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  1. Awesome, this is really helpful! Thanks for all the replies, really helped clear some things up about the game/universe mechanics and gave me some great ideas about some future sessions.
  2. I feel like if I didn't add the obligation they wouldn't really be inclined to do anything about it, and then I would just keep throwing some setbacks/run ins with Imperials resulting from the ship being stolen to add it to the narrative/encourage them to fix it- which is pretty much what obligation is, and haveing a numerical value attached to it would help the PCs gauge how serious it was/let them track if it was still an issue. Also would there be anything else needed to do other than space dmv? (BoSS, right?) Not sure if there were additional things they would need to resolve since its an Imperial ship and not just "Joe the Smuggler's" ride
  3. Pretty new GM here, have run the Core Rulebook adventure and Beyond the Rim. So my group just finished the Beyond the Rim adventure, and the PCs stole the Deep Dark ship listed there- which was roughly akin to an Imperial version of the YT-2400 as far as silhouette, Hull/Strain threshold and credit cost go, if you're unfamiliar. It kind of caught me off guard when they decided to do that so I said sure, but now I'm wondering how I should handle this going forward - I was thinking of adding a Criminal Obligation of around 10-20 to the group for stealing an Imperial ship, and maybe do a session based on resolving that in some way, but I'm not really sure what that would look like- somehow getting falsified codes and Imperial outfits? The only idea I had was an encounter where they get extorted by an Imperial officer in the next session for ~1500 credits to remind them that having this stolen Imperial ship will be an issue going forward. Any other thoughts on how this should be handled?
  4. Hey guys, I just finished writing up a buying guide for people new to Netrunner on my blog. This isn't an extensive overview of every data pack or anything, but more an intro guide to help point newcomers in the right direction. I see people asking this all the time so I figured I'd make a guide to help out. Also I didn't cover Terminal Directive since it's not released yet, but I plan on going back and updating it once it's out and there are reviews on it. http://theboardgamereviewer.com/index.php/2017/02/16/android-netrunner-buying-guide/ I tried to provide a balanced overview of advice, so if there's anything that you guys feel should be changed or added, please let me know! I'd love for this to be a great resource for people starting out.
  5. Someone cited my blog post! Hooray! But seriously thanks - and you're right - it's a bit outdated - the skirmish game is in a real good place. Time for an update at some point... Haha sorry, didn't mean to dump on your post or anything! There's a lot of good stuff in that article, just wanted to make sure that the OP knew a couple things changed since that post. I tried to find this blog post to link to someone and it didn't work? Any ideas? Looks like the sites down. Here is a link to my site, I have a few IA articles up. mostly some hero guides and a guide on what units and expansions to use. Not sure how helpful it will be but you can check it out. http://theboardgamereviewer.com/index.php/2016/07/07/star-wars-imperial-assault-buying-guide/ Other than that, I would dig around on the Team Covenant site and Boarwars.eu, they both have some good articles
  6. You can't; the title specifies two DIFFERENT Modifications. Good catch, thanks for pointing that out.
  7. With the Royal Guard title, could you put autothrusters in both modification slots on an Interceptor, so you could change two blanks to evades? I don't really see any reason why not since you can stack cards like recon specialist and what not. I guess I never thought about it because it's probably a dumb idea, but just wanted to make sure I'm not missing a rule.
  8. I've been looking for a bit and haven't had much luck. Dragon's Lair is supposed to have monthly tournaments, but I showed up at the one for September and was the only person there.
  9. The YV already has the 0 stop maneuver though, seems like a waste of points
  10. On Endor Han and Chewie were both fighting. Why do we need to wait for old-ass Han and Chewie from the Frace Awakens set (which will end my relationship with this game). sry
  11. I would be VERY surprised if the next expansion after the Episode VI boxes isn't a Force Awakens box that includes new versions of Han and Chewie. That's what they've done with X-wing, and it makes sense for a multitude of reasons. Force Awakens is hot right now, and is a good sell for new players It's an even bigger sell if it includes classic characters like Han and Chewie Han and Chewie are both in the film and at different stages of life, so a new card with different abilities makes sense, and is long overdue I mean I really don't see why they wouldn't do this. After a smaller box like Endor or something to follow Jabba's palace, I'm sure it'll be a TFA set.
  12. I would add that a bit of roleplaying is certainly okay. I.e., if the Imperials are thrashing the Rebels every round, maybe don't use every tool the Imperials have in their arsenal each mission, and use some weaker units. Or have your stormtroopers just bum rush the heroes without cover. Stuff like that. It's fine if one side dominates a mission or 2, but if one side is winning every mission easily, it's pretty demoralizing.
  13. Why are you so down on Rebels? I think they have easily some of the most complimentary pieces to play as well as some of the most efficient deployment cards and heroes. Lock On Fleet Footed/Urgency Element of Suprise You could do Comm Disruption I'm not down on Rebels at all, that's why I'm playing them. I just meant they're not highly regarded from what I've heard, especially compared to Imperial Troopers. Since I haven't played in a while I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get easily stomped. Thanks for all the input guys. I don't really want to buy some new packs just for a few command cards for a free casual tourney, especially since I don't play that much, but I might pick up Leia and swap her in. Thanks for all the feedback!
  14. Hey guys, I'm about to play my first tournament in several months, and want to bring a Rebel list. Since Rebels aren't considered that great right now, I was wondering if my list will hold up against some meta staples, or if I should change anything. Additionally, are there any command cards in addition to Son of Skywalker you guys would recommend? I feel that part is my biggest weakness. Thanks! -Luke Skywalker -Elite Echo Base Trooper -Elite Rebel Saboteur -Elite Rebel Saboteur -Gideon Argus -C-3PO -R2-D2
  15. Vader is slow and expensive, I would drop him a point or two, and give him 1 free movement point at the start of his activation.
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