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  1. Ginkapo

    Pro-Imperial Anthology Film?

    We did watch Vader movies... episodes 1-3
  2. Ginkapo

    Nicknames for the SSD

  3. I stopped building for a longtime as I dont see what trumps Pryce.... its for reals tough
  4. Even I admit that that was more Pryce than Sloane.
  5. Ginkapo

    Acrylic Ship Tokens Review

    Use matt acrylic instead of gloss
  6. Ginkapo

    Question about Redemption

    Yes, resolving an engineering token is resolving an engineering command. One. Resolving an engineering dial and token together is resolving an engineering command. You get one extra point. You can only resolve one of each command with each activation. Token or dial or dial and token.
  7. Ginkapo

    Do VSDs need an overhaul?

    Try my blog
  8. Ginkapo

    Do VSDs need an overhaul?

    I have made many unconventional fleets that have been highly successful. Nobody ever starts using any of the lessons from them. So excuse me if I dont care about your rhetoric that you want to learn. You dont. You never have. You never will. As you have just said you have a "critics mindset", and in all honesty thats your biggest issue with VSDs and other ships. Until you open up to challenging your preconceived ideas nothing will ever change. Cavgunner, meet Norsehound.
  9. Ginkapo

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 1 Fight!

    Still trying to figure out who Greenie is
  10. Ginkapo

    Do VSDs need an overhaul?

    Or third way. You can experiment and find ways to challenge the status quo, and take VSDs competitively because they have their niche.
  11. Ginkapo

    Which one?

    No. The one with an ISD II or a Kuat.
  12. Consider posting the fleet build...
  13. Ginkapo

    Which one?

    The one with capacity to actually hurt large ships.