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  1. Next thing we know someone might suggest that Phoenix Home doesnt get 4 tokens from Garm! Hey, think about that @CaribbeanNinja!
  2. Ginkapo

    Steel Command Editorial: Armada 2.0

    With Strat Advisor there also seems to be a perception issue, at least from the Rebel side. Because I have looked at it most closely with Sato, consider the following: MC75 Ordnance Cruiser, Strategic Advisor, Ordbance Experts, Electronic Counter Measures, Assault Concussion Missiles, External Racks. 125pts. Vs MC30 Scout Frigate, Ordnance Experts, Assault Concussion Missiles. Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette, Ordnance Experts, Assault Concussion Missiles. Together 127pts. They are both 2 activations, yet the latter is heavily favoured. I am not particularly suprised but find it curious that in a meta full of high burst damage and fleets with the ability to delete any one ship that this is so glaringly the case. For imps a Glad plus Raider just doesnt measure up to an ISD in the same way as often. Dont disagree with much of what you said just thought I would expand the conversation.
  3. Ginkapo

    Triple Interdictor

    @Dr alex
  4. Ginkapo

    Triple Interdictor

    Walk away
  5. Shocking. But I am still crashing out.
  6. Ginkapo

    Vassal World Cup Results

    And next up we have: Ginkapo vs NebulonB First Player - NebulonB - 233 plus 30pts Second Player - Ginkapo - 104 plus 75 pts Objective - Precision Strike I bloody hate liberties. Characteristically Raddus drops his liberty to take out Demo in a last first. Surprise surprise. I clear out the shields on the lib and Quantum Storm fairly easily. Followed up swopping each other flotillas, but some tokens for me in the process. Liberty still refusing to take hull damage. Until the end of turn 4 where I have got 1 hull damage on both corvettes and the liberty. Here come the tokens...... Or not as Liberty activates first, and repairs the hull damage. Still, popped a corvette and seriously dented the other. Unfortunately that one got away alive whilst my other glad died. 7-4 and I bow out of the tournament.
  7. @AllWingsStandyingBy haven't you quit playing Armada?
  8. Which on a related note highlights the benefit of painting squads to make them easily distinguishable. Even a dip coat will work.
  9. Can you put Pryce on the Kuat? (Turn 2 most games)
  10. Ginkapo

    Vassal World Cup Results

    Aresius vs Ginkapo (Player 1) Ginkapo 113 (Player 2) Aresius: 437 Objective: Fire Lanes This game comes down to 1 pixel on turn 3 as Liberty kills Demo with just enough damage due to being in blue rather than out. It then proceeded not to die after being battered by YV's for so long.
  11. Ginkapo

    Contain: A second class defense token

    You could add Intel Officer @skycake. Counters evades and DCO.
  12. Ginkapo

    Springfield, Ohio Regional

    I cannot disclose details of my source.
  13. Ginkapo

    Contain: A second class defense token

    Yet somehow red dice in a side arc cost more for rebels than imperials....
  14. Ginkapo

    Derry New Hampshire Regionals Live Stream

    We have had a printed or emailed rule before if that helps.