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  1. The answer to the question is the new Diplomacy strategy card is included, as is a new Construction card. There is no change to the function of Construction but they cleaned up some wording to make sure it works as intended with some of the new mechanics. The "omega" tech cards are NOT included, unfortunately. They've added them to Codex Vol 1, which is a print on your own product.
  2. I don't think you understand what DR4CO is saying Darth. I don't think he is saying that playing a a well constructed list is irrelevant. He is saying that building it yourself is irrelevant. In other words the skill required to build a good list is separate from the skill required to play a list. And it is perfectly OK for someone who does not have the time/skill/inclination to build a list to simply copy a good net-list and play that. At least that is how I interpreted what he's saying.
  3. Err, I could not have been more wrong: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/27/man-your-ships-1/ ? Well, Rebels still have 3 hours to vote with this new information.
  4. From the article: "Today, and over the next couple weeks, we invite you to review the faction-specific upgrades headed to X-Wing Second Edition in the three Conversion Kits, and then we'll ask you to vote" and "come back next week for a look at the Imperial-only upgrades" I doubt appreciable new information will be released in the next one or two weeks to give any advantage to the Imperial or Scum factions.
  5. I think those little baggies of extras in each conversion kit are a very good clue as to what will be included in the card only packs for ships re-released in future waves. What we don't have any clue about are questions like 'Is it one pack per wave'? Or one pack per faction per wave? Or one pack for each ship? My guess is one pack per faction per wave being the most likely, followed by one pack per wave. I think individual packs for each ship might be too much of pain logistically for them to want to deal with. Another open question is distribution model. Will they be released as general merchandise via the regular retail chain? Or will they be things that must be ordered direct from FFG via their website?
  6. Oh yeah, I remember the double-tap the same target debate too. But some people also argued that Gunner Han didn't allow a second attack and the lack of 'bonus attack' in the wording was the reason why. They argued that the part on the card talking about not using the same turret arc again that turn was only there in case the ship was able to get a bonus attack via some other means. But that Han himself didn't grant it. Agreed the article writer thinks Han grants the second attack, but after the great Slam debacle of a couple of years ago I'm not sure how much we can rely on articles being accurate. Personally I think Rebel Gunner Han does grant two attacks, and would use the article as evidence. But I can't cite it as absolute proof, due to past article mistakes. I suspect the FAQ/Errata that comes out when 2.0 is officially released will clear it up, one way or the other.
  7. This. And also keep in mind that for some ships they don't have enough generic pilot cards and ship bases at match every dial in the kit. For instance the Rebel Z-95 and Scum Jumpmaster are short on generic cards/bases by one each. There are other examples I don't recall off the top of my head. Note that MOST ships have the cards/bases to run every dial as the same generic. Which makes it all the stranger that they chose to short just a few ships in this way. From the unboxing videos it looks like there is enough empty space in the boxes to have put in another half sheet of cardboard to cover the "missing" bases and the additional pilot cards would take up negligible space. So they would not even have needed to increase the box size to include full generics for everything.
  8. When Rebel Han gunner was spoiled I recall some debate on whether it allowed two attacks (one at initiative 7 through a turret arc and then one at the pilot's initiative via a primary arc or a different turret arc). Or did the initiative 7 attack replace the pilot's normal attack. I don't recall if that argument was definitively settled. The article seems to state that Rebel Han Gunner does grant two attacks when it says that all non-Luke Rebel Gunners "make it possible for their ships to fire twice in a round." So... article mistake or confirmation Rebel Han gunner grants two attacks?
  9. From what I can tell from unboxing videos, the X-Wing 1.0 U-Wing Pilots have 1 Agility, as they always have, and the the 2.0 Pilots have 2 agility, like the ones in in the Conversion Kit. So looks like a "nothing to see here, move along" situation.
  10. I think the only place we've seen the Slave I title that adds stress is the image linked to in the "Any Methods Necessary" article. Since that image is linked to in a different way than the other images, I suspect they accidentally linked to an old version rather than the production version. Certainly something to watch for when an unboxing of the Slave I expansion lands.
