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  1. Your two wide flankers need to run nav hard. The next two need to be flexible, whilst the middle guy has it easy. So put SFO on an ER ship. Put the naked ships on the two flanks.
  2. How is this beneficial to town?
  3. Badly is the answer. My strategy of high priced strikers hasn't paid of this year with lots of points coming from everyones defence. Its painful but turning it around now.
  4. Stop. Lets not go there on this forum. Go to offtopics if you must.
  5. Do you mean football?
  6. I'm in Earl Wallace of Naboo. EWN for short
  7. (not so much these days) Conquerclub (not anymore)
  8. ****** amazing
  9. Because you have Relay which makes squad 4 somewhat redundant. And Jendon does not benefit from flight controllers. Overall this is highly inefficient. Take out Jendon and I would agree. But take out Jendon and those squads are expensive.
  10. Snipe is 100% the right word....
  11. Dont mix interceptors and escorts. Use Saber instead of IG88. Include Mauler. But what you are really forgetting is Toryn flak. Though even that is a minor point. I genuinely dont get why Tie Advanced balls never became a thing.
  12. You have spent more on Sato squads than I do.... just take that in.
  13. Then dont. Its not your job to get lynches, let town screw themselves over. Use your nightkill as a scalpel, and not your day voice. Your day voice is the most townie voice in the game.