there a lot of situations where the opponent would just take the damage.  The cool thematic thing is to not use this as an initial alpha strike. Maybe the correct thing to do is to save the missile for when the ships shields are down and its on its last couple hull. Make that choice a choice basically.   

    So force users and cluster missiles are a reasonable match I guess The thought of spending 2 force charges though and having to run away for a couple turns doesn't seem worth it.  Iden Versio will just result in one shot being ignored anyway  Points seem better used somewhere else 
    I think this and the next one are close to rather just have a bid and initiative 6 territory.  2.0 Crits are cool but this just doesnt seem worth the points 
    Might be a nice way to force Han to have to leave the safety of the Asteroid field.  Its neat but something I will most likely ignore for the most part.  Modifications

    Only picture I could find but Afterburners would be my first choice mod if its possible to use with Vader Have you ever wanted to do a talon/k turn and still be able to boost? I can see myself using this occasionally with Vader's 3 bank and a barrel roll after an initial engagement at Range 3 Also of course as a way to just get out of range fora  turn or two and come back with full force The theme on this one is cool.
    If both of these are cheap enough I might consider them but not to sound like a broken record I think the bid is worth more.   Maybe stealth device? I just can't imagine wanting to use anything besides Afterburners with this upgrade slot but maybe ill change my mind the first time Vader is destroyed in 1 round Its possible that two modifications will be allowed based on threat cards. I think in that case I would consider running one of these plus afterburners.  System Upgrades

    FCS seems extremely good in 2.0  There is no bullseye restriction like Predator Vader doesnt want to spend his target lock anyway I see it as just another way to save tokens and force charges for defense basically
    How does this work with Supernatural? I assume this lets you Barrel Roll before activating and then focus with sensors before revealing your dial?  Neat but since force charges already allow Vader to deal with stress or blocks in some way im not sure this will ever replace FCS  Turns off Vaders Pilot Ability so this is probably on the no fly list 
    I wont be using it but I did just want to pause on this one to mention that the additional wording on this is nice.  Questions:
    Any other Upgrades to consider for Vader?  Without points or upgrade slots...what do you think the ideal Vader will look like?  How could he ever be better than a couple named Tie Fighters leading a swarm?  Would you consider Vader a High Skill ship in 2nd Edition or Easy Mode?  In the Luke vs Vader one on one matchup does Vader just always win?  Are there any Support Crew that seem like obvious options to pair with Vader?  Does X-Wing 2.0 also come with a 2nd Edition of the Forums? 
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    JamesWG got a reaction from Mattman7306 in U-Wing agility in 2nd edition   
    From what I can tell from unboxing videos, the X-Wing 1.0 U-Wing Pilots have 1 Agility, as they always have, and the the 2.0 Pilots have 2 agility, like the ones in in the Conversion Kit.
    So looks like a  "nothing to see here, move along" situation.
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    JamesWG reacted to Gilarius in Where are all the good X-Wing blogs?   
    I'd like to see more on Turn zero: where to place obstacles and an explanation of why a particular location works for one matchup and might not for a different match.
    Eg pick a squad archetype and show a good and poor obstacle layout for it vs each of several different archetypes. For people like me who don't have time to actually play many games, this sort of thing would really help.
  25. Confused
    JamesWG reacted to unfassbarnathan in U-Wing agility in 2nd edition   
    Has this been discussed at all?
    The U-Wing pilots in Saw's Renegades have an agility value of 1, whereas those in the conversion kit have a value of 2.
    Deliberate interesting move or another silly mistake by FFG? Who knows?
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