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  1. Essential role is effectively closing Gates and be mobile. Pretty much anything else can be "cheesed" somehow or avoided completely.
  2. New article is released
  3. Well, we have a new lose condition again, Defeat by Devastation "If all nine cities are devastated by the chthonian monstrosity, then the game is over"
  4. Welcome aboard Have fun, ask questions when necessary, and submit them stats
  5. A would like more Promise of Power even though that train has already left the station For some reason I really like that card.
  6. Maybe Arkham Horror 2.0 Like Eldritch Horror learned from "mistakes" of Arkham Horror. Now the daddy comes back, stronger than ever, with even more polished data taken from Eldritch Horror.
  7. I am not worried, just impatient. 1st world torture tactics
  8. It is not cumulative as in "permanent" reduction each time you use it, but you can Combine it for example with the Fishing Net for a total of 2 reduced damage to a minimum of 1.
  9. 0-1: Discard this card unless you lose 2 Sanity Question: Do you retain the +3 bonus to Str if you discard the card?
  10. We don't. I just have no beef with people who do, since it is none of my business.
  11. Is using broken characters like Ursula Downs also dishonoring your vision of the game? Where do you draw the line of what is "proper" ?
  12. There are other edge cases: Some that come to my mind: 1. If you are Delayed in Lost in Time and Space, you do undelay during your action phase. 2. There is a Mythos card that says "Each Investigator with a Lost in Time and Space Condition is devoured". You are obviously affected by this effect. 3. Some targetted effects still target you, except they do nothing afterwards. Examples: Advance Doom by 1 unless the Lead Investigator gains an Agreement Condition. (if the Lead Investigator has a Lost in Time and Space Condition, he cannot choose to gain the Condition, therefore Doom advances by 1) The Investigator with the most Item possessions discards all of his Item possessions. (If the Investigator with a Lost in Time and Space Condition has the most Item possessions, he is the target, but does not discard anything and the effect "fizzles")
  13. Also one thing to notice, which my group REALLY struggles to grasp. If the effect is "The Monster moves 2 spaces towards the nearest investigator within range" and no Investigator is within range, then the Monster does not move.
  14. 1. You roll your dice pool 2. Reroll any number of 1's, any number of times 3. At this point you have your dice pool number of dice, showing results other than 1, If you are not happy with the result, use Composed 4. Reroll any number of 1's, any number of times. 5. Pass/Fail 6. In the unlikely event, that you failed, flip Composed.
  15. That's convenient, especially on the turn the Final Mission comes along