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  1. You guys are right, my comment is confusing. I changed it so many times before posting that it got off topic. I was initially going to post links to other similar efforts, make some comparisons, and ask some questions, but decided against it. Good work and good presentation.
  2. FFG doesn't have a program that spits out the answer because there are too many factors to consider for a one size fits all equation to work. You can absolutely do the analysis, but it requires a variety of techniques for modeling the different aspects of the game. (Search for "MathWing") FFG starts with an estimate and then play tests a lot. I don't know how much more they crunch numbers now than in the past. I'd guess at least a bit more, but the are diminishing returns to this.
  3. For Rebels - Jek Porkins, Keyan Farlander, and Tycho Celchu are a few pilots who can handle stress well with their pilot abilities.
  4. I tried Gorilla super glue in gel form on a couple of pegs a few days ago and it worked great.
  5. I started the same way as the Original Poster (OP) about a year ago, collecting ships exclusively from the Original Trilogy (OT) movies. But then I started watching Rebels, despite my initial reluctance to give the show a fair chance. It was all downhill from there, and now I have one of almost everything.
  6. A year ago one of my T-65 X-wing cannons popped off at the joint with the wing. I reattached it with plastic glue and it's still holding. I don't know how well it would work on the base/peg material.
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  8. I'm curious about why people want a mobile firing arc option for turrets. Is it: (A) You dislike playing _with_ turreted ships? Or (B) You dislike playing _against_ turreted ships? For me it's (A). As much as I like Rebels, I avoid filling the turret upgrade slots, and avoid buying the PWT ships.
  9. Textured neoprene by RubberSheetRoll. Advertised dimensions are 36"x36" but they don't cut it exact so make sure at checkout that you leave a note saying that it can't be any less than 36" square. You'll have to trim the excess yourself since it comes slightly oversized and the edges aren't completely straight, but it's the best mat I've ever played on. It's for industrial applications, but I think it has the ideal amount of grip for this game. I have the 1/32" thick one, which was $16.79 + shipping when I ordered it in December 2015. Looks like it's more now, but the 1/16 is $19.44. Since it's so dark, ripples that are too small to feel or even affect your ships will show (purely cosmetic), but I suspect the thicker sheets wouldn't ripple as easily. You can re-flatten with heat. Also its texture holds fine particles well, so if you care for it to look pristine, you're going to have to wipe it down with something that doesn't shed (no paper towels). It ships in a tube that is great for storing and carrying it around. Obviously if you're looking for artwork, this won't work for you, but I personally prefer a plain mat. http://www.rubbersheetroll.com/neoprene-rubber-textured.html [EDIT] I've had one for about a year now. When I ordered, I called to make sure that the advertised 36" square dimensions were a guaranteed minimum and that the blade kerf wouldn't affect it, to which they replied that it wouldn't be a problem. Turns out it's about 3/8" shy of 36" with jagged edges on both sides in one direction, negating the benefits of being almost a couple inches oversized in the other direction. It also came a month and a half late because they kept forgetting to send it. I do like the texture - it's very grippy. After being stored rolled up for a few months, it has no problems returning to laying flat. It used to be about $16 USD, but tripled in price presumably due to demand, though now I think you have to call for prices. Due to the undersize issue, I wouldn't recommend. I might also prefer a slightly softer rubber, but either way its playability sure beats those virtually frictionless giant mouse pad playmats.
  10. About half (7/13) of non-Epic Rebel ships through Wave 8 have some turret capability available to them. The T-70 is the only new non-turretted Rebel ship since Wave 4. Turrets seem like a rather boring niche, so I'm hoping that the existing non-turretted ships see a nice boost before they're overshadowed by the new content in Episode VIII. Not that the Rebels need help to be competitive, but I like my "classic" Star Wars ships. :-) Ships with a turret upgrade slot: [5] Attack Shuttle HWK-290 K-wing* VCX-100 Y-wing Ships with a primary weapon turret (PWT): [3] K-wing* YT-1300 YT-2400 Ships without a turret: [6] A-wing B-wing E-wing T-70 X-wing X-wing Z-95 Headhunter *K-wings have both a PWT and turret upgrade slot.
  11. It's easy to intentionally or even accidentally make dice loaded. Low temperature ovens and very hot cars with the dice container in direct sunlight work equally well.
  12. I just started playing X-Wing and was wondering if anyone else in Huntsville played when I happened upon this thread. Thanks for the great info! I'll definitely check out game night at The Deep.
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