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  1. Well if they sent it to the non crap hole one, I'd have them.
  2. Haha, just realised they are probably sending it to Bedford United States, the fools. "United Kingdom" is kind of instructive, but ya know, whatever
  3. Modkill Mad pls
  4. Squall with Decimators, as in rogues in a quasar list?
  5. Is it? How so?
  6. 4xDecimator, Rhymer, Valen and Dengar. Sure you may be down an activation, but you can pop at least 1 flotilla turn 1..... So you know, kinda even from that respect.
  7. Cheers, I saw Church's original post and couldnt be bothered at the time linking it up.
  8. I'll throw this in now we have gone far enough that it wont distract from others points too much.
  9. The only thing that would be OP, is a decent list that isnt relying on janky mechanics and the moving parts that go with them.
  10. So you listen to the universe, but have ignored me saying it for the last year?
  11. Dont lower yourself! We are in the 5k club. A finer brand of members
  12. My theory on anti squadron dice is the only metric that matters is odds of damage of 1 or greater. And Tie Bombers score very highly on that.
  13. Is that actually true though? I agree with Snipa, if you were going to take an Advanced its an upgrade worth taking. Otherwise, its costly. @Undeadguy Speed 2 lets you jump far enough away to bomb a ship, unless they have chosen to saturate the area with squadrons. And if they have done that no ammount of intel will help. At which point, speed 2 lets you gang up on single squadrons at a time. Its what Broba did, prevented me from getting to his corvette, but all that achieved was letting me hit each xwing 1 at a time.