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  1. Runko

    Well, this was....sort of unexpected.

    Looks like Nikki Valens designed one more game before leaving FFG. Since she was the mastermind behind Eldritch Horror I have high hopes for this too.
  2. Runko

    Rest and conditions

    Also, when at least one card prevents you from recovering Sanity and/or Health, you do not recover Sanity and/or Health even if you manage to get rid of those cards during that Rest.
  3. Runko


    Battlestar Galactica is a standalone group-traitor cooperative game and is pretty good, you should give it a try.
  4. Runko

    is this game dead?

    This game will never be dead, to me.
  5. I don't know about the exact timeline of official previews for Eldritch Horror, but shouldn't we get one by now if this was not the last expansion?
  6. Runko

    Build Generator - Rebellionbuild.com

    Hello, thanks for the response My main concern why I suggested using the map is that you have the Planets listed alphabetiacally, which is not very intuitive unless you have played the game multiple times (or are a super hardcore fan) If you at least would organize the planet names to resemble the galaxy map that would be most welcome. I still think that copying the galaxy map and modifiyng it to be distinctly different from the probe deck tracker map (after consulting with the author for approval) is the best way to go.
  7. Runko

    Build Generator - Rebellionbuild.com

    It would be much more organized if you would change the https://www.rebellionbuild.com/ layout to be that of the starmap as in http://rebellionmap.com/ and by simply clicking we would toggle between, Rebel production, Imperial Loyalty Production, Imperial Subjugated production, No production. After you click Build, you get number of Icons and their position on the build queue displayed, not listed all the possibilieites for the build. That would make the feature SUPER useful.
  8. Runko

    The Omen track proposal

    If you allow investigators to influence the Omen track with abilities, you can force a blue loop (everytime the Omen advances, it advances to a blue Omen) which allows you to completely ignore non-blue Gates. If you don't allow to influence it, it becomes totally random which is in my eyes not desirable.
  9. Runko

    Rewards/Consequences in Campaigns

    I actually pondered the same question recently. I too can't decide which scenario will occur but so far play it as if the Investigator gains the card at game start.
  10. Runko

    Eldritch Horror Statistics

    A campaign game is not much different from a normal game. Here are the most notable differences: The game is played with 2 specific preludes in play, details in the rulebook (most notable change) Dark Pacts and Promise of Powers carry over to the subsequent games (no effect on the Statistics, unless you include Condition tracking) Completed Personal Stories from previous game start in play (no effect on the Statistics, unless you include Personal Story tracking) Devastated Cities from previous games remain devastated. (no effect on the Statistics, unless you include Devastated Space tracking) Full Rules, page 7: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/43/47/4347db33-4b2d-45a7-bdee-7eb0b6230e4d/eh09_rulebook.pdf
  11. Runko

    Eldritch Horror Statistics

    Will you be making the changes to the form to record and accomodate Campaign play?
  12. Runko

    Eldritch Horror Statistics

    Yo @Tibs. New stuff Expansion Name Masks of Nyarlathotep Investigators Agatha Crane Calvin Wright Carson Sinclair Daniela Reyes Father Mateo Preston Fairmont Sefina Rousseau Preludes Aid of the Elder Gods Army of Darkness Father of Serpents Harbinger of the Outer Gods In the Lightless Chamber Temptation The Archives The Stars Align Unto the Breach Wondrous Curios Rumors Spreading Corruption Epic Monsters Bloated Woman God of the Bloody Tongue Ancient Ones Antediluvium Nyarlathotep
  13. Seriously though, is there any specific reason why a second Cthulhu Epic Monster was included in this expansion? As far as I know, it's identical to the one in the base game.
  14. Runko

    Can't wait for...(Minor Spoilers)

    I played a lot of games, and don't have the expansion yet even, but I know for sure, that because of the same exact reason, this is my new most favorite Prelude (Previously: Sins of the Past)
  15. Runko

    New expansion and mind Blown

    I like the intentional or unintentional typo here