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  1. Don't forget Preludes, that mechanic is absolutely fantastic.
  2. The only reason why the Adventures are not used when the AO with the same side board is in play is because under certain circumstances there would be a conflict when a certain Adventure card is in play and a certain Mystery. Both spawn the same Epic Monster and there is only one included.
  3. Here you go @Tibs List is quite massive. Feel free to use all, some or none of them
  4. When I look at the submitted games, maybe it's time to introduce som basic validations: Examples: You cannot pick "Defeat by devastation" when you do not play with the "Cities in Ruin" expansion You cannot pick "Defeat by prelude" when the prelude is not "Twin Blasphemies of the Black Goat" You cannot defeat the Shub-Niggurath Epic Monster when not playing against Shub-Niggurath (duh... :D) and so on.. @Tibs in case you are interested I can go over all components and provide you with a full list of Validations
  5. Yo @Tibs New stuff Expansion: Cities in Ruin Investigators: "Ashcan" Bob Rita Roland Preludes: Apocalypse Nigh Fall of Man The Price of Prestige You Know What You Must Do Rumors: Exploring the Crater Mission Dolores Return to G'Harne Epic Monsters: Ancient Cthonian (this Epic monster is present 4 times) Shudde M'ell Worldrender Ancient Ones: Shudde M'ell (Result: Defeat by devastation )
  6. Try using all hard mythos cards. If you win consistently even then, something is definitely not right.
  7. Actually, the game is hardest when playing with the Base Game + Forsaken Lore. Anything more makes the game easier and easier. At least that's what the trend from the statistics show.
  8. Essential role is effectively closing Gates and be mobile. Pretty much anything else can be "cheesed" somehow or avoided completely.
  9. New article is released
  10. Well, we have a new lose condition again, Defeat by Devastation "If all nine cities are devastated by the chthonian monstrosity, then the game is over"
  11. Welcome aboard Have fun, ask questions when necessary, and submit them stats
  12. A would like more Promise of Power even though that train has already left the station For some reason I really like that card.
  13. Maybe Arkham Horror 2.0 Like Eldritch Horror learned from "mistakes" of Arkham Horror. Now the daddy comes back, stronger than ever, with even more polished data taken from Eldritch Horror.
  14. I am not worried, just impatient. 1st world torture tactics
  15. It is not cumulative as in "permanent" reduction each time you use it, but you can Combine it for example with the Fishing Net for a total of 2 reduced damage to a minimum of 1.