  11. Fair enough. I know you are not the only one turned off by the some of FFG's marketing tactics. I think they would have been better served being more open about things. Sure some people would disagree with some of the their decisions but now they are angry about feeling deceived on top of it. Though when all is said and done I suspect it won't matter much. I don't think enough people will be angry enough to really impact their bottom line.
  12. Well we don't have to assume that the FO and Resistance kits will cost less. FFG has said it. How much less has not been determined. But since the other factions have around 4x the number of ships it should be significantly less. I expect those kits to be even cheaper than half but went with half to be conservative. My apology that I assumed you were talking in US dollars. But to be fair, since FFG is a US company, and "bucks" is slang for dollars in the US (as well as in Canada) if you probably should have called out that your figures were not meant to indicate US currency to start.
  13. $300 to covert a collection of one of each ship? What kind of math is that? $150 for one of each of the existing kits. The Resistance and First Order kits are of unknown pricing but FFG has said those kits will be cheaper because they convert fewer ships. Let's call it $25 a Kit (and I suspect even that is high). So an additional $50 for a total of $200. Even throwing in a Core Set only brings it to $240. And that's at full retail. All of these will be available for cheaper than that if you want to order online. I don't dispute that some people will need to spend $300 or more if they wish to convert their entire collection. But those collections are larger than one of each ship. I also don't begrudge the decision to quit because of being tired of being nickle and dimed and/or are tired of less than transparent marketing language. But I did feel compelled to challenge the $300 figure.
  14. What makes you think that? I strongly believe those baggies included in the conversion kits are a preview of what can be expected in the cardboard only packs that will be released in future waves. Those baggies only contain new cards. As in cards not in the Kit or the Core Set. Since Afterburners are in Core they won't be in cardboard only packs just like they are not in the Scum Kit baggie. Obviously I don't know for sure, but I think I have some compelling evidence behind my contention. Have you seen or heard something from FFG indicating that the cardboard only packs will contain more than the bare minimum? I have not watched every video so I certainly could have missed something. As a tangent, I do somewhat expect Maul to be an exception to this general rule of only new cards in the cardboard only packs. I would hope Maul will be in the cardboard only pack for the Ghost when that ship is re-released, so that Rebel players can have access to it without needing to buy either the out-of-faction Scum kit or re-buy the full ship. Would it shock me if Maul is not in the cardboard only pack? No. But I really think it should to hold true to both the "no need to buy out of faction" promise and the "no need to rebuy re-released ships to get access to new upgrades/pilots" promise.
  15. OK, let me make clear that I do find that FFG has been less then fully transparent in their marketing language for 2.0. It is unfortunate that they have felt the need for such... weaselly... tactics rather than trust that their product and distribution model could stand the full light of day. Though you've already gone over reasons why from a bottom line perspective it might be in FFG's best interest to be a little misleading in order to build maximum hype. It's not a choice I'd like to believe I'd make in their shoes, but I can understand the choice. But there is a difference between being somewhat misleading and outright lying. They have been pretty careful not to lie to this point. This is why I suspect that the line from the Fang article is more case of a misstatement than a lie. FFG has been pretty clear that, for veteran players, they consider the new Core Set and one or more Conversion Kits as the Baseline. And that the card only packs for re-released ships will only include the new stuff that is not included in the Baseline. The stuff in the baggie from the Scum Conversion Kit is exactly that; it is the pilots and upgrades from the Fang and Slave I expansions not otherwise in the Kit or Core. Since the contents of that baggie match what I expected to see there I'll chalk the inaccurate line from the article to sloppy wording. Lord knows we've seen plenty of article mistakes in the past so this should not be surprising. Note I'm assuming that there are not other pilots/upgrades in the Fang and Slave I expansions that are NOT in the Kit or Core. If once the expansions are fully spoiled we find out otherwise, THEN I'll be fully onboard in calling FFG outright dishonest.
