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  1. What about increasing the cannon attack based on primary value. if you primary is 3 dice gain 1 die on cannons. If primary is 4 gain 2 dice on cannons. this could be in the form of a modification worth 1 or 2 points.
  2. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/fa/b1/fab15a15-94a6-404c-ab86-6a3b0e77a7a0/ip_policy_031419_final_v21.pdf This was just shared with me, is it new or been around a while? Any thoughts?
  3. I think we will see squadron packs for rebel, empire and scum. These packs will include conversion kit pilots and cards but also have new pilots and new cards as well as cards that have since been released in other factions. the card packs will be released alongside side and will just have the new content and content released in other factions. This will mean there will be pilot base inserts along with cards which will up the cost a little, but nothing in the card pack will be specifically designed or made for the card pack only release. I would hope they could sell them for less that a small ship expansion.
  4. https://www.thebattlefields.co.uk/events-at-the-battlefields/x-wing-doubles-cup-cardiff Extended doubles tournament. Players will be in Teams of 2, each Team creates a 400 point list from one faction as per normal list building rules (no duplicating unique’s etc). Teams should bring a squad list of this 400 point squad with them on the day. Each Team then divides the 400 point squad into a 200 point squad for each player in the team, players should also bring a squad list for this on the day along with the obstacle choices. Squads cannot be altered in any way during the event.During the event Teams will be paired against each other as per normal tournament regulations. When the Teams are paired the Team which has spent the most points on their squads gets to pick the match up with the other Team, the individual players with the lowest points used can choose 1st player as normal. When playing, the players in each team play their own game completely separate to their team mate. No upgrades or other game effects can affect the game of their team mates. At the end of a round when both players in the team have completed their matches, the MoV scores from the 2 games are added together to give the overall score and indicate which team won the pairing. any questions just ask
  5. Basic tie bomber is 30, so hyena with same att, agil, -1 Hull, action bar is the same just calc for focus. Basic hyena is int 1 bomber is 2. Bomber has nimble bomb hyena has network calc (which is better). i see these guys being 25/26 points.
  6. I have played against that Jedi list 3 times each with a different player. Twice I crushed it and once I was beaten 200~120ish Anakin was left. I believe that list needs a good player to be flown well, in the right hands it's very difficult to beat if Anakin moves after you, if the player is not as skilful or if you move last with something that can reposition well, you have a good chance to beat it.
  7. Wave VI Epic conversion kit imperial squadron pack with bombers and an interceptor, also an interceptor reprint. The squadron pack will have existing bomber pilots plus new interceptor and bomber pilots, plus a pile of upgrade cards not in conversion kits. Also there will be a card pack of the new stuff from the squadron pack. rebels will get similar treatment with 2 small ships. Scum not sure... resistance and first order will get 1 or2 newships each, something film related, the options have already been mentioned above. prequels, maybe 1 ship each... might have to wait though with epic and OT being the focus.
  8. I thought the bit about when a star viper gets tractored the player applying the token gets to tractor them using the 1bank was interesting. Was under impression it would have been a standard tractor beam effect.
  9. went to a hyperspace trial on Saturday, 6 round 4 of which ended before time. 1 or 2 were only 5-10 mins spare but 1 had 30mins to go and another 20mins.
  10. I in UK, got my infiltrator and 2 vultures 1 week after release, got an email yesterday saying my servants of strife packs are in post. I think they got some of everything the week after release but just massive stock shortages with no warning of such. Went to a tournament on Saturday and saw all wave 3 in use so some packs made it out.
  11. Storgar

    Points and formats

    As well as all the above reasons, having extended gives ffg a massive amount of data to playtest and balance all the other ships before re-releasing in 2nd edn. If the formats have different points it will make that much harder to do. With each new wave more ships will enter hyperspace at a steady rate, hopefully with only minor tweaks being required on points to get balance and most of those would likely be on new releases rather than rereleases.
  12. Really good article, love the debris of death. not sure if he will be great out of the box due to cost of the ship to carry him, but if he is on a support ship that hangs back he could coordinate for his action and then use his ability, giving a significant boost to the selected ship. When the separatists get the sheathpede shuttle there may be a cheap enough option to make it worth while.
  13. Storgar

    What's coming next?

    Only a matter of time before the tie heavy arrives, and I want it. also there are a few of those CIS ships I would like to see and would be surprised if we don’t. Sheathpede, HMP and tri fighter will be coming over the next 9-18 months I expect.
  14. I have been flying 2 ups and qd since release in various iterations. I have actually opted to not use Tavson. He is great if you get that head on joust but a decent player will wait until they outflank tavson or until he is stressed and his ability won’t trigger. Abilities that rely on your opponent to trigger are always suspect as good players play around it. Pattern analyser makes a huge difference to upsilons though, very strong.
  15. Is “super revealing” done differently to normal reveal? If so how? and thanks for all the hard work, vassal is just great.
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