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  1. I can't wait to hear about it. Keep us posted.
  2. It's been over a month now, got a group together yet? I'm interested in how it's going.
  3. Nice! I cooked up an agriworld that was important to Coruscant. An escape from the spice mines of Kessel is a fantastic idea. I may have to borrow that one.
  4. I had a game start with the group under Imperial arrest along with some other criminals. They were being detained on a planet that was in more or less open revolt against the Empire. As they were being transported to the detention facility, explosions rocked the area and blaster fire ensued. With the Imperials either fighting the insurgents or dead, the group had a chance to escape. Three ships were sitting nearby, and since the PCs were all shackled to one another and time being of the essence, they had to make the choice of which ship to make their escape. In another game, the group worked for an NPC captain who was murdered in the first session. They inherited the ship.
  5. I would absolutely love a Tobias, Val, and Rio stand alone. That dynamic intrigued me.
  6. I particularly love any scene that shows the Star Wars galaxy on a more mundane scope. Just seeing the people of the galaxy going about their lives is very interesting to me. I don't really know why.
  7. I loved Solo. IMO, it was much more enjoyable than TFA or TLJ, and it didn't plagerize it's own franchise. There were a couple of things I didn't care for but overall??!
  8. 1. My advice would be not too often, overuse spoils the impact. I personally would only use the pirates when I thought my group had forgotten about them, and at the most inopportune time. 2. Nar Shadaa problems could be many fold. I like the playing on paranoia approach. The threat of getting ripped off and left laying in the gutter is very powerful and a very real possibility. Make the players feel that. I wouldn't actually do it , but I would make my players worry about it. Run the negotiation almost like a combat. When they do make the sell and are at the meet, make sure it's super tense. The buyer's thugs all exchanging knowing glances, etc. Hope this helps even a little. Good luck and let me know how it works out.
  9. Brutal! I love mine too much. I punish mine by not using them for a while. D20 time out so to speak.
  10. Plus, we all love rolling dice! We collect them, baby talk to them, and forgive them ,quite easily, when they screw us over. It helps the players feel like they are in control over their destiny.
  11. They sound the same to me. Just one has more background details maybe. Or would require some planning on the GM's part. We're not talking Pulp Fiction or anything. I still say it can be done.
  12. Film school or no film school, it can be done. Heck even one of FFG's own adventures uses that very concept. Under a Black Sun starts out with the team in the midst of a speeder chase as they just ripped off some payday from a Black Sun location. No flashbacks, the group is simply told, yesterday you were hired by the Pyke Syndicate to get this info, and boom, here you are.
  13. And, again, there has to be a good amount of trust in the relationship between the players and the GM. You have to know if your audience can handle that particular method of storytelling. In my experience, which goes all the way back to 2nd edition AD&D, some groups can handle it, and some can't.
  14. 1- I like to keep the first session simple with newer players. Clear goals. More experienced gamers, I can be more elaborate with the first session. 2- En Media Res is completely doable in an rpg, even starting at the climax and working the how and why into the narrative through flashbacks or even dialogue. I'v very successfully pulled it off many times. The obstacle there is that you have to really know your players, their characters, and their character's motivation, AND (more importantly) they have to really trust your storytelling abilities.
  15. Just a rough outline as I tend to do, and make details on the fly, but I'm developing Project Revenant in which the Empire has been requisitioning mining supplies and equipment, as well as moving large numbers of Imperial prisoners to an undisclosed location. The group would somehow discover this and begin investigating. This leads them to a planet deep in Wild Space that is rich in Kyber crystals that the Imperial Survey Corp discovered The Empire is essentially strip mining the planet while building the second Death Star. And, you have Rogue Two. Still working out some details but that's the general run down.
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