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  1. Also one thing to notice, which my group REALLY struggles to grasp. If the effect is "The Monster moves 2 spaces towards the nearest investigator within range" and no Investigator is within range, then the Monster does not move.
  2. 1. You roll your dice pool 2. Reroll any number of 1's, any number of times 3. At this point you have your dice pool number of dice, showing results other than 1, If you are not happy with the result, use Composed 4. Reroll any number of 1's, any number of times. 5. Pass/Fail 6. In the unlikely event, that you failed, flip Composed.
  3. That's convenient, especially on the turn the Final Mission comes along
  4. If you have a continent that is let's say 1 space from orange. After Global defense, 10 ufo's remain on that continent. (later they are moved to orbit i know) You increase the panic level by 1 and 9 panic levels are "tanked" ?
  5. Either I got Lost in Time and Space and it has already been released, or they have a bug in their system. It's being listed as "Awaiting Reprint".
  6. I would really love to see your Batman (Dark Knight version). However please be aware that I would never play custom content ( I am too addicted to submitting stats). So only if you have the time to spare to satisfy my curiosity, I just want to see it.
  7. In a low investigator count game you need to focus on the Mystery. You do not have enough mobility and Actions/Encounters to manage the board effectively. You need to blitzkrieg the Mystery and hope for the best.
  8. All random, some games are exremely punishing, some games are very easy, most of the games are fun.
  9. Let's get back on topic please. We don't need a flame war here.
  10. Dreamlands is a very special in this regard. On one hand: VERY strong investigators, very strong possessions, very strong Talents. Basically the stuff you want to get like Assets are REALLY strong in this expansion. On the other hand: Certain Mythos Cards are ridiculously punishing without you having to do anything about it. Atlach-Nacha is super difficult in low investigator count games. (somewhere around Yig's difficulty curve). So for me it made the game more "unbalanced" you have total easymode in the expansion and you also have nightmare mode content there. Overall the statistics suggest that the easymode content prevails and the Expansion is the easiest of them all (yet).
  11. Twin Blasphemies of the Black Goat introduces a new lose condition. Defeat by Prelude
  12. Hastur Hastur Hastur Oh shiiii.....
  13. Don't use any expansion board (Because it is used neither by the Ancient One, nor by the Prelude). Only use the expansion content that the general Rules asks you to combine together (Investigators, Assets, Encouter Cards...)
  14. I want to see some madmen attempt (and beat) this challenge Expansions: All (Base, Forsaken Lore, Mountains of Madness, Strange Remnants, Under the Pyramids, Signs of Carcossa, The Dreamlands) Ancient One: Atlach-Nacha Prelude: Twin Blasphemies of the Black Goat Investigators: 4 Reference Cards: Original (you can use Revised if you are truly mad) Special Rules: Modify the Mythos Deck so that the 1st card you draw is "Render of the Veils" We stumbled upon this setup by accident and it was truly terrifying. The only difference was we had the Otherworldly Dreams Prelude. We managed to solve half of the first mystery, and then the world became one giant spider web.
  15. I guess we would need the exact wording on the card to be sure and maybe even then ask Nikky.