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  1. Ranker

    Happy Friday SSD is one day closer

    Does anyone know the release date for the SSD?
  2. Ranker

    Are any of last week's 2nd edition releases new?

    Ok, as someone who has at least 1 of everything from 1st Ed (more often multiples), I'm good to go as also a fellow OCD collector/tourney ready player if I've already pulled the trigger on 1 2nd Ed Core, 1 of each of the 4 faction conversion kits, and Lando and will purchase Mining TIE, Resistance A-wing. I assume Tie Striker and Z-95 won't see anything new that we haven't gotten from the conversion kits?
  3. Ranker

    Are any of last week's 2nd edition releases new?

    Basically, if its just a cosmetic change, I wouldn't pull the trigger. But if its got new upgrade cards not accessible except through its purchase or its for a new faction to be tournament legal, I'll pull the trigger. FYI, I've been station overseas for the last 3 months so I haven't had the chance to open up 2nd E just yet but would like to be caught up the moment I'm back stateside.
  4. I'm hoping to avoid making any duplicate purchases. Are any of last week's releases new? or are they all retreads of 1st edition releases?
  5. Ranker

    What should I keep from V1

    I've got a few spare hours tomorrow to clean up the hobby area a bit and make some space for some new toys coming in. As the V2 kits won't be delivered until Monday, I'd not like to waste the precious free time I'll have this weekend. What should I keep and what should I toss from V1?
  6. Ranker

    How many of each new expansion

    Thanks, already have 4 ISD's. Looks like 1 Chimera and 2 Profundity it is.
  7. Hey all, I haven't kept up with the meta for the last 4 months. I'm jumping back into the game now that I see the new expansions have been released. How many of each should be purchased or how many of each could see play in a list? Shipping charges are almost as much as the expansion itself so I rather do it all in one go if multiples are in order. Thanks in advance!
  8. Ranker

    How many should i order of each?

    Haha, fortunately not married and at the pinnacle in the legal field. I'm looking at 2 of each except for the bomber & GFH where it'll be one and possibly 3-4 phantoms. Any lists off the top of your head that would use 4 flight assist astromechs?
  9. Ranker

    How many should i order of each?

    I have Heroes of the Resistance, one box though.
  10. Ranker

    How many should i order of each?

    Can't imagine any lists fielding 2? Does it also not have any unique upgrades worth doubling up on?
  11. Ranker

    How many should i order of each?

    Thanks, just upped Phantoms to 4!
  12. Hey all, I took a 5 month break from IA and I'm wondering how many of each expansion pack I should get to be able to field flexible lists. I'm not current with the Meta and would love a point in the right direction. I don't mind overbuying as shipping kills me and is often 1/2 the value of a large order. How many should I get of the following (their release is where I took a break): 0) Alliance Rangers 1) Jabba 2) BT-1 & 0-0-0 3) Jawa Scavenger 4) Hera Syndulla & C1-10P 5) Maul 6) Emperor Palpatine 7) Ahsoka Tano 8) Jabba's Realm Expansion 9) Heart of the Empire Expansion Thanks!
  13. Ranker

    How many should i order of each?

    Ahhhh thanks guys! Looks like I'm getting 2 of all of the above along with 2 GFH.
  14. Ranker

    How many should i order of each?

    Ahhh I see. I've got 4-5 Star Vipers and Kihrazs from the previous individual blister expansions. Are there upgrade cards only found in GFH that makes it worthwhile to buy multiple boxes?
  15. Ranker

    How many should i order of each?

    How many TIE Silencers would you get? Also is there any reason to get more than one Guns for Hire?