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  1. I was also thinking black sun for S&V squad pack, star viper and 2 khiraxz or 2 z95. rebels would be good to see the a wings taking up 2 ships, an x wing seems very possible. empire, would be sad if they put tie/ln in there as there are so many of those 2nd edn versions sitting on shelves, interceptors are likely. I would really like to see the tie bomber either as a single or double. A punisher and 2 bombers would be an awesome squad pack but very unlikely. A bomber and 2 interceptors possible. A tie adv x1 and 2 interceptors sounds likely when thinking of this as a starter pack alongside a core set.
  2. Any links or pics to contents anyone?
  3. Storgar

    New op article up

    Personally I am very happy with the structure, really happy hyperspace will get some decent local level support as well as some major events.
  4. Storgar

    New op article up

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/ For the 2020 season, the Hyperspace Game Mode will be used for the System Open Series and the Coruscant Invitational. The first Store Championship season in 2020 will also be using Hyperspace Game Mode. On the other hand, the Extended Game Mode will be used for Prime Championships, Grand Championships, Continental Championships, and the World Championship looks like ship and pilot rotation in hyperspace too.
  5. I would get 1 Empire and 1 rebel conversion kit along with a new core set. then sell off spare ships on eBay as cost recovery. You might also be able to get some of the ships that are catered for in the conversion kits that you don’t yet have on eBay etc.
  6. So are the plastic cards 10 each or for the set?
  7. Anyone at the system open able to take pics / describe the prizes available and how many prize tickets they cost please. Particularly the prizes not shown in the preview article. Thanks
  8. The prizes seem really different, damage decks, art prints, dials. I really please to see a good variety. I doubt very much store champs will get world invites, old store champs used to get a bye for a regional. Makes me think the new Prime champs (Regionals / Hyperspace trials) will have the dice and templates among other stuff but will be much rarer like the old regionals. These will most likely get an invite to worlds in my opinion as these will likely be larger than hyperspace trials in size and fewer in number so more difficult to obtain tickets.
  9. As regards whats on for next year I found out some info for store championships: info from a European distributors web site. Looks like the store championships are coming back next year 😀 They are looking like a release at the end of January and the cycle of Store Champs running Jan - March. Prizes look like (not completely clear how they split) A coin for the winner Top 2 a set of plastic cards Top 4 damage decks top 8 a set of 3 maneuver dials top 16 An art print top 32 and participation get alt art cards 96ish alt art cards in a kit
  10. Do we know if the prime championships will be as high in quantity as hyperspace trials or more like the old regionals?
  11. The OP page still has the info about wave kits etc. These have clearly been abandoned, are we going to return to something similar to what we had with store champs and regionals, I do quite like hyperspace trials though. Something new maybe. An article outlining new plans would be nice though
  12. There does seem to be enough to run 2 ships at once in the kit, apart from damage decks so this would need to be shared. 2 bases, 2 heath trackers, plenty of upgrade cards, a selection of titles for all huge ships. This is fine for casual play where you can share damage decks, if you have a couple huge ships you can have some friends over and just use yours.
  13. Anyone looking for a partner for the event can post here with factions they are happy to play and have ships for. I will then ask the local groups and try to find you a partner.
  14. There was an error with the images with the original article, the revised one shows the target circle around the damaged areas of the ship in white not red. This looks a lot better too.
  15. Been playing a lot of first order since release, last few months been using a tavson, blackout and qd list. Started off as QD fanatical gunner Blackout trickshot proton torp Tavson biohex code Total 198 The biohex and locking blackout round 1 is a very useful part of play. Had several practice games with this won all bar 1 which was a close loss to an experienced imperial aces player. Took to the west Midlands UK hyperspace trial https://tabletop.to/westmidlandshyperspacetrial Went 4~2, had some strong and close wins, a close loss, also the one loss was to a resistance list with 4 I5 that had 1 point bigger bid. This made me wish I had left out fanatical, would have been a real match then. When points change happened changed list to Tavson biohex code QD gunner Blackout trickshot plasma torps No played much but went 4~0 at a local tournament last few weeks. Closest game was 200~99. I use gas clouds as these help keep tavson in the fight as much as possible, also they are great for blackout getting his ability to work and not worrying about flying over it the next turn. Try not to stress blackout until it is really needed as this keeps the coordinate from tavson open. I also use a spread out opening with tavson in a corner facing centre, blackout about a third of the way across the board and qd near the other corner. I am enjoying this list a great deal, even though blackout doesn't get many uses of his ability it often makes players deliberately take a sub optimal move to stop you getting the obstructed attack. And if they don't you can get more uses of it.
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