  16. Marinealver - I can't recall the video where they said that just like always for official tournaments you'll need a physical copy of every upgrade card in your squad. Can you quote the line on that page that gives you a different impression? Thanks.
  17. But... FFG never said the card only packs would contain "everything" from the ships re-released in the wave. They've said it would contain new cards that don't come in the Core Set or the Conversion Kit. Which is EXACTLY what the scum kit baggie contains. No more and no less. People have been speculating that the card-only packs will contain extra generics or extra copies of previously released upgrades. I think those people are going to be disappointed. Similar to how those who missed or ignored "by maneuver dials included" are disappointed now. Now the Fang article does have one statement that is flat out untrue (assuming the Fang expansion includes the Afterburners* upgrade): "All of the ship and upgrade cards included in the Fang Fighter Expansion Pack can also be found in the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit." Though I really think this is more a misstatement than an intentional lie. I think what they meant to say is "All of the ship and upgrade cards included in the Fang Fighter Expansion Pack can also be found in the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit or the Core Set." ***** I just realized I've been saying Autothrusters when I meant Afterburners. Need to make some edits later!
  18. I'm guessing the "Like" in this case is more agreement with the statement, not a value judgement on FFGs decision.
  19. Some people would have complained about their favorite pilot being MIA, just like some have complained that their favorite A-Wing or B-Wing pilot isn't in the Rebel Kit. But the answer to those complaints is to wait for the ship to be released in a future wave. Then buy the ship if you want another ship or buy the card-only pack if all you need are the cards. The way they've done it people will complain they want to fly two G or U1 with U2. The answer is to buy a whole other conversion kit, or the ship when it is released in the future. Or rely on the secondary market. But FFG's card-only pack won't help since the pack won't include any of the pilots in the kit. So I guess it comes down to which is better. "Wait but can solve with card-only pack" or "Can solve now, but only with a whole other kit or secondary market". I'd prefer the former, personally.
  20. The BoLS video also showed the packing/contents list for the baggie. It was blurry and you needed to freeze frame to read it, but Afterburners were not listed. I believe the only hope is they unboxed a pre-release kit and the production kit has it. I find that very unlikely though, unfortunately.
  21. I think you misunderstand Squark. FFG has said that the threat cards will only have upgrades from that expansion or the core. Since Afterburners are in the core it does not need to be in the Tie Advanced expansion. I don't believe we've seen anything to indicate there is a copy of Afterburnerss in the Tie Advanced pack like we've seen for the Fang. It could be there I guess, but I tend to doubt it.
  22. Overall I agree with your sentiments, but I think the Jumpmaster is a prime example of where they could have done better. I think they only should have included 2 unique pilots for it in the kit. Then they could have done U1/G and U2/G for the bases. Save the third unique pilot for the future expansion. As it is I guess they'll have U1/U2 and U3/G. Sure we get two dials but we can't fly G,G or U1,U2 or U3,G. So only certain two ship jumpmaster lists will be possible. If they simply cut one unique and added a second copy of the generic they could have allowed us to fly any two ship combo. But I chalk this up more to poor planning than nefarious motivations.
  23. Three cut and pastes from May 1: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/274779-x-wing-20-they-got-everything-right/?tab=comments#comment-3305770 https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/274737-x-wing-second-edition-gripe-checklist/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-3305859 https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/274733-x-wing-2nd-edition-announced/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-3304862 So now we know. ?
  24. Based on the fact that Afterburners are not in the baggie of extras included in the scum conversion kit, I don't expect the cardboard-only expansions to come with more than the bare minimum. They will have any pilots and upgrades that were not in core or that faction's conversion kit. But if an upgrade appears in either the core set or the kit, it won't be in the cardboard-only pack. I'll be happy if I'm proven wrong on this, but I don't expect to be. Personally I'm disappointed that it looks like FFG is going to make it hard to obtain multiple copies of one of the best Mods. But I don't think the sky is falling because of it.
  25. Edited my post three back to clarify a point that may be leading to confusion.
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