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  1. Wow, we’ve been playing this wrong for years.... we’d been playing that you just re-did your manoeuvre at the new reduced speed. Can you refer me to the rules entry for this? Thanks
  2. Say a ship moves at speed 3 and it rams /overlaps another ship. It would temporarily reduce its speed to 2, but what happens if this now leads to an illegal move on the movement ruler, so for example, the ship’s base is now overlapping a part of the ruler?
  3. Do people think the Han Solo Squad might be useful in RitR?
  4. Simples. Any cards you never use are by definition 'use-less'.
  5. I'd really love to see FFG release an upgrade card patch so to speak. Something that takes all those useless or mediocre cards that we all know about and never use, and tweaks them to breathe new life into them so that those small upgrade cards are no longer just card waste in a box. For example, so many of those Ion Cannon upgrades, quite a few of the Turbolaser upgrades, an opportunity to revisit Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon - such an iconic character and ship that sadly never sees 'sensible play', and is now likely replaced by Lando in the Falcon. I know most players are all cult of the new, and we all love the hype around what's the shiny thing coming, however, surely there'd be a big market for an upgrade card patch should they decide to go down that route. What are your thoughts?
  6. We play that players cannot ask to look at our players' remaining house cards. You simply have to remember what's been played or play random. Easy. This really quickens up the combat and stops people trying to calculate odds to the exact.
  7. Ah so you've pretty much reverted back to basic. Out of curiosity have you ever used the alternative set (DWD / FFC for Arryn) in its entirety? If so, what were your impressions / thoughts?
  8. Anything that takes Balon out of the game is a good thing. I've not used the DWD cards yet but I am sorely tempted with our playgroup to equal up Lannister. Plus Addam Marband replacing Kevan Lannister, since Knights are commonplace compared to Footmen.
  9. Do you make any other changes Frode? Like Addam Marband for Kevan Lannister, or Qyburn for Cersei, or even any others for other houses? btw, I'm talking the Mother of Dragon's setup and Vassals here (though not necessarily with Targaryen in play).
  10. I hear you and it's definitely the best house rule fix out there. We use it when we play face to face. I'd love to see something official though, as I occasionally play at Thronemaster and they use official rules.
  11. First off, let me say what a wonderful job FFG has done with this expansion. It’s single handedly revitalised aGoT, especially at lower than 6 player counts, which suits my group perfectly!The second part to this is more of a balance question. I notice that FFG have recently released an FAQ and finally after all these years, Lannister has received some help at the start, which is long overdue and greatly appreciated! However, there’s one remaining balance issue (other than perhaps Baratheon’s start when Targ is used) and that is with the power of Greyjoy overall. Even with the extra ship, it still appears Greyjoy’s cards are so vastly superior to all other houses, and the main culprit here is Balon Greyjoy. Consider Lannister’s position if Greyjoy takes Riverrun and Seagard first turn - which by the way they can do easily with current cards - and then 2nd turn they get a Muster (about 33% chance, or more if Baratheon selects a muster). That’s effectively Lannister toast and there’s nothing Lannister can do about it.Balon is an auto win card and combined with Aeron can even be plucked whenever he’s required. Greyjoy’s position on the far west is also one that is arguably least impacted by Targaryen’s initial desires.Will there be any consideration for finally dealing with this card for the good of the game? Like for example, instead of reducing to 0, could it be reduce strength of opponent’s card by 1 or 2? Something to make it less a guarantee and fail safe; something to give Lannister or Stark - whoever the Greyjoys go for - a chance in the ensuing combats...The change to Lannister’s starting army is a step in the right direction and it gives me hope that there could be a future change (mainly to this card).Best regards and thanks for MoD!
  12. We use fleet building sites instead of upgrade cards, as it saves space and time. With a growing list of card errata, the upgrade cards become less important to have out, so I’d be all for a proper FFG app that did all this and moved us into the modern age for upgrades. This would also allow a more fluid rebalancing of points and costs which to me is the one thing Armada really needs. There are so many naff upgrades now that need formal errata to fix and yet it’s always clumsy when it’s via separate documents that players have to carry with them and remember. A digital app would make this a breeze and make so much more newbie friendly.
  13. Rogue One was really good, and The Force Awakens was not bad when it came to setting up the new trilogy. However, The Last Jedi was an abomination. Far too long, far too predicable, and really not that interesting. It was also plagued with continuity issues and stupid 1 person vs the world heroics. Yawn. I'm also not sure why they're systematically killing off the old characters. Han Solo - ok I get, plus it was dramatic - but Luke could have played a far more interesting role than he did. Finn being saved by Rosie was almost laughable as was their riding of those beasts on that inconsequential mission.
  14. Haha, same here and I’m also Scottish! No impact at all, but I guess it’s mainly because I actually only have 2 flotilla from each faction. happy to see the nerfs all round. Let’s hope the rebels get another viable option in wave 8 or 9 to compete with The nerfed Yavaris / Galant Haven
  15. I think it's the combination of many flotillas and relay which really irks. The flotillas fly about harmlessly and yet carry a deadly activation for squads which means the relative risk to reward is fairly inconsequential. I think replacing flotillas with Hammerheads - while it still has the same impact for padding activations - doesn't come close to bringing the same lethality with relayed squadrons. With this in mind, if there's a nerf to relay, this will by default also nerf those 1+ lists.